Friday, September 30, 2011

I heart you & random things from this week

First of all, I loved your comments yesterday. It was a little scary hitting publish since I'm not really the type that easily shares my feelings and gets all personal. I know it wasn't super personal, but if you know me well then you understand that was huge for me. So, thank you for commenting, it really means so much.

Yesterday I got my scissors out. The hair was just ridiculous. I was a little nervous at first but I went ahead and snip! it was laying on the floor. I'm talking about the boys' hair! I trimmed it up over their ears and necks... and now they will look so handsome at their great grandpa's 96th birthday party on Saturday. It's a surprise so don't be spilling the beans! 

 Where is Ry? I'll have to get a picture of him later.

I didn't even come near Rose with the scissors. Be proud because she climbed on the stool and said, "Hey cut?" (and also her hair looks like this 80% of the time because she pulls out her clips). Alright, maybe I brushed it in her face for this picture, but it really does hang in her eyes! She's still adorable so she wins. I didn't attempt to cut my split ends off (am I really talking about this?) because what if I mess up? Then I'd have to get a real haircut with someone I'd have to pay and make an appointment with. So, I'm just going to be nice to my ends and give them some deep conditioning therapy until I can, you know, afford my stylist. (It's been 16-ish months since my last hair cut, I hope she still works there.) Alright, enough about my hair already.

Earlier this week Beard-O called me (he was helping our friends move) and told me about how a certain someone labeled their boxes of movies. Hysterical, I tell ya! Ah, a joke for years and years to come.

I experienced an (extra small sized) miracle yesterday in my living room. There were toy trucks and trains scattered all over and the kids were in a different room entirely so I asked them to pick them up so I could vacuum. I walked away and about five minutes or so later I walked back through that room and noticed that something looked different. The toys were gone. All of them. I called the boys back into the living room and said, "You picked all your toys up?! The first time I asked? Y'all are so awesome!!" Really. And I picked each of them up and swung them around in a big hug and gave them a big kiss and told them I loved them. (I am hoping they remember how genuinely happy I was about this so they will continue this wonderful thing.) What a shock! Usually I pretend to almost vacuum their toys up so they will actually move. Hmm, I wonder if that was what worked? Does that make me a bad mom? I think I need my sink.

That will be all for now. I'm looking forward to a semi-relaxing weekend with family. Maybe we'll go crazy and rent a Redbox movie! Who knows?

Thursday, September 29, 2011

My Friend the Sink

*warning! this got wordy*

I spend a good amount of time each day washing dishes. I don't have a dishwasher so every thing gets washed by hand. Usually it's my hands in that hot, almost scalding water. Back in the day when we lived in an apartment in the city (yeah, that does sound weird) I had a dishwasher. I couldn't stand the thought of icky food stuff on my hands so I bought a dish wand to keep my hands as far away from the grossness on the dishes. I really hated washing dishes and Beard-O would often do it for me.

Then we moved to a rent house and during the move I lost my dish wand. I still had a dishwasher though. But now I was a stay at home mama; I had a six month old baby boy. I learned to deal with all sorts of gross stuff. Getting peed on, pooped on and spit up on (all in a five minute time frame!) I could deal with. Food stuck on dishes... still gross. I started getting over it. That kitchen sink faced a wall. No window for me to look out of. Just me, a sink of dishes and a wall to stare at. That's when I started thinking. I would plan our menus, write grocery lists, debate with myself, think about our baby, think about our marriage, think about our budget. My sink was a place where I would convince myself everything was going to be okay. Sometimes things were far from okay, sometimes they were wonderful.

Then we bought a house. There was no dishwasher. Not even a place to put one. But my sink had a window above it. I started enjoying washing dishes. Still very much a chore but I could see past that now. We brought our second baby, a boy (surprise!) home to that house. I had babies cling to my legs while I washed dishes. Lay across my feet and wait for me to pick them up. I laughed at my husbands jokes, kissed him hello, cried in his arms at that sink. I gave myself pep talks. I let myself hold onto a lot of anger at that sink. And then we moved. Again.

The sink in the kitchen in the yellow house where we lived for a month is probably my favorite. A tiny kitchen. A tiny sink that was nearly impossible to wash a pot in. Where I stood pregnant with my third baby with two little boys running past me. No window. But I didn't seem to need it there. I washed dishes while turning ever so slightly to watch the TV that picked up three channels. I picked up those boys and washed their hands and faces while they wiggled and squirmed trying to get away. I drowned my doubts and anxiety in that sink and let them flow down the drain. And then we moved to this house.

My current sink is where most of my self therapy is held. I have more dishes to wash and another window to look out of. I had a daughter that knew if I walked to the sink I wouldn't pick her up right away. She screamed at me and put herself between me and the dishes. I've broken glasses in that sink. Had plates break in two. Pulled back in pain from the scorching water. Thought about how different my life has become, about how different I have become. I've cried standing at this sink too. I've laughed a lot and told some pretty good jokes from my place at the sink. I've lost my temper, I've forgotten about things cooking, I've lingered too long. All at my kitchen sink. I often think about what I should write on this blog while I'm washing dishes. Usually it's some reflection about how I'm rushing through the day and I need to just. slow. down. I need to put down the bowl and go read a book to my kids. I never write about those things though.

I'm a bit afraid to share my struggles and anxieties on this blog. I know there are so many other people with bigger problems than I have. But these problems are mine and they are important to me. I share them with my sink. Because my sink doesn't reject me. It doesn't ridicule me or tell me it doesn't care. I spend a lot of time talking to God at my sink. And when I'm done with all the dishes I dry my hands and whatever I was dealing with, whatever was frustrating me doesn't seem so bad. I feel capable, like I can handle whatever gets thrown my way. That I am a good Mama that disciplines her children because she loves them. That I'm a good wife. That maybe, just maybe, I'm doing alright.

p.s. thanks for the encouragement y'all gave for me to write about something besides how hot it is and how much laundry I have to do.

p.p.s I realize after writing this that it might sound somewhat depressing or that I'm always upset when I wash dishes. Actually, I'm usually in a pretty good mood and have been caught many times singing off key and dancing while I'm splashing some bubbles. Just sayin' 

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

They could turn me to mush in a second

How is this boy growing up so fast? Wasn't I just swaddling him and hovering over him when he slept longer than two hours to make sure he was breathing? Now he tells me jokes and spits out facts about animals that surprise me. Last night he asked, "What animal am I? I run very fast and am a cat." I guessed cheetah and he said, "Correct! The cheetah is the fastest animal on Earth." (I had no idea he knew that.)

 And what's this guy doing? Charming his way through life? He could if he wanted. He gives the best hugs. He's all or nothing. He's so curious and smart. He's stubborn. I can't stay upset with him for very long. He knows just how smile to get me to smile back and melt my heart.

This girl... she's growing too fast. Walking, running, talking in sentences. When did that happen? I love how bossy she is and how her brothers don't take her seriously at all. She is incredibly sweet. She absolutely loves her Daddy. Stares out the window when it's time for him to come home. Says, "Daddy help!" when she wants out of her crib. Wrapped around her finger, I tell ya.

I never really thought about having kids when I was younger. When I got married I figured we'd have two kids after we had settled into life and had things planned out. I'm so glad we decided to try when we did. I can't imagine my life without these three adorable children. I'm so excited to see them grow up and I wonder who they will become and at the same time I want to hold on to them as long as I can cause time's not slowing down. 

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A look into the Future

At least on what I might write about.
Some random ideas I have for posts:
  • Time management and my lack of it
  • Washing dishes is therapeutic
  • I'm a naturally unorganized person that craves organization
  • How I make my life way more stressful than it actually is
  • We have zero pictures on our walls. Why?
  • I'm still afraid of the dark
  • I dislike Friday night TV. It's always murder.
  • Telling people "No" is empowering
  • I avoid confrontation at all costs. There are exceptions, though.
(this list was just interrupted by me heroically killing a scorpion and thinking that my shirt collar was attacking me. If only you could have seen it... you would laugh for days.)
  • The Omnivore's Dilemma by Micheal Pollan ('nough said)
  • I finally got some squeezable applesauce. Very much enjoyed. As well as expensive.
  • Am I doing this the right way? you know, being a mom
  • I prayed for patience once. I'm still getting my answer/lesson
  • I'm disappointed in September. It was 100 today
Maybe I'll actually write about some of these things. At least I'll have something to reference when I feel like I'm out of ideas.

    Monday, September 26, 2011

    The Weekend Blurb

    Let's start with Friday night. We rented two movies and I made hamburgers (they were delicious) and stayed up too late. I actually didn't even make it through the second movie (it was around midnight). It didn't have enough action during the first 20 minutes to keep me from "resting my eyes".

    Saturday we got to sleep in until 7:30 (yes, it was amazing). Then Beard-O took D with him to drop something off for work and came back with donuts. Then we hung out at the house all day and watched a few football games. (Our Longhorns didn't have a game this week) That evening we loaded everyone up and headed to our friend's engagement party. It was pretty late for the kids (around their bedtime) and they were on a ball entertaining people. The boys wrestled and Rose charmed anyone that looked her way. And then Matt (Mr. Engaged) pulled out the game of Life and the boys were entertained-quietly-for the rest of the time we were there. We had a great time and got home around midnight. Late night, yes. Dunkin Donuts coffee on the way home? You betcha. Oh, almost forgot! At the party one of our friends asked me what I had been posting on Facebook during the wildfire... It was something like Mama's little something... OH. I might have turned a pretty shade of red and said something along the lines of oh, that's my blog... it was just pictures that Beard-O took. It's really nothing. I sometimes write there. I sometimes write there. Like it was a place I travel to once every few years and vacation. I was a little bit caught off guard. I didn't expect anyone to there to ask about it.

    Sunday we got to sleep in again! How very awesome. I made a big breakfast in celebration of Beard-O's upcoming birthday. Pancakes, eggs and sausage. We stuck a candle in his pancakes and sang Happy Birthday to him. Actually the kids left me hanging and I was singing all by my lonesome. I stopped, oh so briefly, in the middle on singing only to have Beard-O give me a look that said "you started this so you better finish it". I bought him a song on iTunes for his birthday. I know. I also made him a cake that was delicious and is staring at me right now begging me to eat a piece for breakfast. We shall see, cake, we shall see.

    I dug out some old cowboy boots for Rose that one of her brothers wore for approximately one week. Here is the darling helping me out with the chickens.

    I think that's all I have for today. Nothing super fancy, but it was a good weekend. Thanks for stopping by!

    Friday, September 23, 2011

    Finally, something without a weather report

    For those of you that want to know about the pumpkin muffins I made yesterday I got the recipe here and I also have a link to it over on my "In the Kitchen" page. Cause I be fancy like that. And how were they? I had to hide them from the kids (okay, and myself) so we wouldn't eat them all at once. Beard-O thought they were really good and ate a few (three) himself last night. Altogether I had three as well. So, thumbs up and delicious and I like the fact that it called for a regular can of pumpkin so I wasn't using only 2/3 of a can and then trying to figure out how to use leftover canned pumpkin in my spaghetti sauce. (Which is what we had for dinner last night. without pumpkin.) You should definitely try them! I got 15 regular sized muffins out of it.
    my sign of approval

    I'm hoping I didn't come across as really grumpy this week. I have been (this is for you T) strug-ga-ling with my mood in the mornings. Several mornings while I was trying to find something to write about (note the amount of times I thought weather was good topic) I was so frustrated and irritated. It literally took me three hours to write yesterday's post. I know. I know. Of course, by the time I was dedicated to it (I deleted many. many. paragraphs) all the kids were awake and I was even more frustrated with myself. As soon as I hit publish and walked away I felt so much better. Mood was elevated about seven thousand notches and then I wondered what was wrong with me. Here's the thing: some mornings I just want to read blogs and pretend shop on Amazon and just don't feel like writing but I force myself to and try to rush through it and it puts me in a really awful mood for a tiny little while. Then the afternoon rolls around and I feel inspired by someone or have just thought of something good to write about and since I've already posted nonsense that morning I just go on about my day. Why are you telling us this? So you won't be alarmed if I don't post in the morning. It probably means I'll post in the afternoon. Wow, all of that just to say I might post in the afternoon. (I used to do that.)

    Our friends came by last night (they are moving next week to the land of Far, Far Away.) When they were leaving H (can I just use your name?) said, "Well, goodbye. We probably won't see you again." I know she meant she won't see us again before they leave but it made me sort of laugh. Of course you will see us again. You can never get away from us that easily. Muah ha ha ha. (that's supposed to be evil laughter; I probably messed it up.) Anyhow, we're going to miss you guys while you're living in the strange land of Rock Yards. (Maybe you can make some pet rocks to put out there!!) Geeze, I make myself laugh. Like I said, find the best Mexican food out there and we might come visit. It has to be comparable to Maudies, alright? I have high standards when it comes to enchiladas.

    Have a fantastic weekend!

    Thursday, September 22, 2011

    Nothing to say but I say things anyhow

    Last night I had to run to the grocery store and learned the following:
    a) I should not expect small town stores to carry anything exotic like eucalyptus oil and
    b) they will not have my night cream. (yes, still going without.)
    However, they will have overpriced milk and juice and price cuts on the bread I buy (score!) and a very tempting Autumn decor aisle. I compromised on the decor and just bought some canned pumpkin so I could pretend is fall here and make some pumpkin muffins. (my weather forecast from the other day? total baloney.) I don't even want to talk about... especially this make believe "cold front" we're getting. I have some choice words about the weather but my mother-in-law reads this. (Hi!!)

    I think I'm going to start harvesting grass hoppers since that's the only thing thriving around here. That reminds me of Lonesome Dove. Fry them crisp and then dip them in some molasses... tastes like candy (I'm almost positive I can get one celebrity to buy/endorse them. Do you know who I'm referring to?)  I am pretty sure everyone else references Lonesome Dove on a daily basis.

    I guess I better get things going around here. Those pumpkin muffins aren't going to make themselves! I'm counting on them to cure all kinds of annoyances around here. Whining in particular.

    Wednesday, September 21, 2011

    I don't even know

    I was writing a post about the drought and due to my lack of photographic evidence had to save it for another time. Don't worry though, I'll be sure to take some pictures that will slap you in the face. I'm pretty sure Debbie Downer has taken over my body.

    Every time I finished a sentence that is what I heard.

    I just got sucked into watching SNL videos and I am so happy now! I haven't laughed that hard in days, y'all. It's a fantastic feeling- I missed it.

    subject change

    So... is it too early to be thinking about Halloween costumes?
    (side note: my family never "celebrated" Halloween so I am kind of excited about getting the kids costumes and stuff.)
    D wants to be Spider Man and I am cool with that. He thinks Rose should go as a princess and Ry wants to be Woody from Toy Story (he was Buzz Lightyear last year). They use their costumes to play in all year and last year I got the cheapest ones I could find and um, they fell apart pretty much the second time they wore them. I'm thinking I should spend the extra five bucks or so and get them some decent stuff this year. I'm going to go window shopping on the Internet now.

    Have a productive Wednesday!

    Tuesday, September 20, 2011

    Comments, comments (another tutorial)

    Alright, so I explained once before about commenting by just using your name. Spectacular! I got some comments and it was awesome (still waiting CLB).

    Now, I love love love getting comments y'all! Sometimes you ask me questions and I would totally love to answer you or reply to a comment you made and here's what happens when I try:
    I am set up to fail due to the "" (robot) address. So... what I need you to do is go edit your profile! If you have a blogger profile go to the edit option and check the "show my email address" box.

    Don't want to share your email address because you're afraid of spam? I haven't had any yet, so I wouldn't really worry about it. Still don't wanna share? Fine. I will reply with a comment in the comment thread (how will I know you'll check that?) and hope you'll see it. I totally respect your decision (just do it already!). 

    By the way, I really do love getting comments from y'all. It makes me giddy. Thanks so much for taking the time to do that!

    This title doesn't exist. Just like my previous template

    Yesterday was the best Monday I had all week. (it was not that great, but the only one I get this week and I'll say it was the best if I want to) I woke up with a headache that progressed into a beautiful migraine. I immediately missed the old days before I had children where I would just take a prescription pill and be knocked unconscious and wake up after a two hour nap (that always made me drool for some reason) to be back to normal. Those prescription painkillers are long gone and now I rely on Excedrin and sometimes am forced to take generic Tylenol. I wasn't about to be taken out by a little old migraine though (let's be honest, I thought I was dying and blinking was practically unbearable and have you noticed how often you blink?) and I squinted my way through writing my post yesterday which is probably why it was incredibly lame. (Excuses, excuses) I drank two cups of coffee, took two Excedrin extra strength (which was laced with even more caffeine) and ate breakfast hoping that would work. It did somewhat about two hours later I was walking around with a dull ache and a foggy medicated feeling. (Blissful, I tell you.)

    Then, last night, while I was rocking in my old lady chair watching (clears throat) Antiques Roadshow Beard-O asks from afar, "Why'd you go and change your blog?" To which I replied, "WHAT do you mean? I didn't change anything!" I hurried into the room with him and grabbed my laptop and proceeded to break down in tears when I saw the horror of what was now my blog template. I may have cursed every button, tab, link, and "new template design" I laid my eyes on while trying in vain to get my outdated "classic" template back. OH yes, I can get it to appear on my blog, however, I can not edit anything on it anymore and it's so terrible. I had nightmares about it, I woke up with another headache(!) and now I'm just trying my best to get it as close as possible to my (perfect) previous design. (I am really upset.)

    Anyhow, I am going to spend today playing with this template and try to bring myself to even sort of liking it. Well, not all day, but in my spare time. And that is the bottom of my coffee cup... I gotta go to work now.

    double you tee eff blogger.

    Monday, September 19, 2011

    Weather and Night Cream ( I'm ready to be 78)

    First and foremost: It rained Saturday! We got a whole inch! It made me happy! Also, my Longhorns won and I got to spend the whole day hanging out with Beard-O. (That has been pretty rare lately.) It was a blessed day all around. 

    Second, the weather this week makes me smile. (I really hope the weathermen aren't toying with me)
    Yeah, those are temperatures in the 60s over night and look at Thursday's and Friday's highs. It almost seems miraculous at this point. This means I will actually be able to go outside without thinking about heatstroke. I might use the giant rake we bought yesterday to clean up the backyard. I mean, I will. Definitely. I will also find some veggie seeds so I can attempt to grow something this fall. I only hope the grasshoppers DIE and don't attack anything else I plant. (they recently found my roses and other potted plants on the deck and devoured them. Have I ever mentioned how much I'd like to put them on the extinct list? (did that make sense? It sort of sounds funny.)

    Well, I have lots of important things to do today (we all know I'm talking about laundry) and scour the Internet for my suddenly hard to find night cream. I really miss it and I know it works now that I've been without it for two weeks. And now I'll go put my Dr. Scholls shoes on and eat some prunes.

    Have a joyful Monday,

    Friday, September 16, 2011

    The weather is playing with my sanity

    Today is Friday, in case you weren't aware. I'm livin' it up by making some biscuits for breakfast and planning out what I'll be cooking over the weekend. Exciting. Tomorrow I'll be watching the Texas game and Sunday...I really don't know. It should only get to 94 degrees this weekend (ooh, what nice Autumn weather we're having). Perhaps I'll venture outside and do some work on the yard. (she says while rolling her eyes.)

    Unfortunately, due to this drought we have a sand pit in our front yard. The kids seem to really enjoy it and I do not. But, aside from me having to dump sand out of their clothes and shoes and then chasing them around the house with the vacuum cleaner I don't mind because they are outside.
    When they are outside I hear much less bickering... so ready for cooler weather when I can send them outside practically all day!
    The girl child will attempt to feed the dogs sticks... I think the dogs are smart enough not to eat them.

    Just a funny picture I'm leaving you with.

    I hope everyone has a great Friday and a wonderful weekend!

    Thursday, September 15, 2011

    That's Not What I Said

    Here I am with post two to make up for the nada I wrote yesterday.

    I planned on addressing this yesterday but obviously did not due to the fact that I was really busy. I will be referencing the second paragraph of Tuesday's post. (click the link and get informed. Or be like me and don't because you can't have people telling you what to do and just be confused. Again.)

    My "baby-toddler" talk was misinterpreted by a couple of people. By a couple I actually do mean 2. (maybe others were also confused or misinterpreted my message, but I don't know.) These two are also of the male gender. (background: CLB has been working out at his farm and spends the night occasionally.) So, Tuesday night CLB comes in and says, "So, you want to have another baby! I bet you'll be pregnant/have another one in no less than two years. I know it, it's gonna happen!" (something like that, okay?) I was a little caught off guard because, seriously, where would he get a crazy idea like that? I turned from the sink with a half washed plate and nearly threw it at him (just kidding!) and responded, "yeah, I don't think so. Why would you even think that!?" Well... he took that "baby-toddler" talk to mean that I sure missed having a baby around and that I want another one Right Now. No... that was all talk preventing me from having another baby!
    (please tell me if you understood what I was saying! I need backup!)
    (the other person that thought similar things was my own husband.)

    Just so we all have a clear understanding... I'm not wishing for another baby. I'm completely happy with our family exactly like it is. I think it's perfect. (and so does Beard-O)

    So, I guess some people need clear and concise wordage while others (like my sister-in-law) can see that I'm just being humorous and joking about how I gotta keep a "baby" around or I'll end up having another one...ha. ha. so funny.
    and... The End.


    I had to leave early yesterday morning to take Ry to his optometry checkup which went wonderfully. His doc was happy and also impressed with his ability to become bored so fast. Basically he sits in a big chair (very similar to a dentists chair) telling us which object he sees on the TV screen while the doc irritates him by asking him which shape he sees on the TV screen while she sticks a bunch of different lenses and stuff in front of his eyes. Four objects-house, square, apple, circle- for at least thirty minutes. He's three. Eventually he starts saying, "Ugh, I already told you! It's a house!" complete with dramatic sigh and slumping in the chair. His doc is awesome though and totally gets that after about five minutes he is just bored out of his mind. Which is why she laughed when he told her to open her drawer (where she keeps a couple of toys and lots of lenses and eye doctoring things) and let him have a toy. He picked out the Elmo on roller skates. His favorite and then proceeded to stuff it in his pocket while she was out of the room adjusting his glasses. (Of course I was not about to let him actually get away that.) She came back in and he pulled Elmo out of his pocket and she acted really surprised that Elmo was hiding... and then let him pick a toy out of the treasure box. Pretty good appointment, especially when I was prepared to dish out a bunch of money and it ended up being only $40. Even better.

    Then I returned to my mom's house (she was watching the other two trouble makers) and Rose fell asleep before I could leave so I ended up staying there until 5. So... my house revolted while I was away, because I didn't listen to my own advice and clean everything before I left. I have a sink full of dirty dishes, an enormous pile of clothes to sort and wash, at least 13 pairs of shoes to trip over and various other mundane things to tend to. I'm hoping to be back later (no promises) and be way more exciting and more caffeinated. Being caffeinated takes things to a whole new level, ya know.

    Tuesday, September 13, 2011

    I blame anyone but myself for this nonsense

    I'm sure you're just dying to know how my day was yesterday. Well, the potty training was...ok. There was some crying involved (maybe me/maybe the child) but no accidents. Daddy came home and suddenly Mr. I-hate-the-potty was sitting happily upon the Elmo seat doing his business. Smiling. No tears, no hyperventilating, no flailing of limbs.... so the parenting hours to success rate is Mama 10-0 and Daddy 1-1.

    The teething/fussy baby-toddler took a nap and was in much happier spirits for the rest of the day. And for that baby-toddler stuff... I'm sort of hesitant to call her a toddler, although she is, but she's our baby and you know... that just what she is. Meaning youngest and last child. If I start calling her a toddler then I'm admitting she's growing up and not a baby anymore and then I'll start thinking about how I don't have a baby anymore and then,  dearsweetbabyJesus, I might have a longing and start reminiscing about holding tiny babies and how they smell so good. And I'll totally have some amnesia about what labor feels like... it really isn't bad. (ohdearit'salreadyhappening)  So.. I insist on calling her my baby. The end.

    Moving right along, like the above never happened... I have been sleeping in until 7am for the past week and it feels amazing! Although the reason why I get to sleep in is not amazing at all and I'm hoping to wake at the 6am hour asap. The wildfire may have affected someones job... and hopefully he can get to work like yesterday but even tomorrow would be nice. Until then I'm going to enjoy sleeping in and CLB will enjoy someone helping him build fences. I will also convince myself beans, rice and  ramen noodles sans flavor packet create a delicious meal. (ok, we aren't that desperate yet but I can be prepared)

    I will also drown my troubles in this ice cream... until it's gone anyhow.
    which will most likely be today.

    But those children will keep me entertained with their new movie they are creating about Spider Man. He steals someones Little Pony...
    and rides off into the sunset... oh I don't really know. I do know Captain America is supposed to appear at some point, though. I think he's hiding under his bed right now feeling quite embarrassed for the Little Pony. 

    Have a wonderful day!

    Monday, September 12, 2011

    I'm destined for a sunshine-y day

    Well hello there! I skipped out Friday, I know, I probably disappointed thousands, hundreds, alright, like maybe two people. Honestly, Friday I was pretty down in the dumps due to that wildfire. I just didn't feel like writing. The town is moving ahead. School resumed today for the district and I know it's a long way from being back to normal but it's a start.

    Over the weekend we watched some football and mainly hung around the house together. Saturday D woke up not feeling well. Coughing, fever and lounging around. He's feeling a little better today but still coughing. Sunday I made a big breakfast of sausage, biscuits and gravy and scrambled eggs. So good. I had to run to the grocery store and get some milk and Gatorade. (oh boring details!) I got a call from my sister and brother-in-law while there and they wanted me to meet someone so I was in a hurry to get back home. Of course the car decided to not start in the 100 degree heat with my ice cream melting in the back seat. Turns out a bolt was loose. A very nice stranger tightened it up for me and I was on my way home. Thank goodness it was nothing major! I got home, grabbed Rose and headed to my sister's house. I had a great time over there. I know I'm going to leave out lots of details about my visit but I don't feel like I can say too much about it just yet. In fact I'm not going to say anything else.

    And this morning I have a grouchy/teething child on my hands right now and we're going full force potty training with a certain three year old who thinks he is above using the potty or something. I'm in for a really fun day. I'm pretty sure I can trick myself into thinking it's fun, right? Yep, it will be an exciting, pleasant, happy day. There will be unicorns and rainbows and I will notloosemymind and I will have the child potty trained in oneday! justlikethat! (I can hear your laughter, it's not helping.) I can totally do this.

    Yeah, we just watched the pull ups potty training DVD... I am pretty sure the narrator lady is on her way to or from the looney bin. I have never seen anyone smile that big while talking about how easy potty training is. They are from some potty training utopia planet I've not been to or heard of. I'd like to know what kind of happy pills they are taking.

    Anyhow, I better get busy around here. It is Monday after all.

    Thursday, September 8, 2011

    My heart is heavy

    Here I am sitting at my dining room table with a hot cup of coffee checking my Facebook, Twitter, email and catching up on blogs. My kids are watching Dinosaur Train and had breakfast, they are sitting in their favorite spots in the living room. I took a hot shower last night. I bathed my children and tucked them into their beds under their favorite blankets surrounded by their toys. I didn't wonder where we would eat today or how we would obtain food and clothing. I opened my closet and pulled on my favorite pants. I dressed the kids and they picked out which shirts they wanted. I am thankful. I certainly counted many blessings this morning.

    This morning 1,386 homes were confirmed to be destroyed by the devastating wildfire in Bastop. (This is only one of the fires that started Sunday in our area.) Entire neighborhoods are gone. Over 1300 families lost everything. They are forced to start over. Will they rebuild or move away? How many of them are wondering where will we eat today? Where are we going to sleep tonight?  How can we move on?

    I met with one of the families that lost their home yesterday.  
    God, what do I say? I can't even begin to imagine what they are feeling.  
    I told them I was sorry for their loss. Because what exactly can say? I felt like my words were inadequate. I think they understood my lack of articulation. I'm not very eloquent to begin with. They didn't have many words either. They were on their way to see what was left of their home. They are a strong family, they have incredible faith and trust in God. I know they are taking comfort from that. I know that is greater than anything I could say. 

    If you'd like to know how you can help please see yesterday's post and scroll to the bottom. 

    Please continue sending your thoughts and prayers to Texas.

    Wednesday, September 7, 2011

    How You Can Help (Fire Update)

    stole from facebook if you tell me who took it I'll update it and give them credit
    photo courtesy of my dad
    photo courtesy of
    the above picture is the skyline of downtown Austin with the smoke from the Bastrop fires in the background

    Here's what it looks like from space
    Courtesy Mike Follum  via Twitter
    Courtesy NASA
    If you are interesting in helping the victims of the wildfire please click here for full list.

    Bastrop Christian Ministerial Alliance,
    PO Box 876, Bastrop, TX, 78602.
    is taking monetary donations that will go directly to the evacuees and local shelters. FB page

    Capital Area Food Bank of Texas and click the Donate to Help Wildfire Victims button at bottom of page

    Red Cross of Central Texas

     This morning the update on the devastation was: via
    • 38,089 acres burned
    • 576 homes destroyed
    • 30% contained as of 7:40am Wednesday
    Please continue praying for those who have been evacuated and those who have lost their homes.           
    Monday     Tuesday

    Tuesday, September 6, 2011

    Pictures from the Fire

    Today is Day 3 of the fire. Click here to read  yesterday's post on the fire.

    Here is an excerpt from the Austin American Statesman:
    The massive wildfire in Bastrop County has now burned around 30,000 acres, destroyed nearly 500 homes and forced 20 neighborhoods to evacuate, officials said at a press conference this morning. The largest fire remains zero percent contained, officials said.
    Beard-O grabbed my camera yesterday and took the following pictures while out fighting the fire...
    CLB working to keep the fire away from this house.

    Not clouds. Smoke.
    My brother heading to make a fire break

    CLB. It's gonna be a long night.
    My brother, dad, Beard-O, CLB and several others fought the fires threatening homes and land. The last picture is of the fire when it jumped a road. CLB and Beard-O came in last night, took showers and ate supper and then my brother called again. They were out the door and Beard-O didn't get back until 7am this morning. He left before 8am when we heard there were hot spots popping up.
    My parents, brother and his family and my Opa, uncle and aunt all live within a mile or so from the fire. Their electricity has been out since yesterday afternoon. My sister-in-law and niece spent the night with us.
    I know several families whose homes were lost to the fire. I haven't personally seen any of the damage but the pictures I've seen are startling. We need rain badly. That fire is still burning, as are several others in Texas. Hopefully it will be a bit easier to contain as the winds have calmed down.

    If you are interested in reading more go to ABC news. Please keep all the victims of the fire in your prayers.

    Monday, September 5, 2011


    Hi, everyone. We are dealing with some extreme wildfires here in Texas. The town of Bastrop (small town near us) had a wildfire start yesterday afternoon. Winds are gusting up to 30+ miles per hour and we have very low humidity today. And with the drought these are terrible conditions. The fire has burned over 16,000 acres and is 0% contained. I know several families who have lost their homes. Evacuations are ongoing. Our family is safe. I have a few pictures I can share but my camera is with Beard-O right now.

    This is from yesterday (Beard-O, my brother and CLB saved some donkeys)
    Driving towards town and my parents house

    From my parents backyard

    I am back home. Our home has not been threatened or in danger.

    Beard-O, our friend and my brother are doing what they can to keep it from getting close to my family's land. It hasn't been threatened yet but the fire is crossing some roads that potentially could cause concern. (all depends on the wind) They tried very hard to keep it from burning someone's house. Unfortunately the firefighters can't do much with the winds gusting.

    If this seems a little jumbled I apologize. I'll post a new update tomorrow. You can follow me on twitter @mamascountry where I may post some updates. I've never seen anything like this...

    Friday, September 2, 2011

    This, That and Football

    Ooh! You can't see where I write these posts (behind the scenes) but Blogger has gone all "modern" and "fresh" and "streamlined". At first I didn't like it, mainly because I don't like change, but I'll try it out. I have to relocate where everything is. So, this may take me longer than usual. You won't know that because at some point today this post will be complete and "by the magic of television" (or the Internet) suddenly appear on my blog.

    This morning Beard-O (aka my husband and father of my children) left not so bright and early as usual. We actually got to sleep in until past 7am since he is helping his cousin move today. Getting an extra hour of sleep was awesome. I actually felt alive when I got out of bed and could hold a conversation. Although if you asked Beard-O if I made any sense this morning he would certainly contradict what I just wrote. Whatever, I blame it on my lack of caffeine.

    I am hoping on getting to the grocery store today... especially because I am fresh out of pretzels, tea and creamer. Crucial, I'm telling you. Also, we could use some other "essential" items... diapers, milk, apple juice, animal crackers, yogurt... and because my boys love this yogurt in squeezable tubes I'm thinking about trying the applesauce that I've seen lately that is in little pouches that they can squeeze directly into their pie holes. No spoon or bowl required. Would that be considered "fast food"?

    I asked Beard-O (I'm not sure I'll ever call him T again) if he needed anything from town last night and he just kept staring at the TV. Then it was like he suddenly heard me (I shouldn't try to ask him anything if football is on) and he was all, "Make sure we all have gear!" Gear meaning: Texas Longhorns apparel. And because I am such an awesome wife I said, "Oh, I've already got that covered! I even almost freaked out because I forgot I bought Ry a shirt a couple weeks ago. Don't worry, we'll be outfitted appropriately on Saturday." I mean, doesn't he know that I know these things? Have I not listened for weeks, months! about UT football and Sept 3, and do the boys have shirts? Does Rose have a shirt? Will we all wear burnt orange every Saturday? Yes, Beard-O, I KNOW what is happening on Sept 3! Didn't you marry me because I accepted your addiction to football wholeheartedly? (just one reason) Didn't you find it awesome that while in labor with our third child we watched an NFL playoff game and I got upset when someone turned the TV off so I could focus on pushing? Yeah, I like me some football.


    and with that....
    have a wonderful weekend!

    Thursday, September 1, 2011


    I'm sitting at my dining room table listening to two men talk about politics in my living room. I should probably be listening a bit more closely, but here I am typing away. It sounds riveting, though.

    If you came by yesterday then you already know what I had planned. To recap I went to the post office and then to my mom's house. I had a splendid time. I read my magazine within about thirty minutes of being there (and I left it because I like to share) and then we sat around while Rose played dress up with all the costume jewelry my mom could find (she now has quiet a collection). The boys found some cowboy toys and then soon found their way to their aunt's room upstairs. (my lil' sis, although she is about to be two decades old and making her way through an architect/engineering degree) She has a Lego police station and D and Ry really love it. Man, I enjoyed myself some Lego building back in the day. I'm glad I had a big brother that passed 'em down.

    My mom ending up making Ry a blanket while we were there. She would have made D one too, but we ran out of backing. My mom is such an awesome seamstress. I wish I had a bit more confidence to handle a sewing machine better. Mom actually bought me one and I have tried my very best to make friends with it... I'm not sure it likes me. Makes me a little sad. I was doing fine until something happened with the bobbin. I haven't figured it out and it's been at least six months. I could always take it over to my mom and ask her to fix it. I have read the instruction manual and trouble shooting guide... nothing works. At least for me. My mom would probably take one look at it and have it all figured out. So, when she said, "Let's make this blanket!" I may have ran the opposite direction and hid behind a chair. It took a lot of reassuring and bribery to get me back out. I'm still a little shaky from it.

    aw.. now those guys are reminiscing about the good ole days. When they were young and not as smart as they think they are now. This I've got to listen to. Stories I need to hear so I can tell my boys about how smart their Daddy and godfather were growing up.

    bye for now,