Monday, October 31, 2011

Post Weekend Words

I guess since it's Monday I'll talk about things that happened this weekend. Saturday morning Beard-O fixed something on the Jeep (an accident waiting to happen) and we were able to drive to my in-law's house to celebrate his mom's birthday. The customary Chinese food was ordered and in true fashion for this family almost all the orders were wrong (except mine and birthday girl's). I was fine, which is what mattered. (haha! joking!) Anyhow, it was fun and we had a good time.

While we were there Rose spilled milk all over me and since I don't carry an extra set of clothes with me Beard-O took off to the store where he hunted down the longest jeans possible and brought me back TWO pair. (They were buy one get one-LEVIS on sale) So... I'm two pairs of jeans richer. (He should shop for me more often.) I never would have bought them for myself because they were more than $15 (but, thanks to the sale that's practically what they came out to be) so it was a blessing in disguise. Especially because I only had two pairs of jeans (for the past 3 1/2 years) and one is tight and the other is getting worn pretty thin. What else would like to know about my wardrobe? Nothing, that's what I thought.

That evening I had the pleasure of dancing with a mouse in our hallway next to the bathroom. There was a lot of me tiptoe dancing while screaming while raising my hands in the air... Not girly or stereotypical at all.

Sunday we went to town and got some chicken feed. I cut D's hair. I did about 6 loads of laundry that I need to put away today. I also made pizza. It doesn't sound like we didn't much yesterday.

This week I'm taking D to get his glasses fitted, planning his birthday party and making really big decisions regarding making or buying a cake and what gifts to get him.

I'm going to start a loooonnnggg process of going through my closet, kitchen, junk drawers  cabinet (yes, an entire cabinet) and paring my belongings down. I have been overwhelmed by all the "stuff" that is cluttering our house and it's about time I got busy doing something about it. I know I'll have to take it one teeny-tiny step at a time due to my ability to become paralyzed with the "give it away, keep, or throw it out" questions. Some encouragement in the comment section would really be appreciated. Do you do this kind of thing yearly or seasonally? Never? Have some advice for me? Do you think I'm off my rocker? wait, don't answer that last one. But, really: Tell me! I want to know!!

Have a great Monday and Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday randomness

My disappointment in the grocery store for not rewarding me with pumpkin pie spice creamer (for my coffee) is in the high level. My disappointment in the Rangers' pitching is in the medium/high level. I felt like we had the game won several times and then we WALK the bases loaded?!?! Of course this was after I told Beard-O that they were my team. (I didn't really watch baseball growing up so I just cheered for the Astros and Rangers) Anyhow, my decision was based (haha, based) on the fact that there is no city in their name, the history of Texas Rangers in my husband's family (and mine had a run in with them), and that it would be what Beard-O's grandpa would have wanted. So... yeah. I also like their colors because they represent the Texas flag. (cough, cough... I'm a girl and also a Texan, first and foremost- represent.) Anyhow, we are headed to game seven*. Mike Napoli= awesome. (what an ath-a-lete)

Alrighty, moving right along... I plan on making stew tonight (last time I made it I got some mighty fine compliments) thus it must be recreated. I most certainly am making cookies (I'm climbing back on that horse) and they will be ranger cookies or cowboy cookies or a mix/mash up of the two. I am on cup #2 of coffee flavored with cocoa, which explains why I am so chipper this morning. I feel like I could handle almost anything life, or the kids, throw at me today. (mainly the kids though, Rose cannon-balled a piece of bread at me a few days ago... I was just so happy it wasn't anything heavier or sharper) Are you bored with me, yet?

wow, look, horses
I'm on Pinterest now. Oh my goodness... I thought everyone on there was just following along with a trendy thing, but it. is. wonderful. Instead of filling up my bookmarks with an insane amount of kitchen ideas, bedroom ideas, wow! that is awesome stuff... I pin it, organize it and love it. Yes, I am riding the pinterest train and I am having a blast.
helping in the kitchen; having a blast
The kids are up. I better start doing something around here besides drink an unhealthy amount of cocoa/coffee and panic about someones 5th birthday that is a week away. I have zero presents and no party plans (yet). If anyone wants to shout out some ideas I wouldn't mind at all.

the soon to be five year old
Have a happy Friday!!!

*we aren't "heading" anywhere. just in case you were curious. I meant the Rangers.
p.s. my mom just called to talk about the game last night. ohmygosh, y'all. there's a first time for everything.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

pictures (sans clever title)

Last night we celebrated my brother's birthday. I mentioned yesterday that I was going to bake some cookies and give some to him for his present.... didn't go like I planned. I halved my recipe (no biggie) and substituted butter for shortening... apparently this is where it went um, flat. I think I should have chilled the dough before plopping the cookies on pans and shoving them in the oven. Were they tasty? Yes. Did they look good? Nah. See for yourself.
I was so happy to be baking but this kind of ruined it. How do I mess up cookies?

I didn't box them up and gift them. I just went and ate tacos and let my presence be my present. I didn't even have a card (I am such a thoughtful sister).

Then there was the free entertainment provided by the children
Rose practically tackling D cause she needed a lift
Ry was oblivious to his siblings' shenanigans and watched Toy Story 3
Opa, my sis, D & T.J
Beard-O (playing the role of uncle) and T.J
I know I'm editing pics!! I like the sketch effect on free photoshop.... maybe too much?

Well, I took uno photo of my bro and it's not exactly flattering so I will be a good sis and not embarrass him. (I don't think he even knows I have a blog so I could very probably, almost, maybe get away with it if I did.)

I'm off to the grocery store now. Three people are about to have some serious words with me because they are out of juice, yogurt and cheese sticks... Please let them have pumpkin pie spice creamer for me; it's like a little reward if they do. I am hoping that my early morning trip will prevent the little ones from doing a repeat of last week. I did not appreciate them mocking me in the produce section. (I'm being a smart(ish) lady and taking a ziploc of animal crackers with me... will they stop a potential meltdown? We shall see. we.shall. see.)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

It started out great until my facepalm moment

1. Furry Mammals 
Yesterday D and I went to feed the chickens and something small darted across our path and hid under an old bathtub (we use it for compost and such). Upon first peripheral vision glance (while it was darting) I thought it was a toad, but then my brain and eyes caught up with each other and added fur. I was kind of freaked out about seeing a furry toad until I figured out a way to position myself for a quick peek while simultaneously positioning myself for a quick escape... in case it was vicious. I was glad I had thought to bring my camera (as well as D- he was acting as my fearless bodyguard) so I could snap this picture
Not a fur covered toad after all. It's a baby bunny rabbit. Later D was telling me that he'd like to have a pet bunny (this is NOT an acceptable birthday gift!) because they are cute. Oh honey-child, what I couldn't tell you is that "pet" bunnies usually end up on your dinner plate. I can't cook that so it ain't a-happnin.

Our second mammal was a mouse. A mouse that had been extremely careful and had managed to eat/lick the peanut butter I smeared on the mouse traps without setting any of them off. I was a tiny bit irritated with said mouse since I keep discovering evidence and have actually seen the perpetrator run across the floor (Mama is not happy when these things happen). Well... the mouse got thirsty, or maybe he wanted to go for a swim. I don't know. Beard-O went in the bathroom this morning and I hear, "Oh! That is GROSS." I'm thinking that a kiddo forgot to flush, but he tells me to come see what he's talking about. (Have you figured this out, yet?) There was a mouse. Swimming!! in the toilet. Ugh. Now I have to worry about that in the middle of the night when I'm doing my "check the children and pee since I'm up anyhow" routine. yea!!!

2. When I started this post I had multiple things to address and now I can't remember them.

3. I really want to bore you with the amount of clothing that should be put away, the baking I want to do but don't want to clean up after, how the frito pie yesterday was a bad decision, that I may or may not be designing a 49 square foot kitchen, how it's becoming increasingly hard to be motivated in my housekeeping duties, I want some retail therapy, want my hair to look nice, am looking forward to this cold front tomorrow, am disappointed in my chickens laying 5 eggs instead of at least a dozen thus making me even more upset about the price hike in feed. Venting and facepalming is apparently my specialty today.
 4. I'd like to publicly thank Beard-O for everything he does and for being so kind to me. I have been in a funk over the last couple of days that I have no explanation for. I just feel bleh/meh. You never complain about my lack of putting clothes in proper places and that I continue to allow the dryer to become a closet, that we had an impromptu pizza dinner (cause that's what I felt like) at 8pm last night due to my poor planning and time management, that you have taken the kids outside so I can have 20 minutes of clear thinking while I'm cooking, thanks for taking charge of bath time with the kids.... I don't know why I get impatient but you are awesome for letting them splash you and listening to the ever present shrieking about water getting near their faces. You are more fun than me, tell better stories and seem to enjoy them using you as a human jungle gym. I feed them so they love me for that, though. I really appreciate you.

5. Picture of an adorable child to make up for all the nonsense of #3:

I'm done here. I'm going to bake something to see if I can find some motivation in sugar, butter and flour. It's there somewhere, right? Oh, it's also my brother's birthday today so baking cookies can double as a gift. Winning. (sort of)