Monday, September 19, 2011

Weather and Night Cream ( I'm ready to be 78)

First and foremost: It rained Saturday! We got a whole inch! It made me happy! Also, my Longhorns won and I got to spend the whole day hanging out with Beard-O. (That has been pretty rare lately.) It was a blessed day all around. 

Second, the weather this week makes me smile. (I really hope the weathermen aren't toying with me)
Yeah, those are temperatures in the 60s over night and look at Thursday's and Friday's highs. It almost seems miraculous at this point. This means I will actually be able to go outside without thinking about heatstroke. I might use the giant rake we bought yesterday to clean up the backyard. I mean, I will. Definitely. I will also find some veggie seeds so I can attempt to grow something this fall. I only hope the grasshoppers DIE and don't attack anything else I plant. (they recently found my roses and other potted plants on the deck and devoured them. Have I ever mentioned how much I'd like to put them on the extinct list? (did that make sense? It sort of sounds funny.)

Well, I have lots of important things to do today (we all know I'm talking about laundry) and scour the Internet for my suddenly hard to find night cream. I really miss it and I know it works now that I've been without it for two weeks. And now I'll go put my Dr. Scholls shoes on and eat some prunes.

Have a joyful Monday,


  1. oooh tell me more about this miracle night cream!

  2. Hey, Steph! It's Olay Complete Night Fortifying Cream. I could buy it easily but my store has it on sale and it's been sold out because of that. I think I'll have to bite the bullet and dish out the full price this time. My skin is revolting without it.