Thursday, September 22, 2011

Nothing to say but I say things anyhow

Last night I had to run to the grocery store and learned the following:
a) I should not expect small town stores to carry anything exotic like eucalyptus oil and
b) they will not have my night cream. (yes, still going without.)
However, they will have overpriced milk and juice and price cuts on the bread I buy (score!) and a very tempting Autumn decor aisle. I compromised on the decor and just bought some canned pumpkin so I could pretend is fall here and make some pumpkin muffins. (my weather forecast from the other day? total baloney.) I don't even want to talk about... especially this make believe "cold front" we're getting. I have some choice words about the weather but my mother-in-law reads this. (Hi!!)

I think I'm going to start harvesting grass hoppers since that's the only thing thriving around here. That reminds me of Lonesome Dove. Fry them crisp and then dip them in some molasses... tastes like candy (I'm almost positive I can get one celebrity to buy/endorse them. Do you know who I'm referring to?)  I am pretty sure everyone else references Lonesome Dove on a daily basis.

I guess I better get things going around here. Those pumpkin muffins aren't going to make themselves! I'm counting on them to cure all kinds of annoyances around here. Whining in particular.


  1. Yay for pumpkin muffins! I love them! And I feel ya on the fall subject. I got so excited the other day about all things fall, pumpkin bread and applesauce that my hubby was giving looks thinking I was surely crazy. I can't wait though! You should share your recipe :)