Saturday, December 22, 2012

Sam's Birth Story Part 2

Continuing the story... if you missed part one you can find it here. 
I left you all hanging that my nurse checked me and said I was 100% effaced and almost a 7.

(3:30-3:55) I was really surprised and thought "I'm almost there!" I felt some pressure um... down below.... and figured that the baby was just moving down and I still had a couple hours left. Right about then my doctor came in to check me even though the nurse had just done so a few minutes before. He said I was 6-7 cm dilated, 100% effaced and baby was at a 0 station (which means her head was engaged in my pelvis- moving on down). He asked if I had felt any pressure and I told him just a couple times and he asked if I was feeling a lot of contractions... which I actually wasn't. He took a look at the contraction sheet and said they were "on top of one another" and said things would move really quickly once I was past a 7, but still said "around dinner".

A few minutes after he left the room I started feeling pressure with every contraction. During this our friend, Holly, was asking for directions to the hospital and Tim handed me my phone because he "couldn't figure out how to text on it". (3:52pm) So during the breaks I got between contractions I managed to text her directions. First the pressure was bearable and I just breathed through it. After five or so minutes (and Tim getting increasingly anxious because I was death gripping the bed rails) I told him to call the nurse cause I really felt like pushing.

(3:55-4:13) The nurse came in very quickly and checked me and said I was ready to push... only I couldn't just yet because she had to get the bed adjusted (the end flips down or something) and my doc was paged. She moved really fast and and at one point told me to try "choo choo" breathing which I tried, but I don't think that lasted long. My nurse did make the comment that the doc better hurry up or she'd be delivering the baby and said, "it wouldn't be my first... or my last". Right then my doc came in, got positioned and my feet were put in the stirrups. I remembering thinking it was all happening so fast and hoping that I could push effectively. I started pushing and they had to remind me to hold my breath while I pushed (which I really had to concentrate on because I had just been breathing out with the contractions to NOT push). I pushed a few times (effective pushing!) and Sam crowned and with another big push her head was out. I heard my doc say something about the cord around her neck and I sort of just stopped and he told me I couldn't stop, that I needed to pull my legs to my chest and push as hard as I could cause we had to get her out. To me it felt like everyone else was in slow motion because my legs were numb and they had slipped in the stirrups and it seemed like Tim and the nurse were just standing looking at me. (They were great, but I just didn't give them a chance to help apparently.) I grabbed my legs and pulled them up (still don't know how I managed to do this on my own) and pushed like never before. I remember thinking this was the hardest I had ever pushed and that I couldn't do it anymore, but obviously I had to keep going.
 (4:13) With one more push she was out. She had the cord wrapped around her neck twice and tightly and then once around her leg. The doc got the cord unwrapped and got her to cry and then grabbed the cord and gave it a squeeze to get more blood into her (that was really weird and apparently looked gross, too). The nurse put Sam on my chest and kept rubbing her with a blanket to get her to cry more. I thought she looked really dark until I realized she was purple from the cord being so tight around her. 

 After a few minutes she was looking much better, although her hands and feet were very pale for quite a while. They gave us about 30 minutes or so with her until a nurse from the nursery came in to weigh and measure her. (Her apgars, if anyone cares, were 8/9.) I think this is the first time that someone from the nursery hasn't been there during delivery and I thought it was really nice to just have my nurse, my doctor and Tim with me.

Sam's first night was interesting. Apparently she was used to the noise of her siblings and so whenever our room was quite she would wake up and fuss. She mainly slept in our arms and with the noise of the TV and her daddy talking her to sleep. She is still great sleeping through the regular noise around the house and has gotten used to it being quiet at night (although we turn on the noise machine for a few minutes when we lay her down).

  6 days old

She is an amazing baby and we are all so in love with her.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Sam's Birth Story: Part One

*If you cringe at the words "dilation" and "effacement" or just don't care for the lovely details of giving birth, please feel free to skip this post.

The days leading up to my due date I had several episodes of false labor (and it was driving me nuts). I was sort of worried that when I was in real labor that I would be doubting myself and not make it to the hospital that is an hour away (on a good day). Also, there was the little hick up of having a kid in school that would need to get home and two kids that would be with me if labor started between 6am and 6pm. Thankfully my mom was on high alert (calling every morning to check on me) and was my go to person to call in the event of labor starting while Tim was at work.

Since there was no baby on Wednesday (12-12) I called the doctor's office and scheduled my 40 week appointment for Friday. Wednesday afternoon and evening I had a ton of contractions and as soon as they got between 7 and 12 minutes apart they stopped. Thursday I had a few random, more intense contractions, but I was really discouraging labor to start by being as lazy as possible because the 13th is my niece's birthday and honestly I just didn't want my girl to have to share a birthday with someone close to her. (I know it sounds selfish.)

So, on Friday I took D to school with the intention to see him at the bus stop in the afternoon. I headed to my mom's house because for the past three appointments she had decided I didn't need to go alone because, "what if I went into labor?!" I had packed everything up that wasn't already in our bags and was prepared to have a baby (although I thought being prepared would lead to heading back home- jinxing things, if you will). 

 The doc came in and looked me in disbelief because he thought for sure I would not make it my due date since I was so close when he saw me the prior Thursday during my trip to labor & delivery for false labor. He examined me and said I was about 5 cm dilated and 60% effaced and baby had moved down to a -2 station (I had progressed since the hospital trip). Basically I was a ticking time bomb for labor to start. He gave me the option to head to the hospital and have my water broken or to wait things out. I called Tim (I was so nervous- I honestly had not expected the option of having a baby that day) and we agreed that we would go in only if my doctor would be able to deliver and he wasn't on call for the weekend. It turns out my doc would NOT be on call over the weekend (but a really good doctor would be) and that if I chose to go in my doctor would definitely be there for me on Friday. I decided that I'd much rather have my doctor deliver than someone I'd never met before and we made our way over to the hospital.

I was so nervous on the way there. Tim actually beat us to the hospital and I jumped out at the hospital entrance, told the kids goodbye, gave my mom some hasty last minute instructions and we were on our way to labor and delivery. On our way up Tim called the school, church and anyone else that needed to be informed... my head was spinning as I was realizing that I was definitely going to have a baby that day and I was kind of worried about how things would go.

Our nurse was awesome. She joked with us, we discussed ridiculous birth plans, rolled our eyes at the weirdos that she sometimes deals with and basically made us feel comfortable and in good hands. She got me hooked up to an IV (which at some point blew out my vein and my forearm swelled up and really freaked me out) and gave me 2 bags of fluids (I think) before she started pitocin at 1:00. (Although I was kind of hoping they wouldn't give me pitocin due to the terrible contractions it causes they didn't have to give me much.)

According to my text messages (yeah, I texted up until push time) my contractions started picking up and getting stronger just 25 minutes after getting the pitocin. Around 1:45 my doctor came in and checked me and I was dilated between 5 & 6 and I don't remember effacement. He asked how I was and I was still laughing and being myself (which always seems to surprise him) and I told him I was feeling more contractions and they were getting stronger. He decided to break my water and said that I would feel the contractions even more (um, yeah, like as soon as he was done they started getting painful instead of just being an intense tightness). He predicted we'd have a baby around dinner time (I assumed this would be around 6 pm and I was wondering how I would make it that long because I was starving and could only have ice and water). While he was breaking my water I told my nurse I wanted the epidural. I was warned the anesthesiologist was very precise and took his time so I needed to ask for it before I thought I would need it.

I think it was about 2:30 when my epidural was placed and it was perfect timing because I was having to breathe through the contractions while getting it. My nurse was great and was asking about which players were my favorite on our football teams and I was totally blank and couldn't think of a single NFL player. I know I apologized because I just couldn't focus on anything. She laughed and said it didn't really matter that she was just trying to distract me from the contractions. Anyhow, it got done and started working, but it was lighter than my other epidurals have been (I did have the nifty push button). Eventually I stopped feeling the pain of the contractions and remember that my legs were not completely numb (they just felt like they were asleep) so whenever Tim would touch my leg it really bothered me and for the first time with my labors I didn't want to be touched. I did like holding his hand though. I felt pretty good at this point. My nurse came back in to check me and I was "almost a 7" (dilated) and 100% effaced. I thought that things were moving pretty quickly and figured 2 1/2 more hours until I'd see my baby was a pretty good guess.

Okay, well I have to leave you hanging for now. Rose "can't sleep" so we're going to watch some Clifford and chill on the couch until Sam wakes up from her nap. Can't leave you without a couple of pictures though!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

She's Here!

Samantha Jane 

Arrived Friday, December 14 at 4:13 in the afternoon.
7 pounds & 9 ounces
19 1/2 inches long

We are back home and doing well. 

More pictures and maybe a little story coming soon.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

ignore this (pregnant lady brain explosion)

I'm just sitting here at my dining room table looking at kitchen faucets, cabinet hardware and flooring. Oh, did you think I might be gazing at a newborn? I wish.

Anyhow, today is my niece's birthday and maybe this is selfish, but I don't want my baby to have to share a birthday with her cousin... so she can remain cozy until midnight. This weekend is really not that great with the timing either. Tim and D are participating in our church's Christmas play Pageant (apparently there is a big difference) on Sunday and it would mildly inconvenience some people to have to replace "Benjamin" at the last minute. Although I hope they have at least considered that this might have to happen. D is singing ONE whole song with the children's choir and let me say he is a very talented ventriloquist, but would really be missed.

I scheduled a checkup for tomorrow (even though last week my doc said there would be no need). I am not sure what to expect. Will I be asked to schedule an induction since tomorrow is my due date? How does one decide a good day for birthing? Oh, wait a second... I do that on a daily basis. Okay, today is not a good day baby, wait until tomorrow. Or, this is the perfect time little girl! I'll do some jumping jacks for good measure. The past few afternoon & evenings I've been timing contractions that eventually just stop and so now I'm very skeptical of any contractions and worry about actually knowing when I should head to the hospital when the real thing is happening. I believe this is called "prodromal labor" or false labor. In about 2 hours I'll probably start tracking some contractions only to have them disappear by 8pm. (This is so different than my other pregnancies and makes me feel a little bit crazy.)

Last night I ate almost an entire fresh pineapple by myself (I don't encourage this as my tongue was really sensitive/irritated afterwards) and made pizza with extra basil and lots of jalapenos. Nothing but some heartburn (which I knew would happen). I am not in the circle of pregnant women who take castor oil to get things started. That is gross and I'm not that desperate. I am beginning to think that this baby is just trying to be considerate and wait until the 21st to come because that's D's last day of school before winter break. I wouldn't have to worry about him getting to school or driving or anything really if she waited until then.

I know she'll come when she's ready and I actually don't mind waiting a little bit longer because all the kitchen stuff I mentioned? It would be cool if it were done before she arrived. It's just the "false" labor that is irritating. And finally being mentally ready for her and now she's just hanging out like she has all the time in the world. I bet she's just worried about her hair looking good. Honestly, I'll never be able to protect her/shelter her like I am now. She's cozy and happy (? I assume) and once she's born I'll just be fighting against the world for her to stay close to me..... And this is how we know I'm super pregnant-hormonal. I'm not a sappy person so I have to go hang the clothes up before I start bawling my eyes out. So ridiculous. Hope everyone has a cheerful day! I'm going to have a peppermint patty now.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

39 weeks

Today is Tuesday, so I'm 39 weeks + 4 days. I figured there is no point in being serious about these bump pictures anymore since I'm only getting bigger. And the baby is only getting bigger, too. Mostly it's the baby- not me.

Pretty sweet picture, yes?

I'm actually feeling pretty good and the heartburn seems to have backed down over the last few days. Each day that I show up to drop D off at school I get the "you're still here!?" look and questions. I found out that I've been added to the teachers' prayer list (they have devotions in the morning).

I haven't been having any consistent contractions or anything to make me believe labor is in my near future. It'll happen when it happens... or as my mom said this morning, "Well, I guess she'll be born on her birthday." Hmm, I guess she will be, but what day is that?

I don't think I have anything else left to say about being pregnant right now... I will say that I'm making this white chili for supper (in the crock pot) and it smells awesome. Now I have to dash out the door and pick up D.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Still here

and still very pregnant. We did have a false alarm Thursday night and went up to Labor and Delivery only to be sent home at 2am. I was afraid that would happen, but better safe than sorry. I was having contractions 4-6 minutes apart... they just weren't doing anything productive. My doctor reluctantly sent me home and told me to skip my appointment Friday morning and not worry about scheduling one for this week. (I'm calling on Wednesday if I don't have a baby by then.) Oh, and the nurses were really nice about the whole thing. Friday and Saturday I pretty much thought I was going crazy waiting. I have never felt like that at the end of a pregnancy before and I really don't ever want to feel that way again. Not to mention that we put everyone on alert and then all weekend Tim was fielding text messages and calls about our status. Definitely not doing that next time until I am for sure admitted and getting the epidural.

Now for the exciting news... D has his first loose tooth! It is so wiggly and I can't believe how excited we are about it. He had been very quiet all day yesterday and then finally revealed to Tim his tooth was loose (I think he was really nervous about it). Anyhow I need to let the tooth fairy know that she needs to be prepared to drop off a gift of some kind... anyone know how to get in touch with her?

I'm going to do some grocery shopping and just go on with life as usual. That's really the only way to stay sane right now. I would post a 39 week picture, but my camera is in the car right now... maybe I'll do that tomorrow. Adios for now.

Thursday, December 6, 2012


So... this is officially the longest I have been pregnant. I am not complaining! Honestly I know I have been so lucky to not ever have to see my due date pass without having a baby already, but yesterday I was so anxious for her arrival. Today I am content again with whenever she's ready. (Although I am very uncomfortable and delightfully irritable.)

Enough about that already. I started my Christmas shopping today. We spent a chunk of our time meandering around in the Christmas section at the store and I started getting that itch to decorate. I wanted to buy new ornaments and garland and lights and have a real tree.... I figure it's really just nesting and kept it to 3 ornaments; one for each of the kids. It just hit me that I should have bought one for the baby. Oh well. Plenty of time for that. Anyhow, my family draws names for Christmas and this year we have my brother and my dad to buy for. We also get a handy little list of things they want so I think it's going to be pretty easy. One asked for socks and the other wants honey roasted cashews.

I ordered the boys' big presents today which is really nice to have checked off the list. I'll need to get a couple of things for their stockings and I have Rose's present already stashed away. I really don't know what else to get them...

I guess that's it for now. I think I'm going to re-organize my hospital bag.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

I think I'm ready now

Last night I got really antsy and I hadn't been feeling myself all day, but here I am with baby still kicking my ribs. I had a lot of back pain which makes me a little bit nervous that this girl is face up. Rose was face up, but my labor did not seem any more painful than the others and I don't remember having any "back labor".

I think I may be nesting. Or maybe I just decided to be a productive grown up today. I have swept and mopped the floors, cleaned the bathroom, the kitchen, washed and dried the kitchen & bath rugs, made sure the kids' bag is packed, put away almost all of the laundry (except some socks and pjs), cleared off most of the junk that accumulates on the piano... Supper is in the crock pot (chicken & dumplings) and I have a strawberry cake baking.

Just waiting now....

Monday, December 3, 2012

38 weeks

+ 3days.

It's funny to me how everyone is starting to get so anxious about my impending labor. I was asked yesterday if it was true that I had a contraction (rumors)... No! It could be any day now (the other 3 kiddos were all about 10 days early). 

The heartburn is still hanging around and I can no longer even have a sip of juice without setting it off. I've been drinking lots of milk instead. And water. As far as cravings I really wanted cookies last week, but didn't bake any so it sort of went away. I don't think I've been having many cravings lately. Little Lady still feels like she's residing in my ribs, especially while riding in a car and the lower back/hip pain is back. 

Early on I predicted we'd meet this girl on December 4th, but I am leaning more towards the 7th now. I also think she'll be around 7 pounds 8 ounces. If you want to leave a guess in the comments please do! It will be fun to see if anyone's guess is right.

That's all for now as I am sort of in nesting mode and trying to make sure everything is in order around here. Happy Monday!!