Thursday, September 8, 2011

My heart is heavy

Here I am sitting at my dining room table with a hot cup of coffee checking my Facebook, Twitter, email and catching up on blogs. My kids are watching Dinosaur Train and had breakfast, they are sitting in their favorite spots in the living room. I took a hot shower last night. I bathed my children and tucked them into their beds under their favorite blankets surrounded by their toys. I didn't wonder where we would eat today or how we would obtain food and clothing. I opened my closet and pulled on my favorite pants. I dressed the kids and they picked out which shirts they wanted. I am thankful. I certainly counted many blessings this morning.

This morning 1,386 homes were confirmed to be destroyed by the devastating wildfire in Bastop. (This is only one of the fires that started Sunday in our area.) Entire neighborhoods are gone. Over 1300 families lost everything. They are forced to start over. Will they rebuild or move away? How many of them are wondering where will we eat today? Where are we going to sleep tonight?  How can we move on?

I met with one of the families that lost their home yesterday.  
God, what do I say? I can't even begin to imagine what they are feeling.  
I told them I was sorry for their loss. Because what exactly can say? I felt like my words were inadequate. I think they understood my lack of articulation. I'm not very eloquent to begin with. They didn't have many words either. They were on their way to see what was left of their home. They are a strong family, they have incredible faith and trust in God. I know they are taking comfort from that. I know that is greater than anything I could say. 

If you'd like to know how you can help please see yesterday's post and scroll to the bottom. 

Please continue sending your thoughts and prayers to Texas.

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  1. It's so awful. Just terrible. Definitely counting our blessings today, too...