Monday, April 30, 2012

weekend details (maybe too many)

Friday was Ry's birthday and it started with birthday doughnuts and a couple of presents. In the afternoon I let the kids play in the sprinkler and then they watched movies and ate some junk food. That was a bad idea. Around 10pm I had just checked on the sleeping kiddos and had spotted a gigantic scorpion in Rose's room. While T was introducing it to the bottom of his shoe we both heard a cough and splattering sound from the boys' room. I won't go into further detail, but D doesn't remember it happening (lucky) and junk food, juice and sweets were very limited the rest of the weekend. (He is fine, by the way.)

So, Saturday T had to go into work (they work one weekend a year and it's always the last weekend in April. So, always on Ry's and my birthday weekend.) Saturday was my birthday and all I asked was not to cook dinner. T got off work hours before I expected and came home with an awesome birthday present for me. A kindle. It is awesome. Highly recommend. We spent the afternoon chillin' and then took the kids to T's parent's house and we headed out to enjoy dinner. It was delicious, I had steak and lots and lots of potatoes. I didn't realize until I was picking at my broccoli that ordering Texas cheese fries for the app and then having loaded mashed potatoes as a side that I ate approximately ten pounds of potatoes in one sitting. Then in the car I totally embarrassed T by dancing (think Elaine from Seinfeld) at a red light to a wildly popular tune that came on the radio. (He doesn't even like the song and the next morning he purchased it from itunes for me. He's sweet like that.)

Oh, but I'm forgetting something. We were pulling into our driveway when Ry said his stomach was hurting and I didn't really think much of it and told him we were home and he was going to be fine. (I figured he just needed to go potty.) Instead of going into great detail here I'll just say he got sick. It was not a good night for him and I ended up sleeping on the couch with him at 4am. He is fine. I don't know what caused this but we were fully expecting Rose to follow suit, but she has been okay so far.

Sunday I made french toast which I've only made once before (and only eaten three times). It was perfect. If I had any energy right now I'd make some today for "brunch", but I have to save all my energy for a grocery run. Super excited about it. I better get going soon or I will end up at the grocery store at lunch time with three kids which is always so much fun. Okay, everyone have yourself a merry Monday!

Friday, April 27, 2012

ten happy things friday

Today my Ry-Guy turns 4 years old!

Ten things I love about Ry:

1. His smile
2. He gives the best hugs
3. He is fierce
4. He makes silly faces
5. He's incredibly smart
6. He's courageous
7. He's adventerous
8. He's caring
9. He doesn't hold anything back
10. He changed my life

Happy birthday, Ry! Mama loves you.

Thursday, April 26, 2012


D is starting kindergarten in the fall and last night we had the wonderful opportunity to attend an open house at our church's school. We met his teacher (so very kind! and patient!) and talked about what he'll learn throughout the school year (right now the students are reading), what behavior issues she deals with the most (talking) and what's to be expected. Her classroom made me want to go back to kindergarten. So colorful and welcoming and they have a pet rabbit. We met a few other parents of soon-to-be kindergarteners and talked with the principal, all who are very nice. All I have to do is complete our registration and hope that we are one of the first to return our card.

I've got some errands to run today- tomorrow is Ry's birthday and, as usual, I waited until the last minute to find a present. Fun, fun, fun!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Featuring a super cute two year old and her pouting brother at our second home, the t-ball field. 
(Brother is conveniently hidden behind the watermark.)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

he wears the smarty pants

This morning when caught playing in the dogs' water bowl (again) and having me scold him (again), Ry walked about 5 feet away, gave me a stern look and then said, "I think you should go back in the house now."

 Lately whenever he's in trouble he tries to talk his way out of it or redirect my attention elsewhere. He's a clever one.

Monday, April 23, 2012

our weekend

Let's start with Friday. T's cousin, Matt, is getting married next month and decided to come out to the place to hang out (aka: have a very low key bachelor party). Unfortunately we don't have the accommodations for four extra people and so they headed out to a hotel and hung out there instead. They went all out and picked up pizza and talked. I'm not even kidding. T's friends are good guys.

Saturday was a low key day. I spent the day at home while T took D to t-ball practice and then worked on the lawn mower. T kindly picked up some Redbox movies and the kids were delighted to watch Hop. I made a coconut cream pie (not exactly from scratch, but close enough). T came home and we waited for SNL to come on, but to our dismay it was not what we were expecting (we thought Eli Manning was hosting, but instead it was a rerun) so we watched Ghost Protocol (WARNING: some scenes may be revealed, poorly) and I have never seen any of the Mission Impossible movies... Very much to my surprise I had death grip on T's arm during any scene that involved heights or scaling a building with weird grippy gloves that stop working 130 floors up. I actually liked it.

Sunday we went to church and Rose stayed in the nursery the whole service, which is a mighty big deal and I actually listened to the sermon. But, our church success was interrupted by the minor detail of our keys being locked in the car. So... while T broke into the car (with my brother who came by with a variety of tools and wire to help out) the kids ran around on the church/school's sports field. I thought it was pretty funny, but T didn't hold the same opinion. (Yes, we're getting some extra keys made. Yes, we lied and said someone was bring us a spare key... probably baffled the nice guy who helped us search for them in the church because why wouldn't the wife have the spare key?)

Later I tried to take a Sunday nap which was interrupted right as I was entering that sweet place of REM sleep (probably, not sure) by the rapid pounding of feet across the house. Then I spent the next two hours half asleep while managing my lovely three children. Eventually I was able to wake up and make pizza and watch C.A. I went straight to bed and slept incredibly soundly until I was woken by the sound of a siren (ambulance?) that sounded like it drove up to our house and stopped. It was nowhere to be seen when I finally forced myself out of bed to check things out. Strange.

It's Monday and I'm procrastinating, as usual. Anyone else with me?

Friday, April 20, 2012

ten happy things friday

a successful grocery trip with the kiddos

(because the kids were so good! not because I wanted one.)

listening to all three kids sing a song about big, big water
in the grocery store for thirty minutes

planning on making a coconut cream pie this weekend

seeing T in less than an hour

my kids' smiles

building Lego houses

getting a nice cashier at the store

pretty Spring clothes

one week until Ry's birthday (the big 4)

Thursday, April 19, 2012


Ry just walked out of his room (for the five millionth time) to tell me that he's "allergic to sleep". Oh, did you guess that it's nap time at my house? Right you are.

The only days I require every child to at least attempt to take a nap are the days that end with t-ball (or with Y... ha. ha.) Only two times this week. Yesterday I got nothing. Today looks the same. And it drives me a little crazy.

At least Rose is sleeping. A funny little story about her: This morning she darted outside like always and came back covered in dirt and I told her to take her dirty clothes off. Apparently she thought she was going to get a bath (one of her favorite things), but when I told her that bath time was a no-go she got a little angry and then went off to play. I assumed. A little while later she came back to where I was and she smelled lovely. At first I thought she found some lotion, but no, that was the smell of my perfume. She broke into my room and "freshened up". Smarty pants.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I Spy

from top to bottom: 
not ripe yet
 movie reinactment

Monday, April 16, 2012

weekend short

This weekend was not long enough. Friday our friend, CLB, drove in (only 600 miles on zero amount of sleep) to work on his farm. He is crazy. T helped him out on Saturday and I hung out at home with the kiddos. We had a great day and I made meatloaf for supper. Meatloaf is delicious.

Sunday we slept in. We missed church, but don't worry I read my daily Bible verse and prayed a lot. I discovered Rose had run out of diapers, we were out of milk and almost everything else besides tomato puree and a bag of miniature marshmallows. So a trip to the grocery store was made. T got the jeep's battery back in working condition only to be thwarted with a new problem. Well, isn't that great. We had to take his car, which is fine, just a little tight. I think we need to bite the bullet and find a new (used) set of wheels. Yay.

Sunday night we did what we always do- made pizza, watched America's Funniest Home Videos and Celebrity Apprentice. (I can't wait for Lisa to get fired; she is irritating.)

I  suppose I will get things going around here... It's amazing what Sundays do to this house.

Friday, April 13, 2012

ten happy things friday

I've gotta brag on the mister, for he literally brings home the bacon (and ranch dressing).
I didn't even ask him to. He's just super sweet like that (and reads my blog).

I made Pad Thai with chicken this week and it's so good!

I've cleaned more in the last four hours than I have all week. That's actually sad, but when you have company coming over on short notice you sure can get things done that you didn't have time for before. 

My tomato plant has tiny green tomatoes all over it. So excited!

I cleaned Rose's room and we found a particular toy that had been missing. 
D had quite a revelation at the dinner table that night.
"I wonder if I cleaned my room if I would be able to find my train and car that are missing!"
And I was totally like, "YES. You should try that out."
And then he was like, "Yeah, maybe someday."

I just made spicy noodles for lunch. It's just spaghetti noodles with a mixture of balsamic vinaigrette, soy sauce and sriracha hot chili sauce, but it was tasty.

My house looks really different without toys all over the floor. 
I'm glad it's Friday
My boys have been playing so wonderfully today. 
When Rose grabs my face and pulls me really close so that our noses are touching and then giggles. 
I like those moments. 

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Random Things on a Thursday

I was getting ready to leave for t-ball practice last night and the battery in the Jeep was dead. It wouldn't have bothered me so much except all the t-ball equipment is with me... So T had to come home (instead of straight to the field after work) and pick up everything and take D. There really wasn't anything I could do about it, but I still felt bad because they were late. So I made cookies for them.

I started making my turkey BLTs in wrap form. The spinach and herb wraps are the best. Unfortunately I ran out of bacon and ranch dressing yesterday. It's just not the same.

Speaking of bacon. Check out this flowchart that Dwija posted yesterday.

Sometimes keeping a two year old entertained at D's t-ball games is difficult. Usually I bring lots of snacks, a drink and some sort of toys. She ends up trying to run away after a few minutes. On Monday I brought the little bottles of bubbles that the kids got in their Easter baskets. I spent quite a few minutes struggling to keep Rose in a defined space (on the picnic blanket I had) until I remembered the bubbles. We took a short walk and both kids were occupied for the last inning simply blowing bubbles and I got to watch D bat, run the bases and score a run!

I was asking Rose what color certain things were over the weekend and we started with something yellow. Now she asks if everything is "yayow". I was getting her dressed and put a green shirt on her and she asked, "Is this yayow?" and I said no it was green. Instead of her accepting that she tried to take it off while saying, "No! I don't want this! I want yayow!" Well... apparently I pass up every item of yellow clothing because she has zero "yayow" in her closet.

I drank half a gallon of water yesterday. That's kind of a big deal for me. 

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

almost wordless wednesday

In case you couldn't tell-

That guy there with the hat on... I love him. 
He still makes me laugh
and has crazy ideas
and flirts by trying to irritate me.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

our Easter weekend

I'm a little late to the Easter parade of posts, but here are a few pictures from this weekend.

I only took 100+ pictures on Easter and these are the best of each child. I should've handed the camera over to T because I spent most of the time helping Rose hunt for eggs. There's a lot of pictures of the backs of their heads.

We had a really nice weekend. Yesterday was back to back appointments at the eye doctor and a t-ball game. I spent most of my very few hours actually at home trying to find a missing red sock (for t-ball) and thankfully finding it shoved way under the couch.

Before I start trying to elaborate on other super exciting things like the fact that we ate leftovers I will bid you adieu.

Friday, April 6, 2012

ten happy things friday

one: sunrise

two: bacon

(just started "frying" it in the oven- line a baking sheet with foil, put bacon on pan, place in oven, turn oven to 400 and cook until desired done-ness. I like mine crispy. I've only tried with thick(er) cut bacon. Minimal clean up. Awesome.)

three: this polish (again)

four: orange juice

I didn't like orange juice until I got pregnant with my second baby and now if it's in the fridge I tend to gulp, gulp, gulp it down. It's probably the most popular drink in the fridge. D is the only one who doesn't care for it... needless to say it doesn't last very long, two days- tops.

five: good hair days

I wish I had more of them.

six: playing outside with the kids

We are really enjoying Spring time.

seven: roses in bloom

eight: everything is done on my list for today

(obvious things like laundry and actual housework were not on the list, so I don't feel like I've done much of anything)

nine: insulated (& freezable) cup with lid and straw

makes drinking water enjoyable.

ten: eating peanut butter by the spoonful

does anyone else do that?

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Random Tuesday Tidbits

I bought a new nail polish yesterday and I love it. Not too pink, not too red. Rimmel London's English Rose and it's supposed to last 10 days. My sister recommended it to me since I am constantly abusing my hands and polish doesn't last past a day with me. I have only painted Rose's toes... it's adorable! I'm waiting to do my fingernails Saturday night.

It's muggy today. Overcast, humid and not much of a breeze. It's plain icky.

Tonight D has a t-ball game and I'm looking forward to some sno-cones. We have the early game so I'm making supper to go... not sure exactly what it will be, though. Hmm, better start brainstorming.

For once I have beat my mom at planting something! We bought tomato plants at the same time (the first week of March) and I planted mine just a few days afterwards. She was finally getting around to hers yesterday. She's been busy-busy lately. (Usually I'm the one that lets the plants sit in the plastic pots until they are ready to die before I try to plant them.)

I washed, dried and put away the one load of laundry I did this morning AND I have D's uniform all set out, T's coach's shirt and hat and all the t-ball gear ready to go. Now if I can get myself presentable and out of these, ahem, "workout clothes" I'll really be ready to go!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Snapshots from a Sunday

is hosted by Cari over at Clan Donaldson.
I'm so excited I was a part of this and look forward to doing it again next month. 

Curious? Want to participate? Click the button to find out more!

weekend recap

3/5 of us were hanging out at my mom's house while the other 2 were at t-ball practice. Then it was home to try to fix the lawn mower (it's really a jungle out here!) discover we are missing a bolt and we're off to town. While in town we decided to go out to eat at one of our favorite spots downtown. We always get the fried green beans. Major plus for this place: we eat outside under a huge magnolia tree and get to listen to a band play. They were very good! And our kids get to be a little rowdy without bothering anyone due to the loud music. 

Our t-ball game had to be rescheduled for Sunday (was a rain-out on Thursday). The Cardinals won and D did a great job. It's so awesome to see his team getting better. It's incredible how much they have improved since our first practice. Luckily I brought lots of snacks for Ry and Rose and we made a few trips around the field to keep a certain little girl from getting stir crazy. 
We came straight home and took naps. The rest of the day was spent eating ice cream, playing baseball, watching America's Funniest Home Videos (the kids love that show), making and eating pizza, still watching drama unfold and comparing how men and women work together... I'm going to keep watching until the end and call it a scientific study.