Thursday, September 15, 2011


I had to leave early yesterday morning to take Ry to his optometry checkup which went wonderfully. His doc was happy and also impressed with his ability to become bored so fast. Basically he sits in a big chair (very similar to a dentists chair) telling us which object he sees on the TV screen while the doc irritates him by asking him which shape he sees on the TV screen while she sticks a bunch of different lenses and stuff in front of his eyes. Four objects-house, square, apple, circle- for at least thirty minutes. He's three. Eventually he starts saying, "Ugh, I already told you! It's a house!" complete with dramatic sigh and slumping in the chair. His doc is awesome though and totally gets that after about five minutes he is just bored out of his mind. Which is why she laughed when he told her to open her drawer (where she keeps a couple of toys and lots of lenses and eye doctoring things) and let him have a toy. He picked out the Elmo on roller skates. His favorite and then proceeded to stuff it in his pocket while she was out of the room adjusting his glasses. (Of course I was not about to let him actually get away that.) She came back in and he pulled Elmo out of his pocket and she acted really surprised that Elmo was hiding... and then let him pick a toy out of the treasure box. Pretty good appointment, especially when I was prepared to dish out a bunch of money and it ended up being only $40. Even better.

Then I returned to my mom's house (she was watching the other two trouble makers) and Rose fell asleep before I could leave so I ended up staying there until 5. So... my house revolted while I was away, because I didn't listen to my own advice and clean everything before I left. I have a sink full of dirty dishes, an enormous pile of clothes to sort and wash, at least 13 pairs of shoes to trip over and various other mundane things to tend to. I'm hoping to be back later (no promises) and be way more exciting and more caffeinated. Being caffeinated takes things to a whole new level, ya know.

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  1. Mischievous Ry stories are the best. It makes me recall when T's mischievousness was equally cute (though I didn't realize it at the time).
    So glad the visit went well and wasn't too expensive! Here's hoping it becomes a trend (for all of us)...