Thursday, August 25, 2011

Spanish and Comment Tutorial

Hola! Good Thursday my lovely readers. I recently decided that I need to learn Spanish and so I really hopped on board that train and downloaded a whopping two pod casts yesterday. Don't be jealous of me getting my smarts on. (I'm sorry, I'm in a strangely fantastic mood this morning) Anyhow, I did minimal research to find out the best pod cast to download. I enlisted the help of my good friend, Miss Google and as always she gave me lots of options. I choose option 2 and clicked over to my iTunes and promptly clicked Download. Free. My first lesson (of my choosing) was learning how to ask where the laundry detergent was. I felt this was most closely related to my vocation and if need be I can now say "I don't know" and "where". But I can't type them because I know not how to put accent marks on letters. (I shall ask Miss Google) "No sé" and "¿Dónde?" the power of instant know how! Yea for me!! Today I will learn how to say "Watch out!" As in "Watch out! That coffee is hot!"

Guys, try not be too hopeful for me, but the sky is really dark to the East and the wind is picking up. Last night it rained to the East of us and everything died out before it got here. We were sorely disappointed. (There are currently 17 rain drops on my window but I am trying super hard NOT to get my hopes up, this could just be a really cruel joke)
looks promising...right?

In non weather related news.... I saw this accent meme thing and am thinking about posting one here. It's where I record myself saying words that usually showcase a Northern or Southern accent. Or Midwest... trying not leave anyone out. Except the west coasters... y'all are accent-less. So... here's what I need from you. I need THREE words to add to my list. What would you like to hear a Central Texan say? I don't think I have a very heavy accent so... there. Maybe I can get the kids to play along too. Children always have fun accents. Go leave me a comment (it's not that hard CLB. Just post using the Name/URL option at the very bottom of the logging in required.) Goodness, I'll walk you through it so you can stop giving me lame excuses. (by the way, thanks for still reading!)

Don't let me down. If I don't get those 3 extra words then I can't record a video of myself saying random words. It would be so much fun!

And that ends my blogging for today... Have a wonderful Thursday!


  1. You are good. Spanish and laundry. My husband is jealous of yours.

    Love the tutorial!! ESP the click font!!

    Have a great day

  2. I would like you to say " A while ago" like a true Texan. That may look like 3 words but Texans say it like 1 word.