Friday, October 25, 2013

ten happy things friday

Both girls are napping. This is a huge deal for me since Rose has pretty much given up naps. I wasn't sure what to do with this uninterrupted time so here I am.

Last Friday I was able to go with D and his class on a field trip to a corn maize. It was a lot of fun to get to spend some time with just him. Also, first graders are hilarious.

I could be doing things like putting laundry away or reorganizing the baskets in the bathroom, but due to our new "no housework after noon" policy I painted my nails and read blogs instead.

Sam had a checkup earlier this week and I snapped this picture in the exam room because how awesome and rare is it to see this in a doctor's office (or anywhere that's not church affiliated)?
How cute is this baby?

Sunday we went out to a pumpkin patch/Christmas tree farm and had such a good time! And I am really excited about Christmas this year.

Tacos are delicious.

Date nights. We don't get many and don't even have one planned, but I like having them.

October in Texas. Cool in the mornings and warm and sunny in the afternoons.

Happy birthday to my sweet mother-in-law today and to my brother tomorrow! 

Monday, October 14, 2013

First 5K

Saturday I ran my first 5k! It was a small race- there were only about 50 participants in the 5k run (they also had a 5k walk and a 1k fun run)- put on by our school as a fundraiser. I was a little nervous and really excited. I haven't been running as often as I'd like (I usually get one run a week) so I was sort of worried I'd lose stamina and have to walk. I surprised myself though and ran most of it, taking only a few 10-20 second walking breaks. I ran mostly alone; there were three kids that stayed about 20 feet in front of me until the second mile and I was able to pass them (a lot of kids ran and they were really great). When I came up on the last quarter mile I could see Tim and the kids and they were cheering me on which was really encouraging so I picked up my pace. When I turned the last corner to run through the finish and saw the time I couldn't believe it- way better than I had expected- 32:13. (I just started running in June and hadn't yet been able to get past 2.8 miles in 30 minutes.) I ended up finishing 2nd in my age group and 17th overall.

D ran the kids 1k fun run and was awesome!

We had a really great weekend!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Little Things

Some of the little things in my life that make me happy:

  • our bird feeder and watching all the birds that come to it
  • our garden
  • the new (non leaky, has a handle) coffee press
  • banana oatmeal cookies
  • outdoor temperatures below 90
I'm going to try to get back to this blogging thing... a month long hiatus is enough, right?