Yep, that's us. I married my best friend and after spending some time living in the city we moved back to the country. We grew up out here. It's so natural for us to be here.
We have three awesome kids. Two boys and a girl. If it weren't for them I'd probably still be living in an apartment and I'd probably be a stuck in some job I'd complain about. I'm so glad that that I get to be at home with them. I try really hard not to complain about things because I've got a pretty sweet life. I don't make any money doing this, but I'll take hugs and smiles as payment.

We have a couple of animals, too.

This is Brenner. He's a German Shorthaired Pointer. He points at our chickens and charges up to the fence at the coop and makes 'em real scared. He's a good dog. He likes to go on walks with Beard-O to track wild pigs.

This is Lorie. She's an Australian Cattle Dog. (Although we are bit skeptical on her being a pure bred, which is no big deal.) She definitely took her attachment to one person seriously. I am her favorite person in the entire world. (she isn't supposed to be mine) She likes to protect the kids from Brenner, won't let him do anything with the kids or me, herds us around and also protects the chickens and had a weird love for our barn cat. I can't take a normal picture of her because ANY movement in her direction and she runs over and lies on her back on top of my feet.

We have a bunch of chickens. A flock, I guess. And three really irritating guineas.
I wrote about my favorite chicken once upon a time. She's still around but has retired from egg laying.

 This is Charity. She's our horse. She's alright. Our friends CLB and Holly have their horse out here and they have become inseparable. The kids like feeding her carrots and apples and being around her in general. 

 We have some cows out here. They are not necessarily ours, but we watch out for them. I wrestled with a calf that was a few days old when it was freezing to get it to the barn. It was strong little guy.

Occasionally we have a small flock of sheep and we pretend to be shepherds. My shepherding skills include chasing them down the county road and bribing them back inside our gate with a bucket of feed. Shooting at a mountain lion. Cursing them for continuing to escape our elaborately made fences. And admiring lambs. When they aren't making me crazy here they are making my sister crazy at her place. When we get super ticked we move them to the other person's place. (not really but it seems like it)

I think that's it. I really like my life out here. Please feel free to leave me some comments or questions you might have. I love hearing from y'all.

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