Wednesday, September 20, 2017


Well, we got some cows. One just had a calf about 3 weeks ago and one is due to calve this weekend. Our calf is a bull and his name is Harvey (yes, after Hurricane Harvey- because that's when he was born). He is so cute!

Friday, January 13, 2017

Ten Happy Things Friday

1. My new curling iron (I got it for Christmas and love it!)

2. Eating lunch with Rose and bringing cookies to her class for her (belated) birthday. (Her birthday is during Christmas break)

3. Getting to play volleyball again! I'm playing on our church's team and practices have been fun.

4. My hammock

5. Chicken Cordon Blue casserole- most of the kids liked it, too

6. Super dark chocolate

7. The new "limited edition" Snow Blossom body wash by Dove. I love how it smells

8. Snuggling on the couch with Sam in the mornings after everyone else is off to work and school

9. Hugs from my kids

10. My pillow. Honestly, it's one of the best gifts I've ever received.

Thursday, January 12, 2017


I got some really nice Christmas gifts this year mainly themed around running. One of my presents was a Polar running watch (it is so awesome!) that I set up Christmas night and selected the marathon training program. I would have just chosen the 5k plan, but I told Tim I have a weird/crazy dream to run a marathon one day. So... I gave myself 16 months to train. Yeah! I know most marathon programs are around 18 weeks, but I am being real with myself. I have not been running as consistently as I used to since Sam has outgrown the stroller and I have to have someone watch her so I can go run. (Yes, I could run on the treadmill, but would rather not spend an hour and 45 minutes on that thing if possible.) I started December 26th with an one hour run. Don't get any ideas that I just went out and ran without walking after doing little one mile runs once or twice a week before this. Oh no, I run and I walk, but I am doing it. I am gaining some endurance and strength and working on keeping my heart rate low. And it's good.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Ten Happy Things Friday

My wonderful family. 

My new running watch and wireless earbuds I got for Christmas. They make running better.

Hot tea in my big Yeti that I sip all morning. 

My puppy, Ranger. She is just the cutest and makes me happy.

Playing Barbies with Sam the past few days. It has been difficult to convince her that "Barbie" needs to go put the clothes in the dryer now, she'll be right back!

New mascara.

Watching The Man in High Castle with Tim.

Making apple cinnamon bread for the kids this afternoon. It's really cold today, so it will be nice to have a slice of warm bread when they get home.

New socks

My hammock. Hammock sleeping is awesome. 

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

It's Summer

It's the first week of summer vacation here. The kids got out of school Thursday afternoon, although Friday was supposed to be their last day (just a half day) but it was cancelled due to flooding. Again. Tim surprised me for Mother's Day with a trip to San Antonio with my friend Holly. We stayed in a hotel right on the Riverwalk and got a morning at the spa, too. It was so nice! We had the best time and talked, shopped, and ate delicious food. And walked! We waked so much that we had no regrets about all the chips and salsa we ate. I came home Saturday night feeling so refreshed. And so thankful for such a wonderful husband and such sweet kids.

Tuesday the kids and I were pretty lazy, but had Rose's kindergarten graduation to go to in the evening. Of course it rained as we left and just poured down as I got to the school. (It had already been postponed twice due to rain/severe weather.) As soon as everyone had trudged through the down pour and got sufficiently soaked it stopped and was a pretty nice night. I am so proud Rose. She worked really hard this year and learned so much. It was a difficult beginning with getting her to sit down and read through her readers and practice her memory homework. Man, the beginning of the year was rough on all of us. I'm glad for summertime.