Wednesday, September 28, 2011

They could turn me to mush in a second

How is this boy growing up so fast? Wasn't I just swaddling him and hovering over him when he slept longer than two hours to make sure he was breathing? Now he tells me jokes and spits out facts about animals that surprise me. Last night he asked, "What animal am I? I run very fast and am a cat." I guessed cheetah and he said, "Correct! The cheetah is the fastest animal on Earth." (I had no idea he knew that.)

 And what's this guy doing? Charming his way through life? He could if he wanted. He gives the best hugs. He's all or nothing. He's so curious and smart. He's stubborn. I can't stay upset with him for very long. He knows just how smile to get me to smile back and melt my heart.

This girl... she's growing too fast. Walking, running, talking in sentences. When did that happen? I love how bossy she is and how her brothers don't take her seriously at all. She is incredibly sweet. She absolutely loves her Daddy. Stares out the window when it's time for him to come home. Says, "Daddy help!" when she wants out of her crib. Wrapped around her finger, I tell ya.

I never really thought about having kids when I was younger. When I got married I figured we'd have two kids after we had settled into life and had things planned out. I'm so glad we decided to try when we did. I can't imagine my life without these three adorable children. I'm so excited to see them grow up and I wonder who they will become and at the same time I want to hold on to them as long as I can cause time's not slowing down. 

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