Monday, September 26, 2011

The Weekend Blurb

Let's start with Friday night. We rented two movies and I made hamburgers (they were delicious) and stayed up too late. I actually didn't even make it through the second movie (it was around midnight). It didn't have enough action during the first 20 minutes to keep me from "resting my eyes".

Saturday we got to sleep in until 7:30 (yes, it was amazing). Then Beard-O took D with him to drop something off for work and came back with donuts. Then we hung out at the house all day and watched a few football games. (Our Longhorns didn't have a game this week) That evening we loaded everyone up and headed to our friend's engagement party. It was pretty late for the kids (around their bedtime) and they were on a ball entertaining people. The boys wrestled and Rose charmed anyone that looked her way. And then Matt (Mr. Engaged) pulled out the game of Life and the boys were entertained-quietly-for the rest of the time we were there. We had a great time and got home around midnight. Late night, yes. Dunkin Donuts coffee on the way home? You betcha. Oh, almost forgot! At the party one of our friends asked me what I had been posting on Facebook during the wildfire... It was something like Mama's little something... OH. I might have turned a pretty shade of red and said something along the lines of oh, that's my blog... it was just pictures that Beard-O took. It's really nothing. I sometimes write there. I sometimes write there. Like it was a place I travel to once every few years and vacation. I was a little bit caught off guard. I didn't expect anyone to there to ask about it.

Sunday we got to sleep in again! How very awesome. I made a big breakfast in celebration of Beard-O's upcoming birthday. Pancakes, eggs and sausage. We stuck a candle in his pancakes and sang Happy Birthday to him. Actually the kids left me hanging and I was singing all by my lonesome. I stopped, oh so briefly, in the middle on singing only to have Beard-O give me a look that said "you started this so you better finish it". I bought him a song on iTunes for his birthday. I know. I also made him a cake that was delicious and is staring at me right now begging me to eat a piece for breakfast. We shall see, cake, we shall see.

I dug out some old cowboy boots for Rose that one of her brothers wore for approximately one week. Here is the darling helping me out with the chickens.

I think that's all I have for today. Nothing super fancy, but it was a good weekend. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Oh I haaaate the awkward blog broach. I'm eat too chicken to put mine on facebook so kudos to you!!

    Very j of roses boots!!

    Happy birthday to b!!

  2. Oh god. I completely forgot about T's birthday until I read this. I was even going to text him--because that's what a good sister does. Text.

    Sounds like a good weekend. Hope the week goes well, too.