Monday, April 11, 2011

They Have Reared Their Ugly Heads

We had quite a busy weekend. I was really ready to just put my feet up and relax yesterday evening after multiple trips into town over three days. I was worn out. I grabbed some root beer and Blue Bell ice cream before heading home yesterday and T and I enjoyed us some delicious floats after we put the kids in bed. 
Saturday night's Pancake Showdown was yummy to my tummy. The general consensus was my father-in-law's pancakes were delicious but possibly too sweet for syrup. He made apple pie pancakes. I thought they were great as well, but I could only eat one! I got lots of compliments about my Sunday Pancakes being light and fluffy. They also lent well to adding syrup which ended up really completing the pancake. So, it wasn't really a fair competition, I thought, because our pancakes were so different. Everyone enjoyed it though and that's what matters around here.
The weathermen got me all excited about the chance of rain last night... but no rain graced our dry land. I went out this morning to water my garden and found a horrid mess of tiny grasshoppers everywhere. So I immediately starting searching for any remedies to destroy those so hated pests. I vow to try my best to destroy them and protect my precious vegetables from them. I will not relive last years complete and utter demise of my green beans. Three days of destruction. I don't think I can handle it again. It's April for heaven's sake and these evil grasshoppers are conspiring against me already.  I have to be quiet though for fear if they hear my plans to suffocate them with dish soap and oil they will instantly evolve and develop a resistance to such treatment.
Planning my demise of the evil grasshopper empire,

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