Monday, September 5, 2011


Hi, everyone. We are dealing with some extreme wildfires here in Texas. The town of Bastrop (small town near us) had a wildfire start yesterday afternoon. Winds are gusting up to 30+ miles per hour and we have very low humidity today. And with the drought these are terrible conditions. The fire has burned over 16,000 acres and is 0% contained. I know several families who have lost their homes. Evacuations are ongoing. Our family is safe. I have a few pictures I can share but my camera is with Beard-O right now.

This is from yesterday (Beard-O, my brother and CLB saved some donkeys)
Driving towards town and my parents house

From my parents backyard

I am back home. Our home has not been threatened or in danger.

Beard-O, our friend and my brother are doing what they can to keep it from getting close to my family's land. It hasn't been threatened yet but the fire is crossing some roads that potentially could cause concern. (all depends on the wind) They tried very hard to keep it from burning someone's house. Unfortunately the firefighters can't do much with the winds gusting.

If this seems a little jumbled I apologize. I'll post a new update tomorrow. You can follow me on twitter @mamascountry where I may post some updates. I've never seen anything like this...

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