Thursday, September 18, 2014

Here's a little something

Each and every time I open up "new post" I'm hit with a little bit of anxiety. I guess because I'm out of the routine and the once familiarity of sitting to write now feels foreign. There's only one way to get back into the habit and that is to just begin again. And so I will try.

Life is speeding along no matter how hard I try to resist acknowledging that fact. The boys are loving school. They are so smart. They are also fairly confident, which I love, because I never was. It always makes my day to hear about them talk about their friends and what they learned. The kindergarten-3rd grade choir sang last week and there were two (short) solo parts- Ry had one of them. You can probably imagine what proud parents look like... we were prouder! I actually teared up when he sang his part and it took a lot of concentration to not start full on crying.

The girls are sweet and also little button pushers. I am certain Rose is going through a growth spurt because she's going through a hungry/cranky/tired-but-won't-nap phase. She's almost 5. That's is incredible. She's hilarious. Last night (after a trying afternoon with her) as I was slumped over on the couch she asked, "Mommy, do you feel okay? Is your back hurting you?" I answered honestly, "No, my back is fine, it's just my patience." Rose, "Oh, but you've been SO patient today!" And I couldn't do anything but laugh.

That reminds of something D did yesterday. I had a urge to paint and so I attempted some watercolor paintings of a cardinal and a bluebird. I thought I did ok for a first try and decided to give my paintings to the boys. When D saw the cardinal he told me it looked good, but instead of just telling him thank you I proceeded to tell him how it wasn't that great, but it was just the first time I had painted a bird. His response was, "Oh, well I can teach you how to draw. I'm really good at art." See, confidence. About 15 minutes later he hands me a color drawing of a cardinal that made me feel pretty dumb about thinking my painting was any good. That kid was right; he is good at art.