Thursday, February 28, 2013

trying thursday

Some days are tough.

Currently I am listening to Rose play in her room instead of napping, which will be a cruel punishment to me later because she's been very cranky all morning and it usually just gets worse if she doesn't nap. She did, however, come out of her room several times and at one point came over and said she needed to give me a kiss so she could go to bed. Afterwards she walked back into her room telling me, "It's okay Mommy, I'm going to be fine." I'm sure she will be, but will I?

Ry is eating his 12th meal of the day, but very kindly asked if I would like a "jelly tortilla" as well. No. No way on Earth would I like one, thank you.

Sam is being an angel and smiling at me when I seem to need it the most.


Apparently Rose has decided that she doesn't like me anymore. But she is 3 and delirious from not napping and really has no idea what she's saying so I'm not taking it to heart.

I think coffee might help this afternoon. I hope.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Asleep at the Table

Rose was going full force on Monday. She was busy playing and having a grand time with her brother. I set them down for a snack as I started sweeping. When I went to get the dustpan I walked by her and saw that she had finally sat down long enough that she fell asleep.

And miracle upon miracles... she's napping again today!

Monday, February 25, 2013

our weekend

This weekend was all about being together. Saturday I made biscuits with sausage gravy for breakfast and then we headed out to do some shopping. We had a great big list of things and although we didn't get everything we needed we did make a dent in it. In Lowes we split up for a few things and apparently the kids save the embarrassing moments solely for Tim. Ry asked if the very petite clerk was a kid while we were checking out and Rose spotted a couple with tattoos on their legs and told (more like yelled at) them that their legs were "dirty" and they needed to wash them. In her defense she was just scolded last week for drawing all over herself with markers.... Still embarrassing (for Tim, I was in a different aisle.) D decided to use some of his Christmas money to buy a fish. It's a betta and he named him Spiderman. I will have to get a picture of him soon.

Sunday I planted some flowers and split up my aloe plant that was outgrowing the pot it was in. Tim worked on the Jeep with a little help from the boys. (Thankfully it is running again!) We took it easy and made pizza and sort of watched some of the Oscars. I turned it off around 9:30ish because I couldn't force myself to watch anymore. What can I say? I'm just not that into Hollywood... or musicals.

I still haven't gotten my hair cut, which I really want to do. The longer I have to think about it the crazier it gets. First I just wanted to trim the split ends and now I'm thinking I should get bangs and chop it all off. I'm thinking short like I had it my senior year of high school... right below my chin. I'd probably regret it, but it would grow back. Eventually.

Friday, February 22, 2013

ten happy things friday

  1. Freshly brewed coffee in the afternoon
  2. Shiny new tires
  3. Family always close by to help
  4. A baby that can fall asleep on her own
  5. New black flats
  6. Seeing extended family last Saturday at a baby shower
  7. Hopefully getting a haircut this weekend
  8. Surprised that my kids tried and liked (sort of) their salad of baby spinach and white mushrooms. (Maybe it was the ranch dressing they really liked.)
  9. I want to make some cookies, but time is running out
  10. I still haven't figured out the Moby wrap (honestly I haven't tried it again), but have a different baby carrier that is super easy and Sam likes a lot. Makes the fussy afternoons much better.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

off the top of my head

Yesterday after we picked up D from the bus we drove to the back and fed the catfish. (My father in law bought catfish to restock the tank, or "pond".) Buzz rode along in the feed scoop.
Rose. People always talk about the "terrible twos", but really you should be warned about the terrifying threes. I think it's a combination of wanting to be independent and still needy (???) with a side of jealousy of the baby thrown in. She's wonderful to her sister, but I think she really misses ALL the attention that she used to get. I do feel bad that I don't get to snuggle with her as much as I used to and I have been trying to get some quality one on one time with her.

 Ry is our negotiator. He will try to talk his way out of everything and nap time has been... exhausting. Between him and Rose nap has turned into a big battle that I've come to dread and yet, really look forward to. Well, I still look forward to it even though only Rose (sometimes) actually sleeps. Today it was nice outside and I gave Ry two options: sit outside and read or lie in his bed. It worked out really well and hopefully this will be the beginning of something good.... because I have a much better afternoon when I get a little break after lunch time.
Sam is smiling and cooing and being a good little baby. She gets needy at the best times- when I'm cooking, cleaning or doing anything besides holding her. That's only when she's awake so I try to do everything while she's napping, which thankfully is often.

Apparently I felt that you all needed updates on how the kids are behaving. I know it's been a week since I've posted last, but I am currently experiencing some sort of writer's block. I'll be honest I think that I'm on autopilot right now and trying to find time AND something to blog is too much most days. Maybe my own expectations are too high. I have been reading lots of blogs that are witty, introspective, creative and just plain entertaining... so I guess I feel like my posts should be as good as theirs. But I'm not going to give in to that pressure. I'm going to keep celebrating the small things that happen everyday. I don't know, I guess I just needed to get that out.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

what we're doing wednesday

Let's see, today I've been rewarded for my singing by getting some grins out of this cutie.

We went to the store to purchase cough medicine and Tide. The cough medicine for the congested kids and Tide because it's my favorite laundry detergent.

I am listening to Hold On by Alabama Shakes. Seriously, go and listen.

Looking forward to my front porch sitting tonight.

Friday, February 1, 2013

ten happy things friday

“Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself in your way of thinking.”
― Marcus Aurelius, Meditations

the liberation that comes from 
knowing and believing 
that I don't need an outsider's approval for me to be happy

I had to go grocery shopping this morning with the 3 youngest chilluns
they were very good!

bacon cheeseburgers

making coffee with our french press

excited to try Snowdrift Vanilla Porter
sounds delicious

church bells

getting to know a couple of fellow moms from D's school better

the lady in produce who was astonished to hear I had 4 kids!!
she said someone needed to explain to me what causes that....

I laughed and I said I already knew
with a grin on my face

 I wasn't offended like I thought I would be, in fact, I found it funny.

Bad Lip Reading & Honest Trailers videos on Youtube

waking up grateful everyday for all that I have