Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Really Thrilling, I'm sure

Hi Internet friends! So my agenda for today is to make my way to the post office to renew our PO box. Sounds easy enough.

hold that thought I've got to go catch a lamb.

and 20 minutes later... because I came inside and all the kids were asking for breakfast and-get this- vitamins. Now that everyone has a non-growling belly (except me) and are watching that monkey, George, I can almost compose a complete thought.

So, I'm going to be heading over to my mom's house after I do the wonderful task of going to the post office. Which, really, is not bad at all. I've known our postmaster or is it postmistress? since she's a lady. I've known her a long, long time. Her daughter and I were best friends in middle school. She's extremely nice, so at least I know I'm not going to be getting stuck talking to some grouchy postal worker like I've had the honor of doing when we lived in the big city. That was a long sentence.

Since I'm heading to my mom's I have to clean before I go. This is one of those rules I have for myself. Too many times in the past I've left the house a complete mess only to come home to a... complete mess. Who wants that? I don't. I spend the day chillin' out and then come home and have to wash a bunch of dirty dishes and cook supper while stepping around piles of dirty clothes and cast off toys. Um, that only makes me stress out. I've learned... although I am certainly still learning!

It's right now, at this point of writing this, that I realize I'm kind of all over the place. Post office, cleaning house, hanging with my mom? I know, but I didn't say my thoughts were actually going to mesh into a well thought out post. I just said I have complete thoughts. That are random. But, they do pertain to what I'm doing today. That counts, right? I really want to delete all of this and start over. I can't believe anyone would want to read this. So, if you actually have read it, thank you. I feel like I've probably bored you to tears. Maybe it just seems so crazy because at every other sentence I've gotten up and dressed a child, swept the floor, washed the dishes and consolidated the clothes into a laundry basket. Now I'm going to have go tend to all the animals and get myself dressed. At least I can come home later and still feel like I've accomplished something today, even though I will spend the majority of my day chatting with my mom.

Hope some of you get some time to chill out. Even if you have to put yourself in time out a few minutes.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Farm update

What? A farm update? Really? Yes, really.
It's gonna be a short one, too.

  • One of our calves has been moved. It's now at my brother's place where it can get fattened up.
  • One of our lambs is going on a trip tomorrow. I think you know where. I'm having a harder time with the lamb than the calf. 
  • I lost a chicken on Saturday. The heat was just too much for it. It was one of our older chickens...(that was the sad news I wasn't going to tell you about)
Well, that was quite uplifting. I'm so glad I was able to share it with you. To be honest, it was either this or listening to my first world problems with having too many toys. And that post was started and then it took a turn to being serious with a nice helping of deep thoughts and so I filed it under drafts because I'm not there yet. I want to be, but I'm not. (conflicted? me? never.)

I'll leave you now before I continue writing nonsense,


and here he is....

a picture is worth a thousand words, but this one leaves me speechless

 yes, I could've been sappier.

p.s. keep your fingers crossed; I should be back later with our regularly scheduled program

Monday, August 29, 2011

Pictures from our Weekend (take 2)

Well, well... what should I write today? Pictures from my weekend? Because I can write pictures. (Yes, T, I'm aware I wrote 5 posts this weekend and stored them in drafts and this is what I choose. That one you accidentally read I'll never publish... I cannot go making people sad. It wasn't even about the chicken. And according to my blog I'm supposed to write about adventures...with chickens. If that was an adventure with a chicken then we have ourselves a problem. And it also falls into the category of making people sad which I said I'm not going to do.)

 Onward with this post I go.
Here are some award winning photos I took this weekend. Be impressed. Very impressed.

 This is the way we drive to town. The town that has the best grocery store.
I was very careful.
We arrived safely. There is a lot of mud on my mirror... strange, it barely rained enough to make mud. 
I managed one picture out of the 45 minutes I was in the store.
All these choices and I went with my old standby: Folgers Colombian.
I was unsure if I could even take pictures inside and I felt really awkward pulling out a real camera. Just use your phone's camera! : I have not joined the small bandwagon of iPhone users. I hear they are a really nice group of folks though. My camera phone just won't cut it. Alright?

Our friends were out Saturday and we headed over to their place which has been transformed with a couple of bulldozers. I'm sure they won't mind any pictures I put up. (hey guys! I'm gonna put some pics of your place up! Don't worry I won't plaster your faces across the Internet, I'm kind like that.)

My pictures are so awesome. Just kidding. I, unfortunately, had the setting sun blinding me while taking these. Also, apparently I only have these two pictures without certain people in them. Better luck to me next time.

I did get a wonderful picture of T and Rose. His new nickname is Beard-O. I may have jokingly said that he shouldn't shave until we got five inches of rain... So, yeah. I don't know when we'll see his face again. We are three tenths of the way there, though.

The picture couldn't load. Can you believe it?

and... one order of business:
Remember when I said I wanted to do an accent meme? I need two more suggestions for a word or phrase you think I would say funny with an accent. I'm from the Great State of Texas, y'all. Think accordingly. I've already been faced with having to say "A while ago". (Saying it isn't the hard part. It's remembering how to write it.) You'll probably get a real kick out of it. So leave me comment with some suggestions.

Check ya later!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Rain and a How To by Rose

It rained yesterday!!!! 
Rain drops!!! on roses
um.. rain gauge was a little dirty and had a dead grasshopper in it... 

only patch of green grass I've seen... due to leaky water hose leading to chicken coop
and now a beautiful child guest posts.... 
How To: make enchiladas of mediocrity while making your mommy's life more exciting. Take note all you children reading this!
First, if you're making the kind with chicken please hand the child the leg so she can scare mommy by shoving it all the way to the back of her throat.
Then, in your nicest screamy voice, demand a tortilla. Now that you've successfully impaired your mother's hearing run to the living room and hide half a tortilla behind the curtains. Your mother loves surprises!!
Make sure you do a taste test for mommy while she is joyously washing up the dishes. She will appreciate your approval on her cheese selection and how you decided to decorate the kitchen floor, a chair and the table with it. And! She won't have any photographic evidence because she's too embarrassed by the amount of dirt and crumbs on the floor.
 When your mother tries to ban you from the kitchen until you are at a more responsible age to help... Raise your eyebrows and slink in your chair while blaming your brothers. This is a crucial step to making your way back into "kitchen circle of trust"
IF blaming your brothers doesn't work... offer to help clean up their mess. This will score you major points. 

Then... you should be right back to this place
These steps can be applied to almost any situation. Just remember to smile during each step... and time your excessive shrieking to just the right moments. You can get almost anything you want because your mommy values her ability to hear. Don't overdo the shrieking, though. It can lead to something we call "selective hearing" which, apparently, isn't limited to men hearing their wives, but also mommies hearing whining and other things they deem annoying.
Have a ball with this! My mommy loves it when I help in the kitchen!!

Have a beautiful Friday,
Rose and Mama

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Spanish and Comment Tutorial

Hola! Good Thursday my lovely readers. I recently decided that I need to learn Spanish and so I really hopped on board that train and downloaded a whopping two pod casts yesterday. Don't be jealous of me getting my smarts on. (I'm sorry, I'm in a strangely fantastic mood this morning) Anyhow, I did minimal research to find out the best pod cast to download. I enlisted the help of my good friend, Miss Google and as always she gave me lots of options. I choose option 2 and clicked over to my iTunes and promptly clicked Download. Free. My first lesson (of my choosing) was learning how to ask where the laundry detergent was. I felt this was most closely related to my vocation and if need be I can now say "I don't know" and "where". But I can't type them because I know not how to put accent marks on letters. (I shall ask Miss Google) "No sé" and "¿Dónde?" the power of instant know how! Yea for me!! Today I will learn how to say "Watch out!" As in "Watch out! That coffee is hot!"

Guys, try not be too hopeful for me, but the sky is really dark to the East and the wind is picking up. Last night it rained to the East of us and everything died out before it got here. We were sorely disappointed. (There are currently 17 rain drops on my window but I am trying super hard NOT to get my hopes up, this could just be a really cruel joke)
looks promising...right?

In non weather related news.... I saw this accent meme thing and am thinking about posting one here. It's where I record myself saying words that usually showcase a Northern or Southern accent. Or Midwest... trying not leave anyone out. Except the west coasters... y'all are accent-less. So... here's what I need from you. I need THREE words to add to my list. What would you like to hear a Central Texan say? I don't think I have a very heavy accent so... there. Maybe I can get the kids to play along too. Children always have fun accents. Go leave me a comment (it's not that hard CLB. Just post using the Name/URL option at the very bottom of the logging in required.) Goodness, I'll walk you through it so you can stop giving me lame excuses. (by the way, thanks for still reading!)

Don't let me down. If I don't get those 3 extra words then I can't record a video of myself saying random words. It would be so much fun!

And that ends my blogging for today... Have a wonderful Thursday!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Tuesday night baseball

So... last night we went to a baseball game. For free. Cause we are cool like that. (also because my dad and T were sort of invited to a promotional thing)

Friends, it was HOT. I suncreened and equipped the children with hats before we left. Thankfully the event was indoors and we stayed inside for approximately 35 minutes. It was crowded and we had three kids, so we grabbed some complimentary hamburgers and hot dogs, ate as fast as a 4, 3 and 1 year old can then headed outside because, good grief, those children cannot sit still.
While outside we got to watch a rain dance. They radio station people in charge of this event were really paranoid about offending anyone (everything is offensive nowadays). They even had their lawyer present.
I thought they did a decent job at being respectful and whatnot.
We were pretty happy we didn't venture out on the field after they surprised the participants telling them it would last FIVE whole minutes with them walking in a big circle with their hands up. In the 106 degree blazing temps. We were sweating (heavily) just standing in the shade. (No one had to be carted off the field though)
Rose observing the rain dance
Ry with an empty stadium background
And eventually the game started and we watched
not a clear pic. My mom managed to win 2 tickets to the owners suite. notes were taken.
Mom was really concerned about us peasants sitting in the stands and had to come tell her grandkids she loved them and give them an abundance of snacks before abandoning us to be escorted to the fancy suite with her one guest (it wasn't me)

that's a cup of water he's drinking.
Documentation that, yes, I was present. Scowling child- Rose, because I wouldn't let her run down the steps and flirt with the outfielders
A few minutes after that picture we decided to venture to the grass seating but while walking by the room where the promotional event was we took an unexpected turn inside. Air conditioning. Free drinks. (although T did tip pretty nicely, so not entirely free)

This next picture is somewhat amusing. Please enjoy.
I'm guessing he thought there would be a flash, since he did this on purpose.
We enjoyed ourselves. And I hope you enjoy something today,

side note to T: I'm really sorry I wrote "monies" in my previous post. I may have done it to irritate you. Or because I thought it was awesome. However, I will use boring words like money or funds from now on just because I sort of love you.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Four very important things

If yesterday was a full length ball gown let's make today a mini skirt. (that makes me laugh because I'm referring to fashion and I am probably the least fashionable person I know)

First things...
To Mr/Ms Anonymous that complimented my writing and dropped some words about making it pay- I would love to! Do you know how this could be arranged or did you just want to send monies directly to me? (I know you selected "anonymous" to comment under but I feel like I know you.)

I need to share a photo with you.
That handsome kid there was trying his best not to smile. 
and just so you know, he was showcasing a bad attitude hardcore yesterday up to
this point so I won because I outlasted that trial/tribulation. 

Last night I took a two hour vacation to the land of groceries where my sister and brother-in-law literally ran into me. (With their shopping basket) They caught me gazing, rather intensely, at the chocolate. I never would have noticed them had they not rammed their shopping cart into mine because I was busy concocting a plan to buy dark chocolate with sea salt (didn't find-disappointed), hiding it from my children when I returned home and sending myself to time-out so I could enjoy it in peace.
(I plan on testing this out later today; wish me lots of luck?)

And fourthly, which is coincidentally lastly,
We found out (through my brother-in-law) that the elusive sheep feed we haven't been able to find on the shelves is actually in the back room at the feed store. And you have to ask a specific employee for it and oddly he knows exactly how many bags he has hidden away. It sounds shady. Perhaps I should do some investigative journalism and T could interrogate. We'd make a great team. 

Have a fantastic middle of the workweek kind of day!
oh, it's not the middle of the workweek yet. oops. hope this helps get you there

Monday, August 22, 2011

My hands were actually tied, not full.

Friday I had a lovely day browsing through 4 stores with my 3 angelic children. One of them in particular was being just delightful.

This particular child told me (after I asked if they would be good while we walked through the store) NO. I sighed and hoped for the best. While waiting in the store a nice salesman (I'm sure he was just trying to be friendly) thoughtfully pointed out the complete obvious to me. Well, you've got you're hands full! Aw. How sweet of you to notice that I am holding a squirming 19 month old, holding the hand of "particular" child and my desired purchases while asking my oldest to please stop skipping around all the old ladies in the store lest he trip them and they break a hip. Thankfully I was with my mom. She was very helpful. But, unfortunately for me, she decided to start browsing after I told her I was ready to check out and in line to do so. It wasn't too bad, but it left me a little flustered and after a few too many attempts to keep the children corralled around me I went on ahead and strapped them in their car seats.
To the old ladies in the store: Yes, I noticed your disapproving glances as my children happily skipped down the aisle and spoke and maybe giggled. These things are normal and I don't mind as long as they are not screeching and running through the racks of clothes chasing each other.
However, I do mind when a particular child of the age three tells me "get your hands off of me!" loudly while I am holding him (it makes me look like I am kidnapping him) or withers around desperately trying to evade my firm grasp on his hand and making it seem as if I am purposely trying to twist and break off his arm. At a moment like that I whisper into his ear oh sweet child, just hold mommy's hand and you'll get a special surprise for being such a good boy. Unfortunately this doesn't work because he insists that he wants no part in having a special surprise. I can't even bribe him.

I am certain I scared that nice salesman when for a brief moment I hesitated after he uttered that phrase.... In that hesitation I think I may have simultaneously had smoke come from my ears and laser beams from my eyes all the while half smiling half snarling at him and then saying Yeah, I guess I do. In a really sweet voice, by the way. And then we casually spoke of how fast kids grow up and blah blah blah, yadda yadda  cherish them.
But why did that comment rattle me? I've gotten that plenty of times before and just shook my head and said Oh it's not that bad. They're really good. I guess this time I was kind of frustrated, I literally had my hands full and I found that comment completely unhelpful. I'm almost positive I looked like a distressed mother teetering on the edge with her circus monkey children hanging from her weary limbs.

There are times though, when I'm grocery shopping and a nice older lady will stop her basket and smile at the kids and touch my arm and say they remind me of my babies, so cute!  I had two (or three) and they were best friends and still are. But they grow up so fast.... y'all be good helpers for Mommy, now! That's it. We part ways with the kind stranger and I feel reassured. Reassured that I'm doing alright as a mom. That I will make it and my kids will make it. And they will grow up and I'll grow old and miss this. I'll miss wrangling them into a shopping basket and asking D to walk because he's a big boy and I need help pushing this big basket. I'll miss asking Ry to stop pushing Rose. And I'll really miss Rose hugging Ry in the middle of our shopping trip because she thinks his pushing is him trying to hug her.
I've been working really hard this year to be a calm and patient mother. I've taken many a deep breaths while remembering their ages. I remind myself many times to expect them to act their real age because having unrealistic expectations for a 4, 3 and 1 year old is the worst thing I can do to myself. I've turned back to my cooking while they shriek, happily and loudly, while running in circles through the house and find myself laughing instead of being annoyed by the noise. I let myself get frustrated and irritated too easily sometimes. I really try to hold it together in public, mainly because I want people to think I've got this under control. Sometimes I do and sometimes I don't. And it's ok. Because babies cry and 3 year olds are curious and 4 years olds sometimes have a bad attitude. Hopefully not all at once but I can be prepared for it.

And what is the point of your story, Mama? It's going to be alright. There's no need to prove to strangers that I don't have my hands full, because I do, but I like it. And when they say things that irritate me while I'm having a stressful time... I'll try not to stab them with my eyeballs. I'll look at my children and tell myself to chill out and take another deep breath.
Don't worry, I've got this under control!
As always,

Friday, August 19, 2011

Our Family Pictures

We had our pictures taken in July and I'm finally going to share a few with you. These pictures were taken by the very talented Jason. We met over at my family's place... taking pictures at 4 in the afternoon in July. With three small children. My plans to bring ice cold water and some snacks was thrown to the wind and luckily my brother and his daughter showed up with a drink that my kids promptly stole from him. But, on with the pictures. These are a few of my favorites. We have a disk with around 200 pictures on it so it's hard to choose!

Rose making friends

Trying to get a pic of Mama with the kids

The whole family 
(and I'm loving the vastness of the background and cows in the far right corner)

Mama hanging out with the boys
That's all for now. Jason is so easy going and fun to work with. His wife came with him and helped him out... they are seriously some of the nicest people you will meet. If you live around central Texas then look him up and get some pictures. (His link is in my sidebar)

P.S. Go visit Grace at Camp Patton. She sews (jealous), writes an awesome blog and is mama to a very pretty little girl (and has another baby on the way!).

Thursday, August 18, 2011

What my Day looks like pt2

Alright, I know this is boring but I have to finish it.
2pm- Check the chickens. This takes longer than you'd imagine. I have to feed, fill water containers, collect eggs (while fighting hens out of their nesting boxes). We have around 25 chickens. I also make sure there is water for the horses, cows and sheep.
2:30- Down a glass of iced tea. Think about just collapsing on the couch...
2:40- Finish cleaning up kitchen or start that task. Decide what to make for dinner
3- Rose wakes from nap. I dole out snacks and juice to all people awake, myself included.
3:30- Ry is usually awake by now (if he took a nap) and I'm sweeping up, throwing shoes in a basket and stepping on toys.
4- Back to trying to make sense of the piles of laundry. Eventually the end up in the appropriate rooms.
4:30- Start getting things set up for dinner while holding child #3, tell boys they have to stop asking for snacks because we're about to eat dinner. Walk around the house looking for a really important toy
5- The house erupts into mad chaos. I am trying to cook dinner. Kids and toys are flying through the house at high speeds. Baby is clinging to my legs and trying to get between me and the stove. Boys keep coming and putting their hands too close to the HOT! STOVE!
5:15- Where is Daddy? Lots of looking out the windows
5:30 Daddy calls. He's on his way. Or he doesn't call and hopefully is still on his way.
5:45-  dinner is ready or within 15 minutes of being done. Daddy is hopefully home or close to being home. Mama walks through house telling children how much she likes their toys and wants to keep them all for herself.
6- Is Daddy home? Thank goodness if he is. If not... Mama is going to put on a favorite movie for the kids and wait or we eat.
6:30- Dinner is over and my sink is full of dirty dishes again. AGAIN. ijustcleanedthatmessup.
6:45- Go outside and jump on the trampoline/play baseball/football/ have children exert lots of energy
7:30- Bath time. This is always fun and loud. waterintheface screams, dontwannagetout screams, stoplookingatme screams....
8-Bed time. Daddy tells story and we all do sound effects.
8:10- oh, the boys need some water. and to be covered up. AGAIN.
8:20- Mama collapses into her chair and finds it incredibly difficult to get up to take a shower and wonders why good personal hygiene is so important. Looks at husband... he'd probably appreciate it if I didn't smell like chicken feed, dish water, apple juice, graham crackers and whatever we ate for dinner. (hey, I appreciate it when he takes a shower I should return the favor)

That is what my day is like. To me it's not that chaotic because it happens every day and I'm used to it. I usually am able to adapt easily to additional tasks (caring for animals) and as long as the kids are happy and fed then the laundry and dishes can wait.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Best Ice Pop Molds Ever Made

I was looking for some ice pop molds yesterday on Amazon. I had already picked out what brand I wanted and was scrolling through my options when I came across this
Click this picture for full viewing pleasure
Well! That price seems totally reasonable for a set of 6 ice pop molds. Whatever it's made from must be cutting edge. I bet those molds would make it through all kinds of disasters. Fire? No problem! Tornado, flood, earthquake, hurricane? Tracking device. Dog chewed them up? Not possible! These one of a kind molds must be indestructible. Since some electronics company is selling them I'm guessing each mold comes with the newest ipad/ipod for your entertainment. Also included (I'm guessing) is the newest flat screen HDTV with 3D technology. Also, throw in a brand new Ford F350 for daddy while you're at it. That price is starting to make sense now. Ok, for it really make cents (haha) it also comes with a RV! That sleeps 6 comfortably and makes your travels across the country with small children incredibly tolerable. 
I'll take it. Just wait until my husband sees the bill! He'll know I got a real bargain with this. 

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What my Day looks like pt 1

*This may make no sense at all. With all the interruptions and actually trying to think about how the day goes in order... it may not be completely accurate.*
5:20am- dismiss first alarm
5:45am-dismiss second alarm and announce the time
6am-let alarm sound longer than one chime, announce time, start the struggle of actually waking up.
6:05-10- stagger around in the kitchen while making coffee and breakfast
6:15-20- eat breakfast with T
6:30- T leaves for work and I either sit with a child that is awake too early or here at the computer with the quiet morning and Don Pedro.
6:45- Baby Girl wakes up and I give her a cup of milk. She looks at me like I'm crazy and depending on her mood either throws the cup as far away as she can or simply says No, I do'wannit. I sigh. 
7am- Remember to throw "first priority" laundry in the wash. (The boys are usually awake by now and demanding a drink or yogurt)
7:15 Am irritated with yogurt package being so hard to open. (Feel simultaneously glad and sad I'm not strapping them in high chairs and mixing rice cereal and bananas together because they can feed themselves)
7:30- Sit down and see if I can write something and hit publish before I'm interrupted again.
7:45 Am interrupted every 3 minutes so my blog ends up being totally random or just pictures
8- Remember the washing machine stopped and I have time for another load before my self imposed cut off time at 10am. Open cheese sticks for 3 kids, pour milk or juice into cups, tell them they can not have more yogurt because it messes with your digestive system and I don't want to deal with any side effects of that.
8:30 Have to use my frighteningly scary voice that is super calm and low. Tell the boys to play nice. Pick up Rose and hold her. OR, preferably,watching them play nicely and listen to them tell me jokes.
9- Tell the kids they must eat a banana in order to eat anything else today. No, you can't have another cheese stick... want some scrambled eggs?
9:15- make breakfast #2
9:45 Notice all the kids are playing together. Sneak up on them and witness boys sharing they beloved cars with Rose and give her hugs when she gets upset.
10- Get the kids dressed and No, we aren't going anywhere but you should get dressed in case anyone stops by. Or there's an emergency...I'd rather you not still be in PJs at noon it makes me look lazy.
At this time if the Rose is acting cranky she gets to take a nap. (Morning naps are almost gone for this girl... I cherish them while I can)
10:30 Make sure sheep and dogs have water, try to avoid looking at the brown "grass" outside and also the clear blue sky. Wonder if it will ever rain again and feel slightly depressed.
11- Sweep kitchen, dining, living room. Decide on PB&J sandwiches for lunch. Put applesauce in freezer because they really enjoyed that yesterday.
12PM- Break up the boys and tell them to stay away from each other if they can't be happy playing together. Break out tickle monster to make them smile and forget what they are fighting about. Is Rose awake? Make her lunch, make me lunch, give the boys a graham cracker and tell them nap time is soon. listen to them whine about nap time.

12:30- Again, notice how awesome the kids are playing together. Am thankful they get along more often than not.
1- nap time monster grabs 3 year old and puts him in bed. Listens to him yelling through the door. Tells him to take his hand off the door or he will be in trouble.
4 yr old says he is not taking a nap and will help me feed the chickens. I pick my battles. He rarely takes a nap anymore so I let him stay up but he must be quiet and lay on the couch for ten minutes.
1:30- Start folding clothes. Get distracted while walking through house and find something else that needs to be done.

More tomorrow. I'm busy opening yogurt and about to fix another breakfast.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Pictures from our Weekend

Another Monday. Another day occupied with the "weekend cleanup". Instead of talking about boring things like that I have a couple of pictures to share.
Friday Sunrise
Curious Horse
Mamas and babies
The kids form of transportation and a hot dog
Happy Monday (just trying to stay positive)

Friday, August 12, 2011

It's almost here!

Football Season. Reasons I like it.
  • Husband is happy. 
  • The Food. I love cooking during football season. (Wings, pizza, chili, nachos, chips&dip, brownies, cheesecake bites, BLTs, shredded beef, fajitas)
  • Cooler weather
  • Getting the whole family in Texas gear on Saturdays 
  • It's also the season of festive eating...(you know, holidays)
  • Yelling at the TV
  • Cheering, jumping up and down, having your kids look at you like you've maybe lost your mind
  • The kids tackling each other and running through the house with a football reenacting great moments from the game
  • This year... seeing Rose watch all this and try to play along. 
  • Once again... husband. happy.
  • I like football, too.

Thursday, August 11, 2011


I should say calves. Babies is probably a little misleading. Yesterday evening T and I went looking for the cows since they hadn't been around the house in a couple of days. We grabbed a bucket of feed and started walking. On the way we wondered what they thought was so good about being in the pastures in the back; the hay is right next to our house... and we were pretty sure there wasn't a hidden field of luscious green grass back there. We spotted them in the pasture behind the barn and they were excited to see us. Especially when they saw the feed. Then we saw this
A pretty baby girl. She is probably just a couple days old and almost walked right up to me. At the last second she turned and ran the opposite direction. She has such pretty, long, white eyelashes. Such a surprising delight.

I just ran outside because I thought it was raining. That's the trickery of screen windows and a light fog. And a cloudy morning. I wouldn't mind if it rained again. Not at all.

Anyway, she's a cute calf and I have three kids crawling on me so I have to go. See you tomorrow!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Anybody Out There?

Alright, I know this blog is super popular and I write riveting stories that make you laugh (at me), cry (of boredom) and have deep thoughts (of not clicking over here again to read about laundry). I know at least ten people clicked over here this week. I have this cool feature behind the scenes here at Mama's Gone Country called "stats" that lets me know how many people came over, from which country (Germany, Russia, India, Australia...) and which posts they read. I can also find out what website or search sent you here. I'm like my own private detective. I just don't know who you are. Are you creeped out yet? Anyhow, I like looking over my stats (one day I got 54 views for writing about yogurt) and I enjoy seeing that two people came by and at least looked at something I wrote before they ran screaming from the computer.

Truth is... I'd like a comment from someone. I do write this for my own sanity, but doesn't anyone want to say something? You could just say  
  • Hi, I like/don't like your blog. 
  • I'm reading everyday/never again. 
  • I love seeing the pictures/couldn't care less about your obsession with your children being cute.  
  • I like coffee too/hate coffee. 
  • Can you post more gardening things/please never post about gardening... you don't know what you're doing.  
Basically, I'm fishing for some human interaction/conversation with someone taller than my 4 year old. I know it's virtual... but I'm fine with that. I prefer text messages to phone calls anyway.

We could be real virtual friends! Don't you find that exciting?
This now concludes my "personal ad" for people to act like they care about what goes on here. That and I have to go fix my adorable children breakfast, wash some laundry and try to make it though the day with only two cups of coffee.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I Might Mention the Weather

It's hot. Dry. Everything is brown and dead. Every once in a while I find some green shoots of grass but they are instantly gobbled up by sheep. I don't like looking outside because it's depressing. And this post is also depressing. The last time it rained was June 22. We received a glorious 1/2 inch. Two weeks ago there was still a bit of green grass in front of our house... no longer.


Those are some cute kids though.

I really feel for the farmers and ranchers that are dealing with this. My brother is having to truck hay in from other states to feed his cattle. That gets expensive.
Just about every church sign we pass has some version of "Pray for Rain" spelled out. The governor set aside a day (I think back in April) to pray for rain. 

Those cracks in the ground were 6-8 inches deep. In the beginning of May. They haven't exactly gotten any better. 
I think I'll recruit the children and go out and do a rain dance. It's worth a shot, right?

Monday, August 8, 2011

Making it Last

This week T and I are celebrating seven years of marriage. Last night we were watching the Marriage Ref and I noticed some difference and a few similarities between me and the wives on the show. I am definitely not the normal wife. I'm no expert on marriage or relationships but here's what I do know:
  1. Don't Nag! It's annoying to your spouse and also anyone else who happens to be near you. I think the response to nagging is automatically shutting the persons voice completely out.
  2. Have respect for your spouse.
  3. Thank your spouse, daily. Examples: thanks for working so hard for us! Thanks for changing that diaper/ waking up early with the kids/ making coffee this morning/ feeding the dog(or cat)/ driving/ filling up the gas tank/.... Showing grattitude for the little things that your spouse does makes them feel noticed and that you truly appreciate them.
  4. Acknowledge your differences! And then, embrace them as much as possible. It's probably one of the qualities you found attractive when you met. 
  5. Show your affection. Hug, hold hands, give them a kiss on the cheek... let them know you still like them!
  6. Know when to let things go. Did the hubster load the dishwasher the "wrong" way? If the dishes are going to get clean... leave it alone and see # 1&3. 
  7. Make compromises. see #4&6.
  8. Be trusting and also trustworthy. 
Happy Anniversary T! I love you more than my coffee.
P.S. Feel free to add your own secrets in the comments!

Friday, August 5, 2011

One Oh Five

Hazardous weather condition(s):
Heat advisory

Today: Sunny and hot, with a high near 105. Heat index values as high as 108. South wind between 5 and 10 mph.

You're not kidding.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

It's actually easier than it should be

One word: Busy.
2=5. Yes, just believe me. Overall, we're doing well. I'm surviving, if not by God's grace then by Folgers and Don Pedro. I'm thinking about praying the serenity prayer since my 3 kids do not know how to sleep past 6am. At least everyone gets along, is well behaved and is generally in a good mood. If I for some reason didn't believe girls talked more than boys... I do now.
My oldest sat down with the 3 year olds and read them a story. That was so sweet and pretty entertaining, too.
I'm being summoned. See ya later.

(on a completely unrelated note: we're watching Curious George. Why is that monkey left unsupervised all the time? He acts like a 2 year old... what is the Man with the Yellow Hat thinking? "Be a good little monkey." It that all? Really?! And he always get away with whatever it is that he's doing.)

Monday, August 1, 2011

Only 3 cups today...

So far. (of coffee, don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about.) Anyway, the goddaughters were dropped off this morning and... I still have my sanity at 2 something p.m. It's currently nap time for all except the D-man and I. We plan on escaping and feeding those chickens of ours soon. Although Daddy did say he would do that after he got home... I'd like to gather the eggs before they become hard-boiled.
This morning has been fairly easy going. Basically, instead of three kids eating all day it's five kids eating all day. Well, except the baby. She'll get there eventually though. If my ears don't deceive me I've got four kiddos sleeping. That should totally be celebrated. (!!!!!)
 (I'm aware that this pleasantness could end at any moment and turn into total chaos.)
Check ya later!