Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Really Thrilling, I'm sure

Hi Internet friends! So my agenda for today is to make my way to the post office to renew our PO box. Sounds easy enough.

hold that thought I've got to go catch a lamb.

and 20 minutes later... because I came inside and all the kids were asking for breakfast and-get this- vitamins. Now that everyone has a non-growling belly (except me) and are watching that monkey, George, I can almost compose a complete thought.

So, I'm going to be heading over to my mom's house after I do the wonderful task of going to the post office. Which, really, is not bad at all. I've known our postmaster or is it postmistress? since she's a lady. I've known her a long, long time. Her daughter and I were best friends in middle school. She's extremely nice, so at least I know I'm not going to be getting stuck talking to some grouchy postal worker like I've had the honor of doing when we lived in the big city. That was a long sentence.

Since I'm heading to my mom's I have to clean before I go. This is one of those rules I have for myself. Too many times in the past I've left the house a complete mess only to come home to a... complete mess. Who wants that? I don't. I spend the day chillin' out and then come home and have to wash a bunch of dirty dishes and cook supper while stepping around piles of dirty clothes and cast off toys. Um, that only makes me stress out. I've learned... although I am certainly still learning!

It's right now, at this point of writing this, that I realize I'm kind of all over the place. Post office, cleaning house, hanging with my mom? I know, but I didn't say my thoughts were actually going to mesh into a well thought out post. I just said I have complete thoughts. That are random. But, they do pertain to what I'm doing today. That counts, right? I really want to delete all of this and start over. I can't believe anyone would want to read this. So, if you actually have read it, thank you. I feel like I've probably bored you to tears. Maybe it just seems so crazy because at every other sentence I've gotten up and dressed a child, swept the floor, washed the dishes and consolidated the clothes into a laundry basket. Now I'm going to have go tend to all the animals and get myself dressed. At least I can come home later and still feel like I've accomplished something today, even though I will spend the majority of my day chatting with my mom.

Hope some of you get some time to chill out. Even if you have to put yourself in time out a few minutes.

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