Friday, October 25, 2013

ten happy things friday

Both girls are napping. This is a huge deal for me since Rose has pretty much given up naps. I wasn't sure what to do with this uninterrupted time so here I am.

Last Friday I was able to go with D and his class on a field trip to a corn maize. It was a lot of fun to get to spend some time with just him. Also, first graders are hilarious.

I could be doing things like putting laundry away or reorganizing the baskets in the bathroom, but due to our new "no housework after noon" policy I painted my nails and read blogs instead.

Sam had a checkup earlier this week and I snapped this picture in the exam room because how awesome and rare is it to see this in a doctor's office (or anywhere that's not church affiliated)?
How cute is this baby?

Sunday we went out to a pumpkin patch/Christmas tree farm and had such a good time! And I am really excited about Christmas this year.

Tacos are delicious.

Date nights. We don't get many and don't even have one planned, but I like having them.

October in Texas. Cool in the mornings and warm and sunny in the afternoons.

Happy birthday to my sweet mother-in-law today and to my brother tomorrow! 

Monday, October 14, 2013

First 5K

Saturday I ran my first 5k! It was a small race- there were only about 50 participants in the 5k run (they also had a 5k walk and a 1k fun run)- put on by our school as a fundraiser. I was a little nervous and really excited. I haven't been running as often as I'd like (I usually get one run a week) so I was sort of worried I'd lose stamina and have to walk. I surprised myself though and ran most of it, taking only a few 10-20 second walking breaks. I ran mostly alone; there were three kids that stayed about 20 feet in front of me until the second mile and I was able to pass them (a lot of kids ran and they were really great). When I came up on the last quarter mile I could see Tim and the kids and they were cheering me on which was really encouraging so I picked up my pace. When I turned the last corner to run through the finish and saw the time I couldn't believe it- way better than I had expected- 32:13. (I just started running in June and hadn't yet been able to get past 2.8 miles in 30 minutes.) I ended up finishing 2nd in my age group and 17th overall.

D ran the kids 1k fun run and was awesome!

We had a really great weekend!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Little Things

Some of the little things in my life that make me happy:

  • our bird feeder and watching all the birds that come to it
  • our garden
  • the new (non leaky, has a handle) coffee press
  • banana oatmeal cookies
  • outdoor temperatures below 90
I'm going to try to get back to this blogging thing... a month long hiatus is enough, right?

Friday, August 23, 2013

ten happy things friday

School started this week. D is in 1st grade and Ry started kindergarten, so it's just us girls at home during the day. (It's really sort of nice, but I do miss the guys.)

Last Monday I started a new routine with my cleaning/ housekeeping. I do what I can until 12pm and then the heavy work is done and I'm just Mommy. I still make dinner and I clean up after our snacks. I'm not sure why, but this really works for me.

 Popcorn shrimp. It's good and it's my lunch.

Awesome deals on clothes. This really is one of the best times to shop. I found some sweet bargains on jeans and dress pants for the kids online.

After looking at a lot of pictures of wreaths I got the courage to make one myself for our front door. I think it turned out pretty.

I got these divided containers (but I spent half as much) for the boys' lunches. I was feeling like sandwich bags were coming out of my ears and these fit so much, plus I don't have to worry about running out of bags and it's saving me money. 

Our cat, Hugh. He catches mice.

The nickname Rose calls Sam... Samamfie. For some reason she just can't say SamaNTHa. It is adorable and I love how well they get along.

Running. I still like it. I've started doing intervals to work on my speed. That sounds all serious, but really I just don't want to be the last one across the finish line at our school's 5k in October.

I wrote this post and it's been difficult sitting down to blog lately, so I'm glad I got through this. And it's the weekend!! (almost)

Friday, August 16, 2013

So long

It's been so long since I've blogged that I don't know where to start. Or even if I should start. We've had a busy-ish summer and school is starting again in a few short days. In a way I'm excited for school to start; the boredom that leads to bickering and tattling will be knocked down several notches, but I will also really miss having all the kids at home with me.

Since I last wrote we have been to the zoo, took the boys to Schlitterbahn (had a blast), bought all the school supplies that a first grader and kindergartener need, got really behind on laundry, finally got caught up with laundry (only took four days!), Sam started pulling up, we found out our little town's swimming pool closed for the season on August 4 and Tim and I celebrated our 9th anniversary. It's been a busy, but good couple of weeks. I completed my C25K program! I am starting a new program to work on my speed because my pace needs some boost. I'm running my first 5k in October and I would like to have a respectable time.

I feel like this should be so much longer since I was gone so long, but there is rarely a moment that I'm not being distracted around here so this will have to do for now. Hopefully I'll be back sooner rather than later!

Friday, July 26, 2013

ten happy things friday


Who doesn't feel happy after they see one of these?

We went to the zoo this week with some extended family and the littlest was so happy despite the heat.

The kids were spoiled by G-Pa (my dad) who bought food to feed the birds and fish. He also bought them popsicles and ice cream.


This is just a happy girl with her popsicle on the train at the zoo. She fell asleep about 10 minutes into the ride.

I like running. I am running over 2 miles at a time now (and I plan to get that up to 5 miles). It has made me feel much better both physically and mentally.


Homemade salsa. It's fresh and addicting and bad for my tortilla chip habit which I had dropped for a whole month until Sunday.

Lime-aide with fresh mint.

Kids that forgive you when you're having a bad mood kind of day.

Vanilla ice cream with peanut butter swirled in. Yum. 

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

something new

Sam, despite her new found independence of crawling, has decided to become a hip-hugger. Over the past two weeks she has grown increasingly fussy and clingy. I think she's starting to teethe. Anyhow, I'm a sucker and can't hear her cry for too long before I pick her up and let her slap me in the face and pinch my cheeks. (She really does that. She grabs faces and pinches.) She's finally taking a nap and I'm finally writing something on the ol' blog.
I wrote that paragraph yesterday... 

Saturday was fun. We met up with some old friends to meet the newest baby in our group of friends, Travis. He is adorable. It was a lot of fun just hanging out and catching up. Then we spoiled the kids with bad food and went to Target so I could use my birthday gift card. I bought new socks and a hat for running. The socks kept my toes happy on my first 20 minute run (no walking). I only have 3 weeks left of my C25K program! I am really happy with my progress and am looking forward to my run tonight.

That's all she wrote. This time.

Friday, June 28, 2013

ten happy things friday

This little cutie is crawling! At her 6 month check up the doc was very impressed with her being ahead of several milestones (by the way, don't let anyone stress you out about those timelines, Mamas, babies are all different- some are over achievers/show offs and others could care less about impressing you with anything other than how loud they scream or big they smile.) Anyhow, we knew she would crawl early and she was sitting and backing up and this week she got the legs and arms working together to go forward. Our lives will never be the same now.

I can't take a picture of this guy not smiling. In just about every single picture that I take at swim Ry has a huge grin on his face. While he's diving, when he comes up for air, when he's practicing kicks and floating on his back. Also, how awesome is that picture of him jumping off the diving board? He has no fear.

My D-Man. I'm so proud of him. I know he was nervous about jumping off that board, but he did it. I loved getting to watch both boys have so much fun.

The C25K program. I'm almost done with week 4. So I am half way! I'm happy with my progress- especially because at the beginning I thought week four was impossible. Honestly, every week I look at the next week's training and think it seems unlikely that I can do it and then every week I surprise myself and do it. It's not always perfect, definitely not "easy", but I never quit. I'm running for me, but having the family there at the park (there's is an awesome track there) really encourages me to keep going.

The blended iced coffee I made the other afternoon. 2 cups hazelnut coffee, two scoops Dulce de luche ice cream, handful of ice and a splash of vanilla almond milk. It was a great pick-me-up (and a nice indulgence).

Sisters. Rose is so sweet and such a good big sister.

Fresh basil, rosemary and cilantro from our garden.

Sleeping until 7am. On a weekday!

The bbq ribs I made for Father's Day.... can't wait to make them again.

A big birthday shout-out to CLB- Happy 30th!!!!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


The boys have been in swim lessons since last Monday. It's amazing how far they've come since then. They started out practicing kicking and putting their heads under the water on the first day to jumping off the diving board yesterday. I was so proud of both of them! Friday is the last day of lessons and I think we'll miss it.... although I won't miss driving to town everyday!

Monday, June 24, 2013

smashing sunday

Yesterday we all loaded up in the Jeep and went to find grapes. We have wild Mustang grapes that grow along the fences that make delicious jelly, jam, juice and homemade wine. As far back as I can remember late June and early July meant grape picking in the hot sun. We'd hop in someone's truck with a ladder and 5-gallon buckets and pick all the grapes we could find. My mom and Oma would can jelly and juice and my Opa would make wine. Believe it or not I had never even tasted my Opa's homemade wine until a couple of years ago.... it was some strong stuff!

Tim's cousin came out Saturday and picked grapes and left us a good amount and we added a bit from our trip. We found a recipe for making wine (very similar to my Opa's) and decided to give it a try. It warned that if we mashed the grapes with our feet or hands we'd get itchy, but we didn't think it'd be too bad. DON'T DO IT! Your feet/hands will feel terrible.

The kids had a great time (until their feet start itching- I still feel bad about that). I got in there, too. It was fun, but next time we'll definitely use the recommended method of smashing them with a wooden baseball bat.

The first step to making wine is done. It takes around 5 months from start to finish, so we are thinking it might make some fine Christmas gifts. Now we just need to come up with a good name and create some labels. (IF we can actually complete the whole process.)

Friday, June 14, 2013

ten happy things friday

A good, filling sandwich.

My C25K program. I'm actually enjoying it and looking forward to my 20ish minutes of me time.

Alligator Pears (aka avocados).

All of our plants are growing so well!

I'm hooked on double banana, Greek yogurt & almond milk shakes. And I enjoy stretching. I don't even know who I am anymore.

The boys start swim lessons on Monday. I think Rose might get a little jealous.

Father's Day is Sunday and I plan on making ribs for the event. I've never made ribs before, but obviously I like to live a little on the wild side. I hope they turn out good. (I'll also be making a lemon meringue pie- also never made before. Guess what meringue doesn't like? Humidity. Guess what we have here.... yeah. It should turn out super.)

My kids are awesome.

We get to babysit our nephew tonight. He is at that super fun age of "almost 2". I really do like that age; I'm not being sarcastic. 

It's Friday!!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

a few random things

I just started the Couch-2-5-K program. My first run/walk was last night and it actually went really well. I had been thinking about starting to run for quite a while (6+ months), but seeing as how I have barely exercised at all in 6 years (since having my first baby) I was not really confident in myself. It helps a LOT to have finally voiced my desire to try to run to Tim because he has been insanely good at encouraging me and very supportive. I had no clue as to what I should eat or not eat before/after a run or workout, but I've been reading a lot (thank goodness for the Internet or I would have done a lot of no-no's yesterday). I can hardly believe I'm looking forward to Wednesday's run- as I am not in excruciating pain like I thought I would be. (Bonus: I found a 5K that I want to enter and when the kids found out about it D said he wanted to run too... You get all the ice cream you want after finishing the run!)


D graduated from kindergarten and summer vacation is upon us. (It has been for a week.) It has been good so far. I really enjoy not having to be out of the door by 7:30am every morning. And the kids are finally sleeping past 6am. Well, some days. I signed the boys up for swim lessons and we are "playing school" every day. Basically we practice some math and reading, learn a couple of Spanish words each week and do one science activity on Fridays. Last Friday we learned about volcanoes and then made one- the boys loved it.

 Sam is almost crawling. She'll be 6 months old on the 14th. Didn't I just bring her home from the hospital??? Time is moving way too fast for my liking. She tried avocados on Sunday as her first food and it was hilarious. Any time the spoon came close to her mouth she would get super excited and stick her thumb in her mouth. We laughed a little about that.

I know it seems like I've completely forgotten that I even have a blog, but I haven't. I've just been busy and tired. I'm hoping I can pick up the pace and blog a little more often.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

yay! pictures!

A few weeks ago this field of oats became hay. I can see a part of the field from our back yard and in the afternoon sun it looks like gold.

 This is just a really cute kid modeling my new sunglasses. If you look past her you can see my new flower bed (it was my mother's day gift). This weekend we added some solar lights around it and it looks awesome. I love it so much.
We might have a new barn cat... only it doesn't seem to like anything about the barn. I barely ever see him during the day, but he definitely lets me know if I've slacked on getting his food out in the evening. He'll walk straight to the front door and stare and meow at me through the side lights. It's been interesting.

I'm at the very last of my "I should be washing those dishes" time, so adios for now.

Friday, May 17, 2013

ten happy things friday

Going on a little trip down the road this weekend to see M&M and their baby girls

Only one more week of school and then it's time for sleeping in, playing in the pool and relaxing.

My beautiful new flower bed (it was my mother's day present).

Ice cream

Dancing around to Bob Marley songs

Tiny little baby swimsuits

Iced tea

The smell of sunscreen


I finally posted something, although I wish there were pictures, but blogger wouldn't upload anything all week. I tried.

Friday, May 3, 2013

ten happy things friday

Taking pictures in the Spring (even though we are breaking record lows with this cold front from hell Canada.)

Congrats to M&M on the arrival of their twin girls!!


The awesome label on this wine

The thoughtful gifts I received for my birthday... Thank you everyone!

An impromptu dinner out after I sort of ruined dinner on Tuesday.

A hopefully relaxing weekend


Coconut cream pie

Nap time

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Rose has become such a great big sister. She is very attentive to Sam... even when it seems likes she's playing and not paying any attention to Sam, Rose must be on high alert. She is especially watchful when we're around other people. If Sam spits up Rose goes into action finding a burp cloth and telling me all about it. When we get home from, well, anywhere and Sam has fallen asleep in her car seat I tend to leave her in it and let her nap, but as soon as she wakes up Rose is telling me that Sam wants out of there.
I love watching her interact with her baby sister. Yesterday I was in the kitchen and couldn't see either of the girls, but heard Sam laughing loudly and went to see what could possibly be making her laugh like that. It was Rose, laying on the floor face to face with Sam and waving a little toy bear that rattles. Sam loves to watch her siblings and often laughs and squeals while we are driving because she gets to sit in the middle row with D beside her and Ry and Rose behind her in the third row (she gets to face them). They all love getting her to smile and laugh.
I love it, too, because if they're laughing then they aren't fighting! 
I'm sure Sam and Rose will have some moments when they don't really want to get along, but I hope they are always friends and stay close to each other. It's really amazing to watch them bond.