Friday, September 23, 2011

Finally, something without a weather report

For those of you that want to know about the pumpkin muffins I made yesterday I got the recipe here and I also have a link to it over on my "In the Kitchen" page. Cause I be fancy like that. And how were they? I had to hide them from the kids (okay, and myself) so we wouldn't eat them all at once. Beard-O thought they were really good and ate a few (three) himself last night. Altogether I had three as well. So, thumbs up and delicious and I like the fact that it called for a regular can of pumpkin so I wasn't using only 2/3 of a can and then trying to figure out how to use leftover canned pumpkin in my spaghetti sauce. (Which is what we had for dinner last night. without pumpkin.) You should definitely try them! I got 15 regular sized muffins out of it.
my sign of approval

I'm hoping I didn't come across as really grumpy this week. I have been (this is for you T) strug-ga-ling with my mood in the mornings. Several mornings while I was trying to find something to write about (note the amount of times I thought weather was good topic) I was so frustrated and irritated. It literally took me three hours to write yesterday's post. I know. I know. Of course, by the time I was dedicated to it (I deleted many. many. paragraphs) all the kids were awake and I was even more frustrated with myself. As soon as I hit publish and walked away I felt so much better. Mood was elevated about seven thousand notches and then I wondered what was wrong with me. Here's the thing: some mornings I just want to read blogs and pretend shop on Amazon and just don't feel like writing but I force myself to and try to rush through it and it puts me in a really awful mood for a tiny little while. Then the afternoon rolls around and I feel inspired by someone or have just thought of something good to write about and since I've already posted nonsense that morning I just go on about my day. Why are you telling us this? So you won't be alarmed if I don't post in the morning. It probably means I'll post in the afternoon. Wow, all of that just to say I might post in the afternoon. (I used to do that.)

Our friends came by last night (they are moving next week to the land of Far, Far Away.) When they were leaving H (can I just use your name?) said, "Well, goodbye. We probably won't see you again." I know she meant she won't see us again before they leave but it made me sort of laugh. Of course you will see us again. You can never get away from us that easily. Muah ha ha ha. (that's supposed to be evil laughter; I probably messed it up.) Anyhow, we're going to miss you guys while you're living in the strange land of Rock Yards. (Maybe you can make some pet rocks to put out there!!) Geeze, I make myself laugh. Like I said, find the best Mexican food out there and we might come visit. It has to be comparable to Maudies, alright? I have high standards when it comes to enchiladas.

Have a fantastic weekend!

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  1. oh. I was intrigued by the pumpkin in spaghetti actually sounds so good right now. right this second!!!!

    Hope you guys had a lovely weekend...!!!