Tuesday, September 20, 2011

This title doesn't exist. Just like my previous template

Yesterday was the best Monday I had all week. (it was not that great, but the only one I get this week and I'll say it was the best if I want to) I woke up with a headache that progressed into a beautiful migraine. I immediately missed the old days before I had children where I would just take a prescription pill and be knocked unconscious and wake up after a two hour nap (that always made me drool for some reason) to be back to normal. Those prescription painkillers are long gone and now I rely on Excedrin and sometimes am forced to take generic Tylenol. I wasn't about to be taken out by a little old migraine though (let's be honest, I thought I was dying and blinking was practically unbearable and have you noticed how often you blink?) and I squinted my way through writing my post yesterday which is probably why it was incredibly lame. (Excuses, excuses) I drank two cups of coffee, took two Excedrin extra strength (which was laced with even more caffeine) and ate breakfast hoping that would work. It did somewhat about two hours later I was walking around with a dull ache and a foggy medicated feeling. (Blissful, I tell you.)

Then, last night, while I was rocking in my old lady chair watching (clears throat) Antiques Roadshow Beard-O asks from afar, "Why'd you go and change your blog?" To which I replied, "WHAT do you mean? I didn't change anything!" I hurried into the room with him and grabbed my laptop and proceeded to break down in tears when I saw the horror of what was now my blog template. I may have cursed every button, tab, link, and "new template design" I laid my eyes on while trying in vain to get my outdated "classic" template back. OH yes, I can get it to appear on my blog, however, I can not edit anything on it anymore and it's so terrible. I had nightmares about it, I woke up with another headache(!) and now I'm just trying my best to get it as close as possible to my (perfect) previous design. (I am really upset.)

Anyhow, I am going to spend today playing with this template and try to bring myself to even sort of liking it. Well, not all day, but in my spare time. And that is the bottom of my coffee cup... I gotta go to work now.

double you tee eff blogger.

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  1. That tiny, tiny last line might be my favorite sentence ever.