Friday, September 30, 2011

I heart you & random things from this week

First of all, I loved your comments yesterday. It was a little scary hitting publish since I'm not really the type that easily shares my feelings and gets all personal. I know it wasn't super personal, but if you know me well then you understand that was huge for me. So, thank you for commenting, it really means so much.

Yesterday I got my scissors out. The hair was just ridiculous. I was a little nervous at first but I went ahead and snip! it was laying on the floor. I'm talking about the boys' hair! I trimmed it up over their ears and necks... and now they will look so handsome at their great grandpa's 96th birthday party on Saturday. It's a surprise so don't be spilling the beans! 

 Where is Ry? I'll have to get a picture of him later.

I didn't even come near Rose with the scissors. Be proud because she climbed on the stool and said, "Hey cut?" (and also her hair looks like this 80% of the time because she pulls out her clips). Alright, maybe I brushed it in her face for this picture, but it really does hang in her eyes! She's still adorable so she wins. I didn't attempt to cut my split ends off (am I really talking about this?) because what if I mess up? Then I'd have to get a real haircut with someone I'd have to pay and make an appointment with. So, I'm just going to be nice to my ends and give them some deep conditioning therapy until I can, you know, afford my stylist. (It's been 16-ish months since my last hair cut, I hope she still works there.) Alright, enough about my hair already.

Earlier this week Beard-O called me (he was helping our friends move) and told me about how a certain someone labeled their boxes of movies. Hysterical, I tell ya! Ah, a joke for years and years to come.

I experienced an (extra small sized) miracle yesterday in my living room. There were toy trucks and trains scattered all over and the kids were in a different room entirely so I asked them to pick them up so I could vacuum. I walked away and about five minutes or so later I walked back through that room and noticed that something looked different. The toys were gone. All of them. I called the boys back into the living room and said, "You picked all your toys up?! The first time I asked? Y'all are so awesome!!" Really. And I picked each of them up and swung them around in a big hug and gave them a big kiss and told them I loved them. (I am hoping they remember how genuinely happy I was about this so they will continue this wonderful thing.) What a shock! Usually I pretend to almost vacuum their toys up so they will actually move. Hmm, I wonder if that was what worked? Does that make me a bad mom? I think I need my sink.

That will be all for now. I'm looking forward to a semi-relaxing weekend with family. Maybe we'll go crazy and rent a Redbox movie! Who knows?

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  1. Only she could be innocent enough to put something like that on a box.