Tuesday, May 18, 2010


We finally got some rain! It cooled us down a little (now it's just muggy!) and I didn't have to drag my 100ft. water hose around for a couple of days. The ground really soaked up everything... usually it rains and we're trudging through mud for a week. Thankfully that was not the case, especially because we just put a new floor in our living room and I would hate to get it muddy!
The tomatoes are really flourishing and I cannot wait to start slicing into them. I am looking forward to a fried egg and fresh tomato slices for breakfast. It really is amazing.
I finally got some zucchini and corn planted. I can't find my yellow squash seeds though and that's really what I am looking forward to. I love summer squash. It's so versatile. Of course my favorite way to eat it is in pie form! Then fried and in casseroles. Delicious.
My green beans are about to start putting out too. I'm getting so hungry thinking of all this great food. The potatoes are a couple weeks away from getting dug up. That'll be great. I just have to figure out where I am supposed to store so many potatoes. Any suggestions? Remember I'm in Central Texas so it's hot and humid here.
Yesterday the boys went outside and enjoyed some popsicles. They turned into sticky little messes and got a quick water hose shower which they loved! Hopefully today will be a little less sticky and they can enjoy playing outside a little better.
Oh! "Crock-pot Fajitas" was last night's supper. Juicy and super tender meat that cooked all day with bell peppers, onions and tomatoes wrapped in warm tortillas. There weren't any leftovers for lunch today that's how good it was. I guess I'll just have another salad. I have to get to work while Baby is napping! Got to plant my okra today.