Friday, August 31, 2012

ten happy things friday

I'm very glad that we have a holiday Monday because we'll get a 3 day weekend for the whole family, which doesn't happen often!

I made a yummy crock pot recipe and got two meals out of it this week.

The season opener for the Texas Longhorns is tomorrow!

Football season means Fall is around the corner and that means I can start cooking chili again!

Wings in the crock pot (not right now- this weekend)


Planning our menu for next week and I am hoping this tastes as good as it sounds.

Ry learned to count to 10 in German (I taught him while we waited at the bus stop). Next up is Spanish.

I have been oddly consistent with Rose's potty training since D started school and (knock on wood) she is doing really well. I haven't dared take her in public without a pull up yet, except to the bus stop, but we're getting close!

We stopped at the store to pick up a birthday present for TJ (my nephew) and as we're walking past the stuffed animals Rose waves and says hello to them all and then looks up at me and says, "Those are my puppies! Look! It's my kitty cats!" We turn into the next aisle with Barbies and she exclaims, "My princess!! And my princess pony! I want that for my birthday!"  (I am lucky that she will accept "for Christmas" or "birthday" instead of flipping out that she isn't taking it home right at that moment.)

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I'm having a good* day

I wish I had something really awesome to write about.... I don't. So here's a random update on what's going on.

At this very moment Ry is spelling every word in a book out loud and asking me what they spell. I think he'll have "elephant" down by this evening.

Also at this very moment, Rose is sleeping!

I finally remembered to buy Tums at the store this morning... no sense in suffering longer than a week with that lovely combo of heartburn and acid reflux each and every night.

It's Wednesday, so it was Chapel this morning at school. I ran to the store in the 15 minutes I had between dropping off D and Chapel starting. I made it back only 4 minutes late! It must have been the combination of sitting on a pew with some other ladies, the fancy box of animal crackers I purchased, remembering Rose's blanket and not sitting around waiting, but we made it though the whole thing! Rose was a bit talkative and sang her abcs (just the h-i-j-k-l-m-n-o part) most of the time (quietly, at least). Success! Ry was very well behaved... just thought I'd mention that. D was very excited when he saw us as he left to go back to class, but I am certain he will ask where we were at the beginning.

Hmm... yesterday I ate vanilla ice cream with ruffled potato chips. It was delicious and I wish I had more, but I don't. Pregnancy craving? Sort of. I have a habit of dipping pretzels and french fries in ice cream, so this was along the same line. Sweet and salty!

My nephew is turning one and his birthday party is Saturday. Yay! Okay, here's the problem, what do I get him? I'll ask my sister, but any suggestions for unique gifts? And I'm not a crafting type of person so sewing or hot gluing projects are out.

I sure hope everyone is having a normal, good* day.  

*A good day is always nice... Great! and Fantastic! days are for overachievers for the most part.

Monday, August 27, 2012

another monday

Today a calf walked up the steps of my front porch and started eating the remains of my tomato plant.

I was one proud/happy mama when D's teacher told me how he is doing in school. He's making friends, is very sweet and gives her hugs when the rest of the class is acting a little rowdy and so far is just doing really well.

Over the weekend D went to a birthday party for one of the kids in his class (Tim took him) and apparently his friend that he talks about a lot and sits next to at lunch spotted him and ran across the yard yelling, "Hey! It's my best friend!" and gave D a big hug. And there was a collective "Aw!" across the crowd of parents, of course. I'm so glad he's making friends!

Yesterday we went to a little museum and the kids were okay, but I think Tim and I will have to go back without them sometime.... just too much "no touching" and "no running" for that hour of the day. And seeing how we went directly after church I think they were feeling a bit cooped up.

I am in the middle of making these cookies, only I'm making half with chocolate chips and the other half with raisins. D and I don't believe in raisins while the rest of the family seems to actually enjoy them. I don't understand it, but I love them so I double recipes to keep everyone happy.

It looks like someone came in and ransacked the house so I really should try to put things back in order. I better hurry while the kids are "napping" or it will be completely pointless.
Later lovely people.

Friday, August 24, 2012

ten happy things friday

I'm happy that we were ready to leave ten minutes early this morning so I could get the escapee cow back on our property instead of her wandering further down the road.

We have finally settled on a name for this baby girl (and you all will have to wait until she is born to find out)!


um... a little shocked, but very happy that both kids at home are napping right now. Nothing short of a miracle.

I checked the status of my fancy jeans made especially for gestating women and am happy they arrived at the PO this morning! I'll be picking them up this afternoon and hope they fit!!

I really want to make soft pretzels this weekend.

I noticed that I have started pinning and obsessively looking up anything "cinnamon roll".... Cinnamon Roll Cake, Cinnamon Roll Waffles.... cinnamon rolls just plain and simple. I think I have a fever and the only cure is more cowbell cinnamon roll influenced foods. (Tim, be prepared... we're gaining a lot of pounds this weekend. Okay? That's why I packed you a salad for lunch.)

24 weeks today. Restless Leg Syndrome is real, Johnson's baby bedtime lotion sort of curbs the terribleness of my rls... Tim calls it my fake ailment- obviously he's never been plagued with it before. tsk, tsk, tsk.


It's Friday. Friday. Friday. I will not link to that song because I love you guys too much (and if you know what I'm talking about now it's stuck in your head, too). Hah!!

have a great weekend!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

smiling is good most of the time

I was in the middle of writing a very lengthy post about maternity jeans, but thought better of it and deleted, deleted, deleted in order to spare you from gouging out your eyeballs. Anyhow, I'll make it really short and just tell you that I finally got up the courage to purchase a new pair of jeans (giant elastic waist band style, of course) and hope that I guessed the correct size and am waiting impatiently for them to arrive via postal express. There, that wasn't too bad.

This morning after I dropped D off at his class I headed over to the church with my remaining kidlets for Chapel. Despite my best efforts to not be super early (I mean, we are already there, I don't want to sit in the car for 20 minutes so what am I to do?) we went inside and found a seat in the back (not very difficult since there were fewer people in attendance this week). I smartly packed some drawing materials for the kids and some snacks to keep mainly Rose occupied. We made it about 30 minutes (out of the 45 designated for chapel) until Rose got a very manic looking smile on her face and race down the entire length of the pew (we had to ourselves) and back. I refused to make eye contact with her because I have learned (the hard way) that doing so will only entice her to behave even more terribly. So I simply gathered our things and hauled butt outta there. This was after several attempts at keeping her entertained, asking if she'd like to sit in my lap, telling her to be quiet and watch the 8th graders do their skit about Job... Nope, she was already on the "I'm two and will do whatever I want" train. And she even said she wanted to leave. So we did. But here's the catch, we get to see D come in to chapel (he got to carry the offering basket for his class today!) and we get to see him go back to class UNLESS someone can't be quiet and sit next to her mommy. Happy she was as we walked out the doors until I let her know that she had just messed up her chance at seeing D. Maybe that is tragic enough for her to remember for next week. I doubt it very much, although she was in tears when she realized she wasn't staying to see D. I mean, he is her favorite. It sucked for me too, not getting to see him... I miss that boy while he's at school.

It's probably time for me to do something that is more productive than eating a taco salad and pinning cookies and more things to make and eat. To be fair, the reason I haven't done anything is because I've been playing "mommies and babies" with Rose. She is currently very into this and everything she plays with is either named mommy or baby. Today it was her toy giraffes and horses and they were at the playground. I am amused with her pretending because the boys were not very into that at her age... is it just a girl thing? Or maybe since they pretend more now she has just picked it up from them? Either way it makes me laugh, but I do have to be going now. Adios.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

thoughts on tuesday

Tuesday might just become my baking day. This morning I made banana muffins (a new recipe) and pizza crusts for D's homemade "lunchables". I may be becoming that mom. There's no sense in fighting it if I enjoy doing these things and D actually eats and enjoys his lunch.

We're experiencing some sort of End of August Cool Front in the weather department. I really enjoy 90 as a high instead of 101. There is a remarkable difference in eleven degrees. I hope this wonderful trend continues.

D rode the school bus home (well, to the agreed upon pick up/drop off location) yesterday. He really seemed to like riding and was thrilled when I told him he was riding again today. My favorite part of him coming home in the afternoon is the hug he gives me without me asking.

Ry and Rose are playing better together. I think they are getting used to our new schedule. Yesterday and most of this morning they were relatively quiet while playing instead of screaming because they accidentally looked at each other!

I guess I better clean up the mess in the kitchen. It's now or never.

Monday, August 20, 2012

the weekend was too short

We had a good weekend, but I wasn't ready for it to end. Saturday I got to hang out with my younger sister all afternoon. We ended up mostly browsing in stores and then I got my hair trimmed- nothing major. It was really nice to get out and relax. My older sister had dropped by while I was gone and she brought us a car seat and stroller that look brand new. We have basically everything we need now for the baby which is awesome.

Sunday we went to church, I made BLTs for lunch (they were awesome!), played baseball and football with the kids and then watched some preseason nfl. I might have shed a few tears after the kids went to bed because Monday was just hours away and the weekend had gone by too fast.

This morning rolled around and it was back to school, work and laundry.... I have to admit that being forced to get dressed and be seen in public at 7:45am does seem to motivate me into jumping into housework stuff when I get back home. I've done quite a bit and just have to keep it going. D starts riding the bus in the afternoons today... I am so nervous about that! He's excited since he has been talking about riding a school bus forever it seems like.

Well, I better get back to doing things before I have to go meet D at the bus stop. Hope everyone is having a good Monday.

Friday, August 17, 2012

ten happy things friday

Yesterday Tim brought home ice cream. He knows how essential it is to me while I'm pregnant.

I also made hamburgers last night that were delicious... I had dos. That's two in Spanish.

D is having a great time at school and is learning his numbers in English, Spanish and German. This week it was 1-3... Ry has learned them as well so I am thinking we'll keep this trend up and he can skip kindergarten and just join D in first grade next year.

I am kidding about Ry skipping kindergarten. The kinder teacher is amazing and I really wouldn't want him to miss out getting to start his education learning with her.

Today I had a doctor's apt and it lasted all of 10 minutes. 8 of those minutes were chatting about my children. So two hours of driving to hear a very loud/strong heartbeat (always worth it) and to be told to keep growing... cause I am really good at gaining weight while pregnant. Too good I think.

I've been fairly unproductive today, but I'm letting it slide because it's Friday.

Grapes are yummy.

Tomorrow I've secured some time alone and maybe I'll get my hair cut... or not, we'll see.

We are watching preseason football.

The kids are in bed and I am about to dig into some ice cream.

Have a good weekend...

bonus #11: I don't have to wake up at 5:30 tomorrow morning!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

First Day

Well, it happened...
D's first day of kindergarten. We woke up early this morning and took our time getting ready without rushing. D was so excited! He decided to wear his favorite color for the first day (not exactly his favorite shirt, but collars are required for chapel Wednesdays). We walked him to his room and got him settled in and gave him a hug. He was already focused on drawing a picture and learning how to use the pencil sharpener so he didn't seem to mind when we left.

Ry was very disappointed that he wasn't going to "his class" (the room he met in for vacation Bible school) and Rose didn't want to leave D at school. We had about 20 minutes until chapel started (it's open for everyone) so I buckled us all in and went and fueled the car to kill some time. We got back and it still seemed early, but I noticed other parents going inside so I prayed a quick "God, please don't let these two kids lose their minds during chapel" and headed in. I'm glad we were early. There were a lot of people at chapel today and it was a little longer than usual, but we managed to make it the entire service! I fully expected to have to exit early so I left feeling (overly) confident about next week. D walked in with his chapel buddy (they pair up the older kids with a younger one) and he smiled so big and gave us a wave when he saw us. It made my morning to see him so happy!

I didn't cry! At least I haven't cried yet. I can't wait to hear about his day. I am counting down the hours until I pick him up. 2 1/2 to go...

Monday, August 13, 2012

weekend adventures

 Have you ever been spider hunting? I hadn't until Saturday night. Our friend, Carson, wanted to take the kids spider hunting and even bought them their very own LED flashlights for the big event. All you do is go outside to a grassy area, hold the light next to the side of your head at eye level and shine it along the ground (I thought crouching down and shining the light produced the most eye shine from the spiders)... it took some time getting used to looking for "eye shine" and hold the light right, but soon we were seeing lots and lots of spider eyes shining (reflecting back) at us. Now, I have a very strong aversion to spiders, but I found this to be a lot of fun. You can even spot the spider eye shine and slowly walk up to it and determine what kind of spider it is. And kill it so it doesn't have a chance to get in your house or crawl on your shoe. (kidding, sort of, not really.)

Sunday was church, car stuff and relaxing. We tried to watch the closing ceremonies of the Olympics since we missed the opening ceremonies... I wish we wouldn't have. Depressing. And now the TV is back on lock down except for football, Thomas the Train and Wild Kratts.

Right now I am googling how to cut my hair (I probably won't be daring and attempt), hoping Rose falls asleep soon and figuring out supper. Multitasking!

Friday, August 10, 2012

ten happy things friday

I just finished my coffee while reading blogs and then my parenting devotional. I threw a couple rugs in the washing machine and made oatmeal cinnamon muffins. My kids are still sleeping. It's 7:42am. They are usually awake by 7am; most mornings 6:30. So, this is a very rare and appreciated hour I'm enjoying this morning. (obviously written many hours before I finished this post)

We met with D's kindergarten teacher last night and I was 100% reassured that this school is the very best place that I could send him. His teacher is amazing and I've only met her a few times, but I know she absolutely cares about the kids she is teaching.

We got our Jeep back from the shop after four days of waiting for a taillight cover to be replaced. It's so good to have it back!

I am packing D's lunches for school because one, the lunch menu is pretty standard fair and two, I remember how I ate my school lunches- I didn't. So, I sat down with him this morning and made up a little menu of lunches to pack that I know he'll actually eat and will be somewhat healthier. (Is it weird that I'm excited about packing lunches?)

Just listened to Rose count to six... that girl is smart! And really cute!!

I think it might rain this evening, which would be really nice because things are getting brown and crunchy here.

It's after 5pm now and yes, it's taken all day for me to write this little post. That's what happens when you're interrupted 1.3 trillion times. I'm glad though, Tim will be home soon and it's the weekend!

I managed to power through some clothes puttin' away and now just have the kids clothes and the two loads I washed this morning to get done. I'll be honest... probably not happening tonight.

Freshly laundered towels. They're just so soft and fluffy!

And for numero ten... bean and cheese burritos for dinner. It sounds good and I have almost no energy remaining to cook anything else. Gotta go, rice is boiling over!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Today marks eight years of wedded bliss for us. I can't imagine my life without Tim. It would be so boring! Our first eight years have been a pretty wild ride. I didn't expect at least half of the things we've done or been through when I was planning our wedding and thinking about our future. We're very different people than we were eight years ago, but thankfully we changed and grew together. Every trial has made us a stronger couple and every bit of happiness and joy in our lives has been doubled just because we've been able to share it together.

So, Tim, thanks for eight wonderful years and I look forward to the next eight (plus all the future years after that).

(I would like to write a lot more about how wonderful Tim is, but I would end up all teary eyed and never be able to finish this post... because I'm pregnant and my crying has been elevated a trillion times above it's normal level. For example, Tim finally told me what he was secretly planning to get me for our anniversary (specialty cupcakes & maudies enchiladas- well, I assume enchiladas that's all I eat there) and I almost started crying- because CUPCAKES + MAUDIES = HE LOVES ME! and also knows me very well. I am making him a delicious steak and potato dinner and maybe if the stars are aligned just the right way I will also make some fried pickles. (I'm also making that for me, too, because we decided to go out to dinner on an evening a little more babysitter friendly.)

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

tuesday short

Today is going much better than yesterday. It's been productive since I was able to take care of some business at the courthouse, stop by the school and get some info and pick up a few groceries. All trips were quick and painless thanks to my mom chauffeuring me around while the Jeep is getting inspected. And thanks to my in laws for letting Tim borrow their car and always being so kind and generous when we need it the most.

To top off the feeling of relief when things are being accomplished, my sister has been going through her baby things and invited me to take what I needed. So I went from having a few things to having a tote full of diapers, burp cloths and other baby items that were on my list.

Feeling happy. And now to see Holly and my Goddaughters to make today even better!

Friday, August 3, 2012

ten happy things friday

Vanilla iced coffee

Oatmeal-Coconut-Peanut Butter Chip Cookies

A clean kitchen

Pandora Radio

Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup

The (ugly) maxi dress I'm currently wearing (because it's comfortable).

Ready to relax tonight

Getting most of the blue ink out of someone's khaki pants.

Pasta with alfredo sauce and veggies

Kids playing outside

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Baby Needs What?

Oh you guys, shopping for baby stuff is fun. It's also intimidating for first time parents, especially when they walk into a big box baby store and start the registering process. I remember registering with my first and thinking there was so much that I needed. I mean, I didn't really know any better, being a first time mom, so I followed the registry guide. By the second baby I had figured out what I needed and what was an extra. Third baby came along and I pared it down even more. And now I have a list of what I need right off the bat.

You can find all sorts of guides for what you need, but I click a lot of links and found that there is some ridiculously frivolous things listed as necessary. So, from my experience, I'll make a list of things I have found useful and "essential".


First you'll need to decide if you're going with disposable diapers or if you want to use cloth. Some people use both. I have just stuck with disposables although I have thought a lot about trying cloth. 

2 packs of newborn sized diapers. Baby may grow out of Nb fairly quickly so I want to have enough for the first week or two, but it also depends on Baby's size and that's not something you can be certain of before you deliver. More can be purchased if you need them when the time comes. I prefer pampers swaddlers.

1 case (each) of size 1 and 2. Again, you're prepared for the next size, but purchase more when or if you need to continue using them. I was happy with pampers swaddlers and Huggies little snugglers.

Size 3 diapers. This is the size my kids wore the longest during the first year. (basically any brand will do, although one of mine had more rashes with a certain brand so when switching between brands you might want to buy a small pack first before you invest in a huge box)

Diaper rash cream/ Skin Ointments I like Aveeno diaper cream and Aquaphor Ointment, but store brands have been just as effective and a lot cheaper. I will say that Aquaphor is awesome for all sorts of uses for adults and baby and it lasts a long time. I bought a few travel sizes for purse, diaper bag and medicine cabinet and they lasted for months. 

Wipes I avoid any scented wipes because I never know if my kid's skin will have a bad reaction. Our family seems to have sensitive skin so I only buy Huggies Natural Care wipes or the store brand equivalent.


If you're having a baby shower be prepared for an excessive amount of clothes up to around 6 months. People can't resist cute baby clothes. If you have friends with babies ask if they will let you borrow clothes that their baby has outgrown. In any case be sure you have at least these items...

8 body suits (onsies) Depending on season long or short sleeved. Try to find a few kimono type (side snap) for baby's first dressings, no struggling with getting anything over a wiggly baby's head.

8 sleepers Sometimes referred to as "Sleep-n-plays" they are full body, footed pjs. If your baby is a summer baby you might not need 8 as you may use more onsies.

3 shirt and pant outfits Probably not essential, but nice if you want to "dress up" baby for any outings. Pants are nice to pair with onsies.

6 pairs of socks Make them cute!

2 hats 3/4 of mine are winter babies so hats/caps were essential. The hospital will probably provide one knit cap. Summer babies might want a sun hat of some sort if you are the outdoorsy type.


Your baby won't eat solid foods for at least four months. Do not worry about spoons, baby food or serving bowls for bringing baby home. You can buy these things as you get closer to that time.

4 bottles (+ bottle brush) Even if you plan on breastfeeding have a few bottles on hand. You may want to pump and let someone else feed the baby and it's nice to be prepared in case you suddenly need to bottle feed. Even for formula feeding, which I did after a certain point with all mine, I didn't need 12 bottles.

Formula This one totally depends on you. I always had a couple sample cans hanging out and I breastfed, so I didn't worry about it until I had to. My kids didn't need a special kind so I don't have a lot of experience here besides that I used one can/container per week when they were about 7 months old.

Burp Cloths (10) I love using prefold cloth diapers for burp cloths. Very absorbent and versatile.

For Breastfeeding

2 nursing bras I wouldn't buy more than two right away because of fluctuating size. Buy towards the end of pregnancy and talk to a sales person! They will (hopefully) be very helpful. I liked having a regular one and a sleep bra which looks a lot like a sports bra and is very accommodating during that first week of nursing.

Nursing pads Leaking is going to happen. Don't be alarmed- be prepared. I would recommend washable pads; they are softer and more economical than disposables.

Breast Pump & storage bags or bottles I was able to pump with a medela handheld manual pump (I received at hospital when my second was born) with wonderful results. I had a terrible double electric with my first and trashed it. Research, think about how often you'll need to use it and decide from there. Ask around if you have friends or family that have recommendations, too. They are often the most helpful and honest. I loved the bottles with caps that you can freeze and then warm and top it with a nipple... no transferring the milk between a storage container to a bottle.

Nipple Cream/Balm There are many options out there and I had good results/relief with Lansinoh.

Nursing Pillow If I didn't have something to rest/prop my arms on while holding a baby for 20 minutes or more my arms would have fallen off. I used a boppy and loved it, but I'm sure any fluffy pillow would be helpful.


Infant acetaminophen

Gas drops  You never know when baby will get gassy so it's better to have some stashed away than be driving to the store at 2am.

Pacifier(s)  Have a couple of different styles... We were fortunate to receive a Soothie paci at the hospital and then I had been gifted other kinds. They worked for around 6 weeks until my kids decided they liked their thumbs better.

Nail Clippers or Emory Board These are my favorite and I have 3 pair because I am always misplacing them!

Baby Shampoo/Body wash/ Lotion Any gentle cleanser will work. You should sponge bathe until your baby's umbilical cord stump falls off. (Here is where I will say that baby towels are cute and so are tiny washcloths, but guess what! Full sized ones work just as well if not better.) As for lotion... I liked Aveeno.

Gear (must have)

Car seat It's required by law. I recommend going gender neutral on this.

A place to sleep It doesn't have to be a crib, you could use a pack-n-play for six months like I did with our third baby before you purchase anything else.

Blankets  Though a little pricey (to me), my favorite swaddling blankets are these. I bought a four pack after I had my second baby and I love them because they are big and you can swaddle longer with them. I never bought more because I always had an abundance of other blankets. We have an excess of cozy blankets (my fault), but one or two soft plush blankets are very nice to have.

Extra Gear

Everything else is extra, really. A baby sling/ carrier is nice if you actually use it. Baby bath tubs are convenient, but you could get by without one if you have a real bath tub. A swing can be a lifesaver if your baby loves it (mine did- it's on my personal must have list). Strollers are, once again, convenient especially if you go out frequently. A high chair or some sort of booster seat (we'll be going with a space saving type this time) is a good investment, but you aren't going to use it right away so that's something to plan on purchasing when your baby is 4 to 6 months old.

I feel like I'm forgetting some things, but that's what I have written down on my list for this baby and I've checked it against other lists... Anyhow, all this to say if you're expecting your first or your fourth there is no need to be overwhelmed with registry's or feeling like you're skimping if you don't buy the entire line of matching gear that's being shoved in your face. Your baby needs a few things and YOU. Try not to get caught up in stuff and just focus on what your baby needs most. Food, clothing, shelter, love.

Any essentials I forgot? Any suggestions? Leave them in the comments!! I'd love to know what you think!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I'm Here

I didn't have the Internet for four days... first world problem. We also had a round of 12 hour stomach bug-ness that hit everyone and finally ended yesterday with me. We are feeling lots better and without the Internet distracting me I managed to finish a book I've been reading since April. I don't think it's ever taken me that long to read a book. Of course, I am a little busier than I used to be. And a lot more tired.

Friday we were in between kids being sick and made it to the baseball game I mentioned. Our seats were behind home plate and the boys, D in particular, loved watching the game. Afterwards there were some impressive fireworks and it was a great way to end the evening. We managed to not spend a dime at the game by bringing the max amount of snacks/ bottled water per person we were allowed. Water was $4 a bottle at the game- same brand we had brought, too, just the next size up- and apparently magical. Concessions make the money.

The children are "napping" at the moment. (insert manic laughing from a crazy woman here) Ah... nap time used to be such a popular and accepted part of the day. The only one who participates without crying (much) is Rose. I would totally continue this little rant, but I am watching women's volleyball (usa & china) and it's making me angry and distracted. I'll just have you know that instead of yelling at the TV that I just stomped my foot on the floor because I am a verrryy mature adult. And it's nap time. No yelling. (updated: it's looking up now! we did have captain america cheering...)

Have a good Wednesday folks. And yes, we hooked the tv up so we could watch some Olympics.