Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I blame anyone but myself for this nonsense

I'm sure you're just dying to know how my day was yesterday. Well, the potty training was...ok. There was some crying involved (maybe me/maybe the child) but no accidents. Daddy came home and suddenly Mr. I-hate-the-potty was sitting happily upon the Elmo seat doing his business. Smiling. No tears, no hyperventilating, no flailing of limbs.... so the parenting hours to success rate is Mama 10-0 and Daddy 1-1.

The teething/fussy baby-toddler took a nap and was in much happier spirits for the rest of the day. And for that baby-toddler stuff... I'm sort of hesitant to call her a toddler, although she is, but she's our baby and you know... that just what she is. Meaning youngest and last child. If I start calling her a toddler then I'm admitting she's growing up and not a baby anymore and then I'll start thinking about how I don't have a baby anymore and then,  dearsweetbabyJesus, I might have a longing and start reminiscing about holding tiny babies and how they smell so good. And I'll totally have some amnesia about what labor feels like... it really isn't bad. (ohdearit'salreadyhappening)  So.. I insist on calling her my baby. The end.

Moving right along, like the above never happened... I have been sleeping in until 7am for the past week and it feels amazing! Although the reason why I get to sleep in is not amazing at all and I'm hoping to wake at the 6am hour asap. The wildfire may have affected someones job... and hopefully he can get to work like yesterday but even tomorrow would be nice. Until then I'm going to enjoy sleeping in and CLB will enjoy someone helping him build fences. I will also convince myself beans, rice and  ramen noodles sans flavor packet create a delicious meal. (ok, we aren't that desperate yet but I can be prepared)

I will also drown my troubles in this ice cream... until it's gone anyhow.
which will most likely be today.

But those children will keep me entertained with their new movie they are creating about Spider Man. He steals someones Little Pony...
and rides off into the sunset... oh I don't really know. I do know Captain America is supposed to appear at some point, though. I think he's hiding under his bed right now feeling quite embarrassed for the Little Pony. 

Have a wonderful day!

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  1. This was way too much fun to read. You're a funny lady, my one and only S-i-L.