Thursday, September 1, 2011


I'm sitting at my dining room table listening to two men talk about politics in my living room. I should probably be listening a bit more closely, but here I am typing away. It sounds riveting, though.

If you came by yesterday then you already know what I had planned. To recap I went to the post office and then to my mom's house. I had a splendid time. I read my magazine within about thirty minutes of being there (and I left it because I like to share) and then we sat around while Rose played dress up with all the costume jewelry my mom could find (she now has quiet a collection). The boys found some cowboy toys and then soon found their way to their aunt's room upstairs. (my lil' sis, although she is about to be two decades old and making her way through an architect/engineering degree) She has a Lego police station and D and Ry really love it. Man, I enjoyed myself some Lego building back in the day. I'm glad I had a big brother that passed 'em down.

My mom ending up making Ry a blanket while we were there. She would have made D one too, but we ran out of backing. My mom is such an awesome seamstress. I wish I had a bit more confidence to handle a sewing machine better. Mom actually bought me one and I have tried my very best to make friends with it... I'm not sure it likes me. Makes me a little sad. I was doing fine until something happened with the bobbin. I haven't figured it out and it's been at least six months. I could always take it over to my mom and ask her to fix it. I have read the instruction manual and trouble shooting guide... nothing works. At least for me. My mom would probably take one look at it and have it all figured out. So, when she said, "Let's make this blanket!" I may have ran the opposite direction and hid behind a chair. It took a lot of reassuring and bribery to get me back out. I'm still a little shaky from it.

aw.. now those guys are reminiscing about the good ole days. When they were young and not as smart as they think they are now. This I've got to listen to. Stories I need to hear so I can tell my boys about how smart their Daddy and godfather were growing up.

bye for now,

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  1. Reminiscing or politics by the men, what a combo!