Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I don't even know

I was writing a post about the drought and due to my lack of photographic evidence had to save it for another time. Don't worry though, I'll be sure to take some pictures that will slap you in the face. I'm pretty sure Debbie Downer has taken over my body.

Every time I finished a sentence that is what I heard.

I just got sucked into watching SNL videos and I am so happy now! I haven't laughed that hard in days, y'all. It's a fantastic feeling- I missed it.

subject change

So... is it too early to be thinking about Halloween costumes?
(side note: my family never "celebrated" Halloween so I am kind of excited about getting the kids costumes and stuff.)
D wants to be Spider Man and I am cool with that. He thinks Rose should go as a princess and Ry wants to be Woody from Toy Story (he was Buzz Lightyear last year). They use their costumes to play in all year and last year I got the cheapest ones I could find and um, they fell apart pretty much the second time they wore them. I'm thinking I should spend the extra five bucks or so and get them some decent stuff this year. I'm going to go window shopping on the Internet now.

Have a productive Wednesday!

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  1. oh...I hope you put up costume photos! I love Halloween...hopefully next year Julia can get into the spirit!