Friday, September 2, 2011

This, That and Football

Ooh! You can't see where I write these posts (behind the scenes) but Blogger has gone all "modern" and "fresh" and "streamlined". At first I didn't like it, mainly because I don't like change, but I'll try it out. I have to relocate where everything is. So, this may take me longer than usual. You won't know that because at some point today this post will be complete and "by the magic of television" (or the Internet) suddenly appear on my blog.

This morning Beard-O (aka my husband and father of my children) left not so bright and early as usual. We actually got to sleep in until past 7am since he is helping his cousin move today. Getting an extra hour of sleep was awesome. I actually felt alive when I got out of bed and could hold a conversation. Although if you asked Beard-O if I made any sense this morning he would certainly contradict what I just wrote. Whatever, I blame it on my lack of caffeine.

I am hoping on getting to the grocery store today... especially because I am fresh out of pretzels, tea and creamer. Crucial, I'm telling you. Also, we could use some other "essential" items... diapers, milk, apple juice, animal crackers, yogurt... and because my boys love this yogurt in squeezable tubes I'm thinking about trying the applesauce that I've seen lately that is in little pouches that they can squeeze directly into their pie holes. No spoon or bowl required. Would that be considered "fast food"?

I asked Beard-O (I'm not sure I'll ever call him T again) if he needed anything from town last night and he just kept staring at the TV. Then it was like he suddenly heard me (I shouldn't try to ask him anything if football is on) and he was all, "Make sure we all have gear!" Gear meaning: Texas Longhorns apparel. And because I am such an awesome wife I said, "Oh, I've already got that covered! I even almost freaked out because I forgot I bought Ry a shirt a couple weeks ago. Don't worry, we'll be outfitted appropriately on Saturday." I mean, doesn't he know that I know these things? Have I not listened for weeks, months! about UT football and Sept 3, and do the boys have shirts? Does Rose have a shirt? Will we all wear burnt orange every Saturday? Yes, Beard-O, I KNOW what is happening on Sept 3! Didn't you marry me because I accepted your addiction to football wholeheartedly? (just one reason) Didn't you find it awesome that while in labor with our third child we watched an NFL playoff game and I got upset when someone turned the TV off so I could focus on pushing? Yeah, I like me some football.


and with that....
have a wonderful weekend!


  1. ha. on the fast food!

    love the beard-o moniker.

    Have a stellar weekend!!!

  2. Love that you were watching football while you were in labor. My kinda girl!

  3. You were all cutely and properly attired for Saturday. It was nice to see you guys.
    I posted a link to this here blog on my FB page. I hope that's copacetic. If not just let me know. :)