Thursday, September 15, 2011

That's Not What I Said

Here I am with post two to make up for the nada I wrote yesterday.

I planned on addressing this yesterday but obviously did not due to the fact that I was really busy. I will be referencing the second paragraph of Tuesday's post. (click the link and get informed. Or be like me and don't because you can't have people telling you what to do and just be confused. Again.)

My "baby-toddler" talk was misinterpreted by a couple of people. By a couple I actually do mean 2. (maybe others were also confused or misinterpreted my message, but I don't know.) These two are also of the male gender. (background: CLB has been working out at his farm and spends the night occasionally.) So, Tuesday night CLB comes in and says, "So, you want to have another baby! I bet you'll be pregnant/have another one in no less than two years. I know it, it's gonna happen!" (something like that, okay?) I was a little caught off guard because, seriously, where would he get a crazy idea like that? I turned from the sink with a half washed plate and nearly threw it at him (just kidding!) and responded, "yeah, I don't think so. Why would you even think that!?" Well... he took that "baby-toddler" talk to mean that I sure missed having a baby around and that I want another one Right Now. No... that was all talk preventing me from having another baby!
(please tell me if you understood what I was saying! I need backup!)
(the other person that thought similar things was my own husband.)

Just so we all have a clear understanding... I'm not wishing for another baby. I'm completely happy with our family exactly like it is. I think it's perfect. (and so does Beard-O)

So, I guess some people need clear and concise wordage while others (like my sister-in-law) can see that I'm just being humorous and joking about how I gotta keep a "baby" around or I'll end up having another one...ha. ha. so funny.
and... The End.


  1. That's so funny! Leave it to the boys to jump to the craziest conclusion. :)

  2. boys.... cant live with em... cant... yep, that is pretty much it. at the very least you cant expect them to understand what you mean! ;)