Thursday, June 30, 2011

Unrelated to farming in every way

Uh... I'm gonna tell you about it and I'm not afraid. Random thoughts from me. Like always.
  • I was going to tell you about how I don't believe where music has gone. It Angers me. Sometimes I want to throw things at the TV (I'm looking at you NBC for your hookup with Pitbull on Tuesday).
  • Speaking of NBC... The Voice. We all knew Javier was going to win when we saw the previews for the show. Yes, before the show even aired... He definitely had the most talent and is probably a better musician than some of the judges.
  • I'm feeling very opinionated today.
  • I think Tabasco sauce smells gross. 
  • Stoneyfield yogurt tastes better than Yoplait.
  • C.L.B is back!!!! We are very happy and can't wait to see him Saturday!
  • My daughter is the most gorgeous little girl ever. 
  • I need a haircut. 
  • I need to make something delicious with the giant zucchini I have. 
This is morphing into a to do list now. It has to end.
See you tomorrow... if we're still friends after you read this. 

1 comment:

  1. YaY for Stoneyfield yogurt! I totally agree.