Saturday, June 4, 2011

This one's for you

C.L.B. Oh, you know who you are. You know because I'm mentioning this little tidbit: I've never called this a "daily blog". IF I ever did I must have been delusional at the time. (IF there is some place you read this was a "daily blog" please leave a comment with your reference.) I will correct that right away (IF you prove me wrong).

I know you are far away right now and this blog might mean that I can, on occasion, make you smile or laugh. Maybe it reminds you of home and therefor when you pull up my blog and find that I've failed you by not posting anything new you get a little... upset. Maybe you call up my sweetheart and express your anger at totally being let down because there was nothing new yesterday. And then Little Miss Blogger takes a break on the weekends. So you are left with three whole days with nothing to read here. I had no idea how much this little hobby of mine meant to you. I mean, I heard that you had liked it, but I just didn't know you were addicted to it. Honestly, it's really flattering to know I have such a dedicated reader. I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to pull up this blog in hopes of reading about some sort adventure I may have had while I was feeding the chickens. (Please note, I heard about you're little comment about it being time to eat a chicken. I will not be taking your

Some days I pull up the blog and try to write something interesting and after a few minutes (sometimes hours) I just close it out. I can't subject you (or my other readers, that's weird) to reading about how much laundry I did that day or that I bought more Blue Bell while adventuring in HEB. To me it seems so boring. But then I start scrolling through other blogs and I'm interested and amused, I might add, when they post the same boring things that I won't post. So, I'm just warning you, you may pull up this blog and read about how I cleaned the kitchen last night and was really proud of myself. For cleaning the kitchen. Something any normal person would do. And then maybe we will both realize that, for me, cleaning the kitchen is a challenge and should be celebrated.

Please accept this very rare Saturday post as an apology for not keeping up with my so called "daily blog". (Still challenge you to find me quoting that somewhere.) I will do my best to keep this blog updated with hilarious stories and also how I used several coupons and managed to save X amount of money on groceries. I know you're interested now. Maybe one day I'll write a revealing post on my sons' genius song writing skills. You may have heard it already. That reminds me, one of my sons serenaded your eldest daughter while she was here. It was incredibly sweet.)

I am currently preoccupied listening to D laughing hysterically at Rose. The past two days he has come up to me and said, "Come look at what she's doing. She is so funny! She always makes me laugh." To me, that's awesome. My one year old is so amusing to my four year old that he is laughing so hard he can't tell me why. He also says amusing things like, "Um, Rose just needs her diaper changed." I acknowledge this but it's not enough and he continues with, "She needs it changed like a million times already, Mom." Thanks D. You are very helpful.

Alright then... I've got to make some supper now. Oh, and rescue a keyless stranger.

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