Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bargains make me happy

Over the weekend we went to Lowes. (I know, big surprise!) We went to get some fencing for the backyard and I was going to ignore all the beautiful plants...until we got there. The first thing we heard (we went straight into the garden center) was that all the plants were 50% off and vines were 75% off. The exception was vegetables. Oh my word, I picked a fence out and then ran back to flowers and did a celebratory dance. At that price I could actually afford some really nice plants! I picked out two pink Knockout rosebushes (2 gallon pots), another plumbago, Esparanza (yellow bells), Carolina Jessamine (a beautiful vine) and a Bougainvillaea vine (both already about 3 feet high). I would have paid around $200 for those plants full price. We all know I can't afford that for my "Can I Keep It Alive 2011" experiment. It was a steal for about $45. Since we have black clay for soil and it's very difficult for me to work with I'm going to make a raised bed for the roses and pot the rest of the plants. I'll take some pictures for you while I'm out working and try to post them tomorrow.

We are getting ready for a trip to the grocery store (another big surprise). Also, I am getting the "rip it out and start over" bug. In my kitchen. We don't have any budget for a kitchen makeover so I'm going to be browsing the DIY blogs pretty heavily. To give you an idea of what I want my kitchen to look like here's these:
Sorry, I didn't save the source
 bhg.com It bothers me that the photo isn't "level"

So, open shelving.... what's your opinion of that? And I'm not into the curtain below the sink (no way! I need locks to keep the kids out!) Light blue walls and clean white cabinets with black hardware. No clutter. I am ready to throw a lot of things out. I have some motivation... but I also need follow through. Help me out friends! Give me some ideas down in the comment section or some "I've been there" encouragement. I'd really appreciate it!!

Have a totally terrific Tuesday,

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