Monday, June 20, 2011

Monday will be Monday

The wisdom just flows from my fingertips, does it not? By now you know what Monday holds for me, right? Or maybe you just found this super popular blog and feel a little out of the loop. I'll let you in on this Monday secret of mine. It's no secret. Monday brings three days worth of laundry and scatters it across my house. As much as I have tried to keep up some system for dirty clothes it never fails to have about 4 mountainous piles of dirty laundry waiting for me. We all have clothes hampers in our rooms. Unfortunately those hampers are usually filled with clothes that need mending or if it's the kid's hamper it's full of blankets. If I would just power on and wash those things they could use their hamper. (I think I'm trying to convince myself to do this. Today.) I tend to have such great expectations for myself on Mondays. Usually I get pretty disappointed because I will get half the laundry folded, get interrupted and leave the room, find something else that needs doing and at the end of the day those clothes are still waiting. It's a terrible cycle of laundry procrastination. I am never caught up. Never. Even when we have moved I had dirty laundry in the hampers waiting to be washed in a new house. (Someone tell me I'm not the only one.)
I can't believe I've written so much about laundry. I do apologize... if you've made it this far you may be a best friend I didn't know I had. Perhaps you loathe laundry as much as I do. Virtual high-five!

The rest of you probably just woke up with a keyboard imprint on your cheek.
  If I completely lost you please come back by tomorrow. I'm just suffering from the weekend is over syndrome. I am also (obviously) afflicted by laundry-itis. It's fairly common in mothers around the world. Now that I really think about I have it pretty good. I don't have to go to the river and wash our clothes or get out the wash board. I guess I'm thankful I have the conveniences I do and the clothes we have. There are mothers that wish they had this "problem". So, in retrospect, I am so glad I'm washing laundry today. It fills me with joy!


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