Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I Want to Buy Spray Piant

Lots of it. I stumbled upon this website, A Soft Place to Land, yesterday and I'm a teeny bit addicted. (If you click over there, I am just warning you, be prepared to get nothing else accomplished today. Um, you guys can go ahead and loose your minds here.) 

I am by no means very artsy or super crafty, but I am so inspired by this lady that I feel like I can totally re-do and update our rooms without a lot of fuss. In fact, yesterday evening I painted some swatches of paint on our kitchen and dining room walls (instead of starting supper). It was the "Summer Song" I mentioned recently... I am not feeling it, y'all. It ended up looking really florescent and I can't imagine starting out the day in such a neon bright room. The problem is I have an entire gallon. I told T how I felt about it and he suggested we use it to brighten up the house next door. I am so glad he thought of that. I bet it will look good there... (By the way, T has not fallen ill to "decorator lingo" and actually said to "just use it next door"... I don't think he would ever say anything like "brighten up" or "liven up" or "create a fresh space". He would just say, "This looks clean. I like it.")

Anyhow, I am currently dreaming about spray painting bookcases and making our living room welcoming. Also, the laundry room. I envy those of you that can close you laundry room door. I have no such luxury and am conjuring up a plan as I type this. I also want to create a "chalkboard wall" for my boys. I am thinking I can frame their closet door and create it there. If any of these things get accomplished I'll post before and after pictures. I don't have the courage to post pictures right now.

In other news, we are getting the sheep moved back over here. Last night we started fencing off an escape proof area for them. I'll post some pictures tomorrow.

I'm going to finish painting my room (last wall!) today,

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