Friday, June 10, 2011

Totally Boring (but you asked for it)

Hey y'all. I am happy to report that yesterday I actually got some things accomplished. I baked some brownies for after supper, otherwise called dessert (I might have sampled them pretty heavily before then, though.) I washed two loads of laundry and managed to put away some of it. I cleaned up the kitchen (don't laugh, it takes effort to keep it clean.) I planted a bunch of flowers that my mom dug up out of her garden and gave me. If they die I'm blaming my soil. I did the usual farm chores and even remembered to set out something to thaw for supper. We ate and then watched game 5 of the NBA finals. Actually I only watched half of it. T stayed up and let me know who won. Last night I kept waking up to unclench my jaw. Every so often I do this clenching thing and then suffer the consequences the next day. I've got a headache this morning. As soon as I eat breakfast I'll be taking some medicine.
She shares your boredom

I really wish she'd say something slightly interesting

In addition to my usual tasks I changed up some stuff on here. You'll notice I now have a profile picture, some share buttons at the bottom of the post and a new closing picture. You can also leave me a comment. That's not new, I just thought I'd remind you!
She shares my excitement

She also got all her coolness from me
I hope y'all have an awesome weekend. We've got plans (oh no!) for the park, swimming and maybe some grilling.
P.S. Look! I totally posted every day this week! (weekends excluded, of course)

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