Monday, June 6, 2011

Once Upon a Foggy Morning

Last week we had a nice foggy morning. I headed outside to take a few pictures before the kids woke up and here's what I saw...

The first was my geranium; it gave a burst of flaming red against all the gray fog.

Then I glanced out into the yard and saw one of the horses. The other one was trying to get into the shed where their feed was. That's why I ignored her.

Brenner kept running by me with this thorny stick. He kept running just close enough to me that it would slap my leg when he went by.

I let him know I wasn't too thrilled about that so he did me a favor and ran by on my other side so the stick wouldn't hit me. How considerate of him.

Then I focused on flowering weeds.
And the bug that living on this one. Isn't it cute?

Anybody up for a game of "He loves me, he loves me not"? This was my flower of choice.

I was a bit scared of getting too close to this pretty spider web. I couldn't locate the spider and I was pretty sure if I got too close it was going to jump in my hair. I worry about the strangest things. Or do I?


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