Monday, June 27, 2011

Our Weekend (The Short Version)

What a weekend we had. T worked on the fence Saturday while I took the kids to a family reunion. We had a great time (at the reunion) while T sizzled in the heat. Sunday I went grocery shopping while T worked on the fence some more. By the time I got back home we were ready to move the sheep. We had to make some adjustments with the fence and then we were finally done. With the fence. We moved a feeder down from the barn (it was so much fun!) and then we sat down and watched them. They are right in front of the house now. This morning we woke up and watched the sheep graze while we ate our breakfast.

I'm sure this is a thrilling recount of our weekend. I'm leaving a lot of fascinating details out (we had frozen pizzas for dinner on Saturday), but you aren't missing much. It was a long weekend. I'm actually glad it's over (just don't tell T). I'll post some pictures tomorrow. At least now we can focus on the million other projects we have.

I have a monstrous pile of clothes waiting for me and children to care for. My coffee is waiting, too.

It was something, although not much,

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