Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Farm at Sunset

Last night we headed out to check on the cows. It was right after 8pm when we got going. They greeted us at the gate in the back pasture. I forgot to take my camera off of "kids and pets" for the first picture so it's a little dark.

Isn't it beautiful?
This here, this is not beautiful. This is drought. We could use some rain. We could use a slow down pour for several days, maybe even a week or two? It's so frustrating to see such lush weeds and brittle brown grass. (I think we could do some shredding...) 

Again, a hard to see picture here. It's of the horses. They were running around kicking up their heels. I always get nervous when they do that. 

So, that was our little trip at sunset. I have the usual things to do today with the hopes that I can get all 4 loads of laundry put away (and wash more laundry),  clean up in the laundry room, get some plants potted, plan out supper, tend to the garden and chickens and horses.

Just for fun here's what I looked like last night. I need to explain my attire first. I went to town yesterday and was wearing jeans with this shirt. When I got home it was a blazing 143 degrees outside so I grabbed the first goofy looking skirt I saw in my closet. Then, because I didn't want to be bit on the ankles by a snake I pulled my boots on. This was all fine until T wanted to take my picture. So, here I am. Keeping it real for y'all. Laugh all you want.
Hilarious, no? At least I have the sense to not walk around in public like this. 
Wait, is the Internet public? Is this blog public? 
Possibly regretting this,

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