Monday, June 13, 2011

Look, we went to the park

This weekend we: got fencing for the backyard, more flowers for me, the kids went swimming, ate (a lot), went to the park,  hung out with T's family, watched the Mavericks win (!), finally went to sleep. And now it's Monday morning... complete with messy house from the weekend, piles of clothes waiting to be washed, sink full of dishes and a Mama that needs lots of coffee to make it through.
I think I'll share some park pictures today.

D looking very handsome. He insisted on playing soccer the whole time.

Rose. Look at the freedom she has here. She really took advantage of it.
Ry had to pout for a few minutes...
Thank goodness we stopped at Sonic and got two Route 44 Cherry Limeades.
We were guzzling them the entire time. Especially D. After each kick of the ball he would run over and grab the cup and say, "Hold on, I need a drink cause it's hot out here." 
And it was hot. It was around 95 at 11am. 
This is just... my life. Can I not have one, just one, picture of me with the kids? Rose kept trying to run away, Ry was doing alright and D was only interested in Cherry Limeade. 
Here's the most acceptable photo. I wish I'd taken my glasses off. Notice they are all looking at the camera (it's a challenge) and I'm holding onto Rose and Ry pretty tightly (so they won't run).

This is why we prefer Jason to come out and take our pictures. (He took the pic I use for my profile.) We had been talking about it all weekend and then Sunday night he called T! (Like fate or something.) So we are scheduled for July. I may be asking for some of you ladies for advice on attire. Be prepared.

Here's the ending picture y'all.

This was Mama and Daddy's idea of a cute picture. Well, really we wanted the boys to give Rose a hug. With them all smiling and looking angelic. Rose would not have it. Ry decided to stay out of it but D tried his best. After this we left. The kids were worn out. (That's probably why they didn't want to cooperate for pictures. I'll remember to have them well rested in July.)

I'm a Monday's child,

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