Thursday, June 2, 2011

Someone's feeling a little...


(Someone may not have slept well the past two nights)

(Someone may have new teeth erupting from her gums)

(Someone has detatched herself from Mama's hip to play with her brothers)

(Which means Mama has about 22 seconds of free time)

(Mama has been blessed with the "Angry Eyes" look frequently today)

(Mama is being very sympathetic)

(That also means that Mama isn't getting much done)

(Mama knows that Someone will be back to normal soon)

(This knowledge is a great comfort in times like these)

(Mama is not sure why so many parenthesis are being used)

(Typing this probably took 2 minutes...)
(With interruptions it actually took 68 minutes to publish it)

Just thought I'd share how things were going,

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