Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Fence for Sheep (pt. 1)

Yesterday I mentioned that we are getting the sheep moved back here. They had been escaping from our place on a very frequent basis and it finally got bad enough (they had wandered down our country road a little too far) that we told my sister and brother in law that something had to be done. We don't have sheep proof fencing... all we have ever had out here are cattle so it's just barbed wire. (We have a little partnership with my sister and brother in law... They rescued the sheep from a lady that didn't have room for them and T and I agreed to care for them.)  We moved the sheep to their neighbor's place (who had agreed to board them) and things were going along just fine, or so we thought. I don't want to get into a long complicated story (I've tried writing it but it would only confuse us all) we had to get them moved Sunday night or they would be free to walk out any gate they wanted to on Monday morning. My sister and brother in law live right across from the barn where the sheep usually bed down. We decided to have my sister and brother in law walk the sheep across their road and onto their property. It all worked out and Monday we started building a fence on our place that would be sheep proof. Basically the huge front yard I have (and do nothing with) is being turned into paddock for the sheep.

I think everything is going to work out well and the sheep will stay pretty happy in this area. It'll be nice to see them out my kitchen window in the morning (and all day) again.
I was incredibly distracted while writing this because I had three children climbing all over me. Also, spell check is not running and my pictures took forever to upload. I need to guzzle some more coffee and go start my  real day.

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