Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday Randomness

Random pictures today, as I promised. But first some exciting news about what I did over the past couple of days. Wednesday I got impulsive and rearranged the living room. It's really not like me to go moving furniture around, however I just couldn't take the set up anymore! I cleaned out my storage ottoman. Completely. All it holds now are two blankets. T asked what my next project would be and I answered honestly with, "I don't know. I just do things sporadically." So yesterday I started on our bedroom. We have this huge entertainment center that my sister gave us... it resides in our bedroom. I started cleaning it out with the thought of moving it to the old playroom. I am trying to make that a "library/music" room now. I can dream.

Alright, now the main event.
You know we live in the country so deer sightings shouldn't be a big deal. Wrong. At least on our property. T hasn't seen deer out here in a long, long time. We saw two (by chance) last year near the back of the property and then last week (the day I had that ridiculous picture taken) I saw one near the house. Wednesday morning I happened to glance out the kitchen window while refilling a sippy cup and saw another deer. Obviously. Was that too much of an explanation for a deer photo?

D was showing me how he could fall over. This resulted in the boys running around and then doing a count down to falling over. Wonderful entertainment.

Rose was carefully grooming the dog. She would pick up some dirt and grass and place it lovingly on his back. He was great sport and really couldn't care less.

The odd couple. We really weren't sure if our dog would get along with the cat when we initially brought him home. One morning I looked out on the porch and the dog had the cat around the neck and was dragging him around. At first I thought she was trying to um, end his life... after a second though we saw that she was repeatedly trying to keep him on her bed. She is extremely protective of her "baby". She rarely lets our other dog play with him. She still drags him around on occasion.

And finally, my culinary talents. I have been in a rut when it comes to making supper so at least once a week I fix burgers. I'm told that I've gotten really good at it and I have to stop a certain person from eating more than he should... I enjoy them a lot and have eaten more than my share at times, too. I like jalapenos and ranch dressing on mine. T prefers habaneros and ketchup.
The beef is key. It is from one of our bulls... and No, I'm not sad. It was Delicious.


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