Sunday, June 19, 2011


 To my kids... from Mama
This day is about Daddy. He'll be there when you need him. He'll give you that extra boost, lift or encouragement you need. You may not always know you need it. He will be real with you. He will tell you his honest opinion. Even if it makes you mad. He will love you no matter what you do. No matter what you say. No matter how far away you may go.
You can always come to him. For a hug. To talk. To simply sit with him. You can make his day just by giving him a smile.
Every little thing he does is for you. YOU. When he wakes up early to go to work, when he gets home after you are asleep, when he makes you hot chocolate with marshmallows, reads your favorite books (repeatedly), saves the last pudding cup for you (even though it's butterscotch which is his favorite)... It's all for you.
He remembers the day you were born. He held you and looked at your tiny self and loved you. He loved you without knowing you. He knew he would love you before you were even conceived. You will not understand this depth of love. Not until you have a child one day will you comprehend it. It will startle you. Amaze you. Then you will know how your Daddy felt when he held you for the first time. I hope you can experience this.
Daddy loves you. He always puts you first.

Happy Father's Day...

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