Friday, July 1, 2011

Definition: Without Aim

Answer: Random (I have problems)
One of my children put his stuffed animal-cat in my printer. Closed it up in the paper tray/ink cartridge area and everything. And also turned it on. This is one reason we need to install/build a door to that particular room called the "den". Otherwise known as the room I don't know what to do with. In the short time we have lived in this house it has been a den, living room (I mean really, what's the difference), play room, music room and now... reading and block room. I seriously have every book shelf (save one) in that room and ONE chair, my keyboard, an amp, a piano and the kids tiny red table and mega blocks.

However, ever since I cleaned out our room last week (or was that this week, I can't remember) it has been a toy-free zone. (Virtual high five!) I have kept the dining room table cleared off, the clothes are not running/ruining my life, the bathroom is nice again... What does this all mean. Are the stars aligning or something? Is the world about to end? Why am I suddenly able to be somewhat organized?

This weekend is bound to be awesome. Lots of celebrating on Saturday with T's best friend and his wonderful family. I don't know what else we are doing but perhaps watching some fireworks could be arranged. I don't know what day the Small Town is having them so I should find that out.

This week we drank four (4!) gallons of milk. Where is that milk cow we've been asking for? Would that add to my farming chores? Could we get an ice cream maker if we got a milk cow? Would I need to start churning my own butter, making cheese and those sorts of things? I would totally whip out my baby name book and name that cow something awesome. On that note, why is it a Baby name book? Don't we have these names for a lifetime? I am still walking around with my Baby Name... how lame of me. 

Are you thinking after all these Random posts that I should rename my blog "Mama's Gone Random"? If it helps, sometimes I use my Country Voice when I'm reading this in my head. Oh, you can't hear it... I could podcast it. That would be so hilarious. Seriously, T suggested I do a podcast yesterday (while he was putting Tabasco Sauce all over the scrambled eggs) and I laughed. Laughed because we both know I can't carry a conversation with REAL people, let alone virtual people. By virtual I mean... we wouldn't be talking face-to-face. You and I are obviously real people. "Hi, nice to meet you." Virtual handshake. "I'm so glad you stopped by."

See you Monday (virtually speaking, of course)

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