Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I took too long and got distracted

It's so quiet right now. I don't think it's ever this quiet (other than when we are sleeping). I don't know how long I have until the kids wake up so I will get some pictures up before I get distracted.

If you have wondered what kind of sheep we have these are Dorper. They don't grow a big coat (that has to be sheared) and are best suited for our climate.

Here they are hiding behind the feeder. You can also see the nice shadow of our electric pole.

While I was taking pictures of the sheep the rest of the family was jumping on the trampoline. No, I just remembered, they were playing with a grasshopper. On the trampoline. And when I say playing I actually mean that T was putting it on the boys shirts and telling them not to be scared of it. It didn't work... they are too much like their Mama.

We also played cowboys without guns (because guns on a trampoline are Dangerous). Then the four year old suggested we pretend to be farm animals. He said he would be the zebra. (Clearly he has watched the movie Stripes too many times.) So I said that I'd be an elephant and was informed I couldn't because "elephants don't live on farms" (but sometimes zebras do). D told me I could be a racing horse and Ry would be a goat. (Obviously we couldn't figure out farm animals on our own... although he was still a zebra.)
I love his imagination.

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  1. The land is so pretty! I love open fields and big trees, but where I live there isn't much anymore. It used to be very country, but the county has grown and I miss seeing land like in your pictures!