Thursday, June 16, 2011

What I'd rather be doing

Jumping in the lake to cool off. Last year we were invited to go out on the lake Memorial Day weekend. We went, mainly because a lot of our friends were going and because we are a little crazy. I didn't even get in the water.  How lame. It couldn't have been because I am such terrible swimmer. Or there could have been fish swimming alongside me. Or because I couldn't see the bottom. I was just too awesome to get in. I was dedicated to shooing the flies away from the potato salad and burgers while everyone else braved the creepy lake water.

 I was certainly entertained though. Look at those two. They are brothers... how cute. I hope my boys are still hanging out and being totally awesome with they are in their mid twenties.
See that boat cruising into the picture? Yeah, so these strangers were not part of our little group. However, they pulled up right next to our huge rented "party boat" (we had a boat captain or whatever) and tied their boat to ours. I really couldn't believe it. And neither could several of our other passengers... The couple that had rented our boat (I guess they didn't want to cause a ruckus) said it was fine but they weren't allowed to come on board. I still think it's odd.

This was back when I had my other camera. It was a miracle I able to do this good.  We had a really great time. I think I prefer tubing on the river though. No swimming required, I have a tube to hang onto, still creepy water but I can maneuver around most of the large creepy stuff. No effort on my part.

Today, instead of being on the lake or tubing on the river, I'm taking Rose to her pediatrician for a check up. So very exciting! Since I'm going to the big city to do this I'll also be leaving early to browse Target. I'm going to take my camera... can I do that? Take it in Target and take pictures? I'm sure I'll see some things I want. I always do... and I usually come home empty handed. It's better like that.
I'll be back manana (I don't know how to put that thingy over the first N)

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