Wednesday, November 23, 2011

This makes for a fun day

Just in case you were procrastinating (as I was) Thanksgiving is TOMORROW. That means I have to bake two pies, cinnamon rolls and prep celery and onions for dressing. (I know, it doesn't seem like a whole lot, but I do have those children getting into everything... it's sort of distracting.) I've got the cinnamon rolls started and I have 25 minutes until I have to mess with them again. I've not changed out of my pajamas and neither have the children. (In all fairness it's only 8am.)

I'm making this apple pie. Did you know apple pie is somewhat labor intensive? I have only made it once before, but right now I'm just thinking: peel four apples, core & chop four apples, make, chill, roll out 2 pie crusts. Pie crusts: grate 16 tablespoons of butter. (what? 16 tablespoons is totally acceptable for dos pie crusts.) (Grating butter is something I learned from Dwija from a simple little tweet back in October.)

That brings to mind the talk radio show I was forced to listen to yesterday morning. They were talking about how Thanksgiving dinner is full of sodium and it's just terrible for you (even once a year it supposedly makes you more susceptible to heart disease and blood pressure issues) and I out loud strongly disagreed with them. Take, for example, the average person that eats out on a weekly basis. (I actually said monthly, but T said that was really low-balling it and that most people eat out weekly.) Okay, so on average, you go out to eat (I realize most of my readers may not do this because most of you have children and restaurants are a thing of the past or very far off future...) and are served outrageous portions and usually eat them all up. Full of sodium and preservatives. How is this so different from gorging on a Thanksgiving "homemade" meal once a year? If you are smart you don't go adding extra salt or butter or even eat excessively. Maybe you eat more carbs than you would usually and you probably indulge more than you normally would. Come on, it's Thanksgiving. I will not go "light" for the holidays. End rant.

I had to make the cinnamon rolls before I was done with this. My house is smelling so nice right now.
The kids are really quiet, too. Probably because they are busy stuffing their faces. What a wonderful sound.

I guess I better get them dressed and do some housework. The pies are on the afternoon docket as I now have to clean the giant mess up in the kitchen. (and sneak another cinnamon roll without the kids seeing me. not an easy task.)

Have a delightful day.

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