Monday, November 7, 2011

Posting 201

Guess what? My post yesterday was the 200th post I've written. Maybe a drop in the bucket for those that have had a blog for a long time... still exciting for me. (update: this is not the 201st published post... blogger tricked me. I just have a lot of drafts hanging around)

This weekend we celebrated D's fifth birthday so I need to do some picture documenting, ready?
his first power wheels (and probably only)
Yes, we got him a power wheels. Big present for a big birthday. (also it was on sale, y'all. very cool) Beard-O (although, he hasn't been sporting his beard lately....) and I put it together Friday night. D was so happy when he saw it Saturday morning. He's been chauffeuring his siblings all over the place. I never had one. Beard-O never had one. In fact, Beard-O (that takes so long to type, can I revert back to T?) Alright, T can remember going to Best (a store that doesn't exist anymore) and turning to the right after walking through the doors to gaze longingly at them (my words) and begging his parents for one. Unfortunately he never got one. (I didn't even know what they were.... poor sheltered me.) While we were securing all the parts together T sang the power wheels song (from memory, you guys). Yeah, so this might be one of those "I never had one when I was a kid, so my kids are totally getting one" sort of things. Living our childhood dreams through our children?

 Here's a picture of the cake that I lovingly crafted (as promised). I guess crafted isn't the right word but it's all the same to me.
He really liked it, which is all that matters. My younger sister asked (upon seeing it for the first time) if D had done the decorating. I wasn't sure if that was an insult that I decorate like a (typical) five year old or if maybe she was saying he had some mad skillz.

He got some cool Lego toys from my sisters and mom, clothes (that kid grows way too fast to not appreciate jeans and socks (haha) for presents), a giant hop ball... I'm forgetting some things... tractors, a doodle-pro and I'm sure there is something I'm forgetting but a big thanks to everyone that got him something! (Holly, I'm checking the post office this afternoon and we'll see if the package made it!)
is it just me or does my arm look plastic?
So... this is what I did Saturday night. I put together a bunch of Lego vehicles. (Let's just say... the boys really like Mama cause she follows the directions to a 't' and smiled and smiled while putting tiny pieces together so they could break them apart almost immediately.) I actually really love Legos.

wow, look at those candles a blazin' cause there's 5!

and finally, Sunday night D got to blow out some candles. Apparently it wasn't a real birthday until he got to do that. (Sunday was his real birthday)

Today I have some regular mundane Monday stuff to do... it's also my little sister's birthday (happy birthday if you read this) and tomorrow is my Dad's birthday. Three birthdays in a row.... not budget friendly. (and apparently three generations thought the same thing about 10 months ago... just sayin')


  1. Yeah, T and I always wanted a power car. I know Mom and Dad would have loved to get us one, but they kept talkin' some nonsense about paying all the bills first. Crazy people! We got a dirt bike later, though, so I think we came out ahead. :D

    I'm glad D had a great time! He's a sweet guy--and very funny. The cake looks like good times and candy! Very cool.

  2. You did a great job on the cake!! My boys would have loved it! Glad yours did as well.